16 Reasons To Celebrate Brexit’s Win

there is no past.  There is no future.  It’s all just a constant stream of NOW.  

Submitted by Doug Bandow via NationalInterest.org,

Watching the Brexit campaign generated mixed feelings: it was a little like the man who saw his mother-in-law drive his new Mercedes off a cliff. In the United Kingdom, some people who hated free trade, immigration and market innovation challenged the officious, wannabe superstate headquartered in Brussels. Who to cheer for?

We should cheer for the Brexiteers, who deserve at least a couple of hurrahs. The European Union created a common market throughout the continent, an undoubted good, but since then has focused on becoming a meddling Leviathan like Washington, DC. For Britain, the virtues of remaining appeared to pale in comparison to the likely costs of continued subservience to Brussels. In a variety of imperfect ways, Brexit promoted liberty, community, democracy and the rule of law. In short, the good guys won.

Here are sixteen reasons why the United Kingdom was better off Brexiting:

1. Average folks took on the commanding heights of politics, business, journalism and academia and triumphed. Obviously, the “little guy” isn’t always right, but the fact he can win demonstrates that a system whose pathways remain open to those the Bible refer to as “the least of these.” The wealthiest, best-organized and most publicized factions don’t always win.

2. Told to choose between economic bounty and self-governance, a majority of Britons chose the latter. It’s a false choice in this case, but people recognized that the sum of human existence is not material. The problem is not just the decisions previously taken away from those elected to govern the UK; it’s also the decisions that would have been taken away in the future had “Remain” won.

3. Those governed decided that they should make fundamental decisions about who would rule over them. The Eurocrats, a gaggle of politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, academics, lobbyists and businessmen were determined to achieve their ends no matter what the European people thought. A constitution rejected? Use a treaty. A treaty rejected? Vote again. A busted monetary union? Force a political union. And never, ever consult the public. No longer, said the British.

4. The rule of law will be respected—or at least not flagrantly flouted. Those signing up as EU members did not realize that the EU would be a transfer union. At least some countries likely would not have ratified the Lisbon Treaty, expanding Brussels’ writ, had they realized that explicit strictures against bailouts would be ostentatiously ignored. No doubt the usual suspects believed they were doing the Lord’s work by violating legal guarantees. But today no one living under the EU has any assurance that laws made, rules issued and promises offered would be kept.

5. Routine incantations of the need for “more Europe” and importance of “European solidarity” no longer will be confused with arguments. Those in charge always want more—more money to distribute, publicity to satisfy, rules to enforce and power to wield. Their vision of “more Europe” is Europe giving them more. “European solidarity” means others caring for them after they have wasted everything under their control.

6. Democracy will have triumphed over bureaucratic inertia. The EU is known for its “democratic deficit”, a Hydra-headed, unelected executive and a parliament chosen by people usually voting on domestic issues, using the polls for the European Parliament to punish errant governments at home. The Brussels bureaucracy has become the perfect means to impose policies that lack political support among member governments and peoples.

7. The pretensions of the EU as Weltmacht never looked so silly. There is a flag that no one salutes, and an anthem no one sings. There are multiple presidents: three, four or five? There is enervating duplication, including an EU foreign minister and diplomatic service along with those representing twenty-eight individual member states. Constant talk of creating a continental military while countries steadily shrink military outlays. Insistence that all which is good and decent comes from the EU as ever more people organize and vote against it.

8. The great satisfaction of watching smug smiles disappear from the faces of Eurocrats on both sides of the English Channel. The Brexit battle never was supposed to be a fair contest. It was intended to solve a Tory political problem, allowing the irreconcilables to make fools of themselves while the best and brightest led voters to the light. But it didn’t work out that way.

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Irish Finance Minister Dumps Stocks – Buys Gold

Submitted by GoldCore on 03/16/2015

- Ireland’s Minister of Finance shifted personal wealth out of stocks and into gold
- Minister invested in SPDR Gold Shares ETF, Portuguese government bonds and other ETFs

- Maintained holdings in bank and agricultural commodities ETFs
- Gold ETF not a safe haven asset – much unappreciated counterparty risk

The Minister for Finance in Ireland, Michael Noonan, sold his shares in funds that track European and US stocks and diversified his portfolio including allocating some of his personal wealth into a gold exchange traded fund (ETF) in 2014.

Noonan sold out of his positions in the Lyxor Eurostoxx 50 ETF and SPDR DJIA ETF in 2014 and opted to invest in the SPDR gold shares ETF and Portuguese government bonds. He maintained his holdings in SPDR KBW Banks ETF, Ishares FTSE 100 ETF, Market Vectors Agri Business ETF, ETFS Agricultural Commodities ETF.

The information was published last week in the Register of Members Interests, in which members of Oireachtas – the Irish Parliament – must declare financial interests valued at over €13,000.  

The changes to the Minister’s portfolio were highlighted by Ireland’s Sunday Independent yesterday, who described Noonan as “bearish” and interpreted the move as a “hedge against euro deflation”.

The piece acknowledged that gold is a safe haven – the “traditional hedge against tough times” and that “gold is an asset that has outperformed in times of both inflation and deflation.”

Noonan is believed to be quite a shrewed investor. The Sunday Independent reported that

Noonan’s personal investments give an insight into his thinking and his views on the risk and opportunities facing the global and European economies and markets. He has a track record stretching back decades of canny private investments.”

The news is of interest given Noonan’s status within the Eurogroup of Finance Ministers, the Council of the European Union and the Ecofin. The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin), is composed of the Economics and Finance Ministers of the Member States, generally meets once a month under the chair of the rotating EU Presidency.

Noonan is an EU economic insider and would have access to good information with regards to financial and economic developments in Europe.

Noonan represents Ireland at these meetings and chaired the Council during the first half of 2013. He is committed to the European political project. The political opposition and an angry public have accused him of  putting the interests of EU banks and political elites over those of Irish society.

Given Noonan is close to EU elites, it is interesting that he chose to sell his European stocks and his allocation to Eurostoxx. Was the decision made prior to the ECB mooting the possibility of QE? If so it would suggest that Noonan may have been concerned about deflation. And yet the ECB never considered factoring the potential for deflation into its stress tests for banks.

Or was the decision made with knowledge of the ECB’s intention? If this were so it would indicate a lack of faith by a European finance minister in the ability of the ECB to achieve its stated objectives, given that QE should raise European stock markets.     

Unfortunately, the Register of Members Interests does not detail the timeline of investments or their relative value so it is difficult to speculate whether the minister dumped his stock market investments prior to buying the gold ETF.

Noonan also bought Portugal 4.35% October 2017 government bonds. This either suggests that he has more confidence in the economic outlook for Portugal than for Ireland or more likely it is a form of diversification.

Gold Investment Pyramid – GoldCore

He continues to hold SPDR KBW US Banks ETF – which tracks US banks,  iShares FTSE 100 ETF, Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF and ETFS Agricultural Commodities ETF.

Whatever the motivation of a European finance minister to buy into a gold ETF – which, incidentally, is not the same as owning physical gold as it carries significant counterparty risk – it represents a significant shift in attitude toward gold.

It also demonstrates that the recovery narrative is not one that the Minister appears to have much faith in. Noonan is prudently hedging his bets in this regard.

We advise readers and clients to do as the Minister has done and prudently hedge the many risks of today by diversifying into gold – not paper gold but physical gold. The gold ETF is not a safe haven asset rather it is a derivative that tracks the price of gold and in which one does not have legal title to or own the underlying asset.




Consider this:   Perhaps your time and energy is worthy of a more thorough and proper study of this “Income Tax” matter?  Just imagine the possibilities, if you don’t have to declare and/or pay “Income Tax”.

Leonardo da Vinci apparently once said …  “Nothing Strengethes Authority so Much as Silence”

Hypothetically speaking of course …
What if you found out in the morning, that it was not mandatory to pay income tax; would you still pay it?
One woman in Revenue laughed as she asked us,“sure if income Tax isn’t mandatory, why would anyone pay?”.
Believe it or not;
most People will argue (although most will not actually study the legislation, the acts, codes or statutes to find out where exactly it states), that Income generated from YOUR time and energy is taxable.
Think logically about this.
You do some work … by this work you are doing, you are using up your own life energy, and your very own time.
Your Time is Not Infinite.
As everyone over a certain age knows, energy and time are precious. As far as we are aware, and this becomes clearer over time, you have a very small and finite amount of time on this planet as a living Man or Woman.
By doing the work you are doing;
you are expending some of YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND ENERGY. Some People will and do work for no obvious medium of exchange.
Barter and Trade.
Others may exchange their time and energy for things such as food, clothing, housing, and other items and things. This system and method is what we call barter or trade.
Money of Exchange:
From barter and trade, an exchange system called money evolved. This is more commonly called“Money of Exchange”. Some forms of Money of Exchange took the form of Shells, Stones and even Sticks.
Gold & Silver:
It all depended on the culture and tradition that you hailed from. This evolved into precious metals such as Gold and Silver being used as a form of common exchange, from there coins and paper money evolved.
As stated earlier;
when you work, you are using your OWN time and your OWN life energy. Most People agree to exchange it fairly for a form of money of exchange, commonly known as Euros and Cents.
Therefore, you have to ask yourself; who(m) has the right to demand or take YOUR time and energy from you, or to tax you on YOUR time & energy?
If it’s NOT MANDATORY to pay Tax on YOUR time, YOUR energy or the “money of exchange” that YOU have traded for YOUR time and energy, why would you?
The Subject of the “Income Tax Scam” will be explored in greater deatil at the first School of Commonology for 2015, the Income Tax School:www.IncomeTaxSchool.eventbrite.com/
We still have some places remaining, but please do not leave it until the last minute to book, as this is possibly the only “Income Tax School” that we will run in 2015, as we have other material and subjects pending.



Who or What do People Most Fear?

www.TheCommonLawSociety.com/ | 089 495 6505 | info@thecommonlawsociety.com | www.IncomeTaxSchool.eventbrite.com/

Who or what do People most fear?

From the anecdotal information and evidence that we regularly receive, we are always genuinely surprised to read and hear of fear that People seem to have, when it comes to dealing with the Revenue Commissioners (Revenue), and their agents and employees.

Predatory Corporations:

Over and above all of the predatory corporations out there on the prowl to get their claws into People, it seems that People perceive Revenue to be their worst nightmare.

Yes it’s true;

Revenue are not always easy to deal with. We certainly won’t deny that. Having said that, when you learn to engage them in the appropriate manner, they do not seem capable of following through, irrespective of their threats. Continue Reading →

How To Build A Time Machine

How to Build a Time Machine …

www.TheCommonLawSociety.com/ | info@thecommonlawsociety.com  |  www.IncomeTaxSchool.eventbrite.com/

“Sometimes; when you concentrate really hard, you can almost see, hear and feel the subtle events that cause time to ripple, and sometimes you can affect on the ripples”Anon.  

Back in 2008, two years prior to the existence of what is known as “The Common Law Society”, we set in motion quite a few ripples that have since grown into waves, which are now having a very profound effect on an ever expanding assemblage of People.

One of many ripples that were caused to be created, were in relation to dealing with and using financial instruments as per the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”.

We now have several examples of the use of certain “financial instruments” in relation to dealing with alleged Car Tax, alleged Mortgage Debt(s) and alleged Revenue Debt(s). Some of these issues have now filtered their way into the Courts. Thus far all issues have had successful outcomes.

The biggest challenge facing everyone that has decided for themselves to use said financial instruments, is that of educating yourself enough to be able to confidentially use said financial instruments, standing on the law, and to avoid crossing a line into criminality.

In an effort to further enlighten and educate all those that will attend any School of Commonology in 2015, we will cover an aspect of and in the use of how to use a financial instrument(s) as constituted under the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882” at EVERY School.

As a anticipatory guide, and so that you are as prepared as possible to critically learn such things, we suggest you take some or all of the steps below, until we see, meet or engage with you as a School, that way, you will have some groundwork done, and you progression will be far more expedient.

Your first possible step(s);

(1) to go to g00gle & download the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”.

(2) Print it, read it & highlight the sections you feel are relevant to you.

(3) Re-read the whole act again, and highlight the material you think may be of interest to you. The more you read and re-read this type and sort of material, the better you will comprehend what is being stated.

(4) Find and read other associated material that you can source and find.

(5) Consider getting and reading a copy of the publication by “The Common Law Society” called “Irish Life And Me”. One of the final sections of the book entitled “Signature Sans Recours”. It explains in brief the principle of using one of the said forms of financial instruments (study this also) (available at: www.ilam.eventbrite.com/).

(6) Book in and get along to any one of the Schools of Commonology for 2015 to learn more, and to ask the questions that may help you fill in any of the blanks that may need filling in.

In short; appropriately using a “Financial Instrument” as constituted under the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”, has the potential to remedy virtually any perceived financial problem or issue that you may be faced with. There are of course exceptions to this, which we can also cover at the Schools.

Apart from the fact that “The Common Law Society” are the only group on the Island that have ever given clear and unambiguous information, knowledge and direction in these matters that have now proven to have stood the test of time, we have direct access to the facts and the hard proof to back up what we are talking about.

Equally, this specific type and form of information comes with a warning; if you do not get it right, and have not sufficiently educated yourself well enough in the respective laws and legislation, you could potentially end up behind bars.

This is all very exciting information and knowledge, but do not get led by the nose, by another and/or by a collective that have not put in the appropriate study or time and/or do not have a proven track record in making this information/knowledge work. It will not be their heads on the block when or if the Garda or the Fraud Squad come knocking on your door, or when you have to face a Judge.

You will find that all the (so called) well intention characters and/or groups that are out there will be running for the hills, and you will have to do a fair bit of running to catch up or find them to support you.

If you do not know your stuff intimately, please do not take the plunge. When you are ready, you will know what and how to do it, and you will not need to seek another’s permission and/or approval to do it.

By educating and informing yourself, and by acting upon and with your new found knowledge, you are building your own time machine, and with some support and direction, you can and will create ripples that can positively affect how you’re Children and their Children interact with the future. You are in essence creating a legacy to help serve and protect the future for the People who will come after you.

The next School of Commonology is on Monday 26th. February 2015.

It is entitled “Income Tax School”.

More information and full booking details can be found here:www.IncomeTaxSchool.eventbrite.com/

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Education is key to legal protection

School of Commonology … 2014

The Gary Doyle Order — School: www.GaryDoyleSchool.eventbrite.com/

How to legally/lawfully protect yourself in an (alleged) minor criminal matter/case … how to not incriminate yourself when being questioned, by any perceived authority … how to write appropriate legal letters … how to cross examine … how to address/deal with a judge … how to stay out of contempt etc.

Learn to Conduct Yourself, the Judge and the Court …learn to handle all or any perceived authority in a legal/lawful way and manner … lean to protect yourself, and teach other to do the same. Attend the Gary Doyle School.


Hi Folks …

For those that are attending, and are intending on attending the final School of Commonology for 2014 (The Gary Doyle Order School), you will be receiving a complimentary copy of the book “The Gary Doyle Order” on the day. Should you already be in possession of a copy of the book, we will of course have expected you to have read the book, and be able to furnish the working groups on the day with some of your knowledge and wisdom.

Should you end up with a spare copy of the book, please do loan or give your spare copy to another Man or Woman that could possibly benefit from the information contained within its covers. The book is not meant to sit on the shelf gathering dust. It is a working document meant to benefit and educate all.

On the day, time permitting, we may also cover a subject called “Jurisdiction”. Getting a fuller comprehension of this subject in a key component of standing in any Court, albeit it Civil, Criminal and even Family matters.

We still have some places available, and would appreciate it if you would book early, rather than at the last minute. At the previous School we did have to turn People away, which we do not like doing, as we were packed to capacity. We had People calling, texting and emailing us on the Saturday and the Sunday before the School, as by default the booking line closed on the Friday night before.

FINALLY: For those of our readers and School attendees that are serious, you should treat the School as an add on and study guide, for you own greater and wider research and education. We suggest that if you are serious about getting to grips with protecting yourself in the context of minor criminal issues/allegations, it would be a great start to read, the Department of Public Prosecutions guidelines for Prosecutors, specifically sections 8 & 9, and read this article by The Common Law Society;http://www.thecommonlawsociety.com/must_see/WhatYouDontKnow.pdf

We do expect that School attendees will of course have read and re-read these documents and articles several times over, and have a good basic comprehension of the material contained therein.

The Final School of Commonology; details & booking here:www.GaryDoyleSchool.eventbrite.com/

“The Gary Doyle Order” book can be procured here: www.GaryDoyle.eventbrite.com/

Des: of The Common Law Society.



Irish Water

From www.TheCommonLawSociety.com/

Hi Folks

Thanks to all, for all your emails and support in relation to yesterdays debacle with the Near Fm radio station. We have received an avalance of emails in response, and are attempting to address each of your emails and calls within the next 24 hours. As a great many of you are aware, Near Fm pulled the interview (at the last moment and without any notice), that was to air in relation to discussing “Irish Water” and the draft letter that was penned …

As a result of these events, we have been offered a further two interviews with other radio stations, which we will announce before they broadcast. As promised, we have penned the letter below, that was to be discussed on Near Fm. It is only a draft, and is not intended as a template. Obviously if you are writing to “Irish Water”, it would be best to write your own letter. This is just food for thought.



Date: [13th. October 2014]


John Tierney,
Irish Water,
PO Box 448,
South City Delivery Office,
Cork City, Cork.


Billy Hawkes, Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois.
Peter Tyndall, Office of the Information Commissioner, 18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.
Isolde Goggin, Chairperson of the Competition Authority, The Competition Authority, 14 Parnell Sq., Dublin 1.
Norin O’Sullivan, Acting Garda Commissioner, An Garda Siochana Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8.

Your Application Number/Ref.: [1234567890]

Your Pin/Ref.: [0000]

Dear John,

We enclose herewith your “Application Form/Pack”, as per your references above, as we are not currently in a position to form a contract and/or make an agreement with you and/or “Irish water”, as per your application form/pack. In its current form/offer your application is formally/officially rejected, as it is ambiguous at best, and at worst is purposely misleading and misrepresentative of you/Irish Waters position, terms and conditions, and the potential for abuse of a dominant position.

Nonetheless we shall give thoughtful consideration to your application/re-application on consideration of the receipt of you/Irish Water addressing the following points, answering the following questions and providing all data, information, proofs and evidence that you may rely upon and that you are directed to give/provide within seven (7) days of the date of this letter.


1.      FOR THE RECORD YOU HAVE STATED“Dear Customer, Irish Water is the new national water utility, which is responsible for providing and managing water services throughout Ireland”.

a.       Why do address your letter/offer to a “Dear Customer”?

b.      Isn’t it true that the “Joe Bloggs” you have referenced above is NOT a “Customer” of your“Irish Water”, and has not ever agreed and/or contracted to be a “Customer” of your “Irish Water” in any context whatsoever?

c.       Isn’t it true that you/Irish Water have wilfully addressed your aforementioned letter/offer in this way, to purposefully misguide innocent/ignorant People into thinking that they may have a contract/agreement with you/Irish water, wherein the very opposite is true?

d.      We put you on proof in relation to your statement “Irish Water is the new national water utility”, and demand/direct that you provide us with proof of same within seven (7) days of the date of this letter.

e.       Where specifically did you source/get/find/come upon the name “Joe Bloggs”?

f.       Who(m) specifically provided you with the name and alleged address of said “Joe Bloggs”?

g.      Isn’t it true that you do not have any tacit, implied and/or explicit permission to use the name “Joe Bloggs” and/or any other data or information pertaining to the said name “Joe Bloggs”?

h.      If you are of the misguided belief that you have, then we demand that you provide us with proof of same within seven (7) days of the date of this letter.

i.        Isn’t it true that without such permission being given to use the said name “Joe Bloggs”, you are in breach of the “Data Protection Act 1988 and 2003”?

j.        We demand under the “Data Protection Act 1988 and 2003” and the respective “Freedom of Information Act 1997”, that you provide a copy of ALL data and information that you have/hold on file and/or any and all data management platforms that you/Irish Water manage for Irish Water and/or any other data and information management platforms that you manage and/or have access to within seven (7) days of the date of this letter.

k.      What specific “water services” are you seeking to provide in relation to your above statement?

l.        Isn’t it true that you have NOT offered any “terms and conditions” in relation to said provision of said “water services”, and that your aim as Irish Water is to MANIPULATE and CON People into signing said application(s)/contract(s) without offering said “terms and conditions”, and thus purposefully and wilfully intend to abuse your purported dominant position?

2.      FOR THE RECORD YOU HAVE STATED“Water charges liability commences from 1 October 2014”.

a.       For the purposes of absolute clarity; are you stating here that “Joe Bloggs” is liable for“Water charges”, irrespective of the FACT that you/Irish Water have no contract/agreement whatsoever with said “Joe Bloggs”?

b.      Isn’t it true that to presume/assume and proceed with such a thing, and in such a manner as you are purporting to, is constituted as an offence under the “Criminal Justice Theft and Fraud Offences Act 1997”, and the respective “Competition Act 2002”?

c.       Isn’t it true that under said acts, you personally and/or the Directorate of Irish Water could potentially attract very heavy fines and/or possible prison sentences for your part in such a FRAUD, CON, DECEPTION and/or SCAM?

3.      FOR THE RECORD YOU HAVE STATED: “Please apply to us for water services allowances for which you may be eligible or to make a declaration that you are not a customer by Friday 31 October 2014. You can apply in one of these ways”.

a.       Isn’t it true that you cannot force any Man or Woman to make a “declaration”, and or force them to make or sign an “application” or Contract against their will, and is constituted as an offence to even attempt to do such a thing under the “European Convention on Human Rights”not to mention the “Constitution” and “Contract Law”?

b.      Isn’t it true that the Water of this Island belongs in whole and part to the People of this Island, and that your and your corporation “Irish Water”, and the corporation known as “the State” are guilty of FRAUD, DECEIPT and attempted PROFITEERING off the backs of the People and their privately owned Water?

TAKE NOTE: This letter “NOTICE/DEMAND – CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE” is sent to and for the immediate attention of you John Tierney acting for and as “Irish Water”, and to and for the attention of Billy Hawkes the Data Protection Commissioner, Peter Tyndall of the Office of the Information Commissioner, Isolde Goggin Chairperson of the Competition Authority and Norin O’Sullivan Acting Garda Commissioner. We demand that all points and questions herein be addressed and answered fully, clearly and without any ambiguity whatsoever within seven (7) days of the date of this letter, and that all parties named/listed herein and above be sent a copy of same and all/any further or future said addresses and answers etc.

FINALLY: This letter will be used in evidence against you and/or Irish Water, and we will hold you John Tierney personally and vicariously liable in relation to said matters should you fail, refuse and/or neglect to address all/any points contained herein, or should you fail, refuse and/or neglect to answer all/any questions contained herein, or should you fail, refuse and/or neglect to provide us with all or any data, information, proofs and/or evidence that you may rely upon or that you have been directed to provide with the timeframe stipulated i.e. seven (7) days from the date of this letter, and we shall have no hesitation in lodging a Criminal Complaint with An Garda Siochana should you continue in your and “Irish Waters” barratry.

Yours sincerely,

BY: ___________



Letter to Brian Lemminghead

Revealed yesterday, and suppressed by “the State” for years.

It has taken some time. Nonetheless we are here now, wherever here might be:

“The People of this Island (Ireland) are finally on the precipice of a massive awakening. Over the past few years we have been vigorously pumping out information, to organically grow the awareness of the People of this Island, as to what “the State” and their successive “Puppet Governments” have been at, through the vices and devices of their “Political Pigs”.

A friend of ours once said “Politics attracts the corrupt and the corruptible”. To add weight to his argument, we are seeing more and more “Political Pigs” publically change their mind about water charges and bank bailouts ad infinitum. This fact proves his theory, the “Political Pigs” are jumping on the carriages of a steam train that is finally being driven and controlled by the People, and it looks like that steam train aint stopping any time soon.

Back a few years ago, it was revealed to the People that were listening at the time, that the now infamous Pillage Hogan knew that the Bank going by the name “Bank of Ireland” were NOT an Irish Bank, and nonetheless Pillage himself justified propping up that same Bank, and “the State” and their “Puppet Government” followed suit.

And now revelations of all revelations, it turns out that the European Central Bank (ECB), held a gun to Brian Lemmingheads head, demanding that “Ireland” enter a bailout, or else the “banking system” would collapse, because the ECB would withdraw “Emergency Liquidity Assistance”. A clear case of coercion and blackmail. It is clearly constituted as an offence under the “Criminal Justice Theft and Fraud Offences Act 2001”, therefore why is it that Lemminghead did not then bring the matter to the attention of An Garda Siochana and/or the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation?

Surely he would have had the backing of all his other “Political Pigs” in the pen, alongside the clandestine head of the Central Bank of Ireland, Patrick Honohan? One has to wonder, how and why this letter was buried for so long!

What if Brian Lemminghead had gone to An Garda Siochana and/or the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation? Would they have given him the run-around like they have with so many of the People of this Island for so long? Would they have treated him with the same level of contempt or distain, like they have with the tens of thousands of People that have reported crimes such as harassment, assault, kidnap, rape, murder and slavery, and that being just in relation to the crimes of “the Church” and “the State”? Would An Garda Siochana and/or the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation have turned Brian Lemminghead away at the door, telling him it’s not a Criminal matter, it’s a Civil issue, and he would have to seek legal advice and take it to Court? One wonders …

A great many “Political Pigs” are now up in arms over the contents and revelations of this letter, but NONE have dared to even suggest that they may or might lodge a Criminal complaint in relation to same … one wonders why?

This was not just any ordinary Crime, if there is such a thing. It was a Criminal conspiracy, a cover up set to con the People of this Island into paying the Private Gambling Debts and losses accumulated by “Elite and Private Interests”, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the People of this Island. Any accountant worth his or her salt will tell you, it is NOT Lawfully possible to convert “Private Debt” into “Public Debt”, unless of course you happen to be the ECB, and you control a “Puppet Government” such as the ones that have existed and still exist in “the State” known as “Ireland”.

Just think about this, if that letter not been suppressed and had  been revealed at the time to the People of this Island, there would have been such outrage, that there would have been NO bank bailout, and these alleged spurious “Bondholders” would have been, as they say burned, and sure which of the People of this Island would have given a damn? After all, these spurious Bondholders took the risk, as you would on a horse, and they lost. It is pretty obvious now, to all that have read the letter, that this was a con game, and the ECB were and are nothing more than a bunch of Criminals in suits.

The corollary of the wilful and purposeful suppression of both successive “Puppet Governments” of that letter, has led us to where we are today. People taking to streets. People being assaulted, abused, attacked and intimidated, by the same “Peace Keepers”, that facilitated past and the not-too historic crimes of both “the Church” and “the State”.

People seem to have very short memories. Some People talk of having respect for An Garda Siochana, them as being the purported “Keepers of the Peace”. When if ever has that so called respect ever been reciprocated? An Garda Siochana are not the keepers of the Peace for the People. They keep and maintain the peace for and of “the State” and against the People. They are there to suppress the People.

Now there is talk of tooling up / arming An Garda Siochana, bringing in Riot Squads and involving “the Army”, in order to deal with so called “dissident elements”. If you critically examine all the material and videos available on the net, you will see that the only violence being perpetrated, is carried out by An Garda Siochana, and does not stop at assaulting Men … they have on record assaulted and attacked Women and Children. There is literally hours and hours of footage available going back as far as the “Shell to Sea” issue in the west, of An Garda Siochana abusing, assaulting and violently attacking People, to the extent that members of An Garda Siochana are on record of threatening to Rape two women in their custody. These are not isolated and/or unique cases or behaviours.

TAKE NOTE: “the State” are preparing to tool themselves up against the People. Obviously these issues must be kept to being Peaceful, but have no doubt about it, People will be assaulted, attacked and arrested in the next few days, weeks and months ahead. There is always a price to pay for freedom and the removal of despotism.

FINALLY: Have a read of this article to get a fuller “legal” comprehension of where “the State” and their successive “Puppet Governments” have come from, and where they intend to continue: http://www.thecommonlawsociety.com/downloads/FeudalTenureExplained.pdf


For Alleged Traffic Offences – Gary Doyle Orders

Judges are not happy …

“What we are doing, seems to be having an impact on the Courts. Judges are up in arms, because of Lay Litigants directing the Courts to issue Gary Doyle Orders.” The Common Law Society  - Irelend

Last week, we got a report back from one Lay Litigant, whereby the Judge maintained that he did not know what a Gary Doyle Order was … when the Lay Litigant explained what it was, and that he was entitled to ALL the Evidence that the prosecution was reliant upon as per the “DPP Guidelines for Prosecutors” … the Judge went berserk, and ordered the Lay Litigant to leave the Court, and never come back (unsurprisingly, the case was withdrawn by the Garda and the DPP).

More and more People every day are reading the book “The Gary Doyle Order”, and it seems that more People want and/or have a need to learn how to validly defend themselves in Court, when it comes to “Minor Criminal Offences” or “Summary Offences”.

Most People do not realise or are not aware, that all alleged offences under the “Road Traffic Act” are of a Criminal nature*, and things that seem as innocious as TV Licences and/or alleged Toll road offences are treated or deemed to be of a Criminal nature.

If nothing else, in all cases … EVERYONE should seek a Gary Doyle Order from the Court(s) … very few if any Solicitors or Barristers seek such an Order, as they just wish and want to go with the flow of the Court, and don’t want to be seen to advocate in favour of the People whom they are supposed to represent.

* Also true in Australia

Why Witnesses Can Lie In Court

(For your interest, reading and further research we have included below an extract from the book “The Gary Doyle Order”. Please do take the time to read it, digest it, and do some further independent research on it.)

Then Garda Mahony took the stand,

… and was muttering what was probably the oath, or swearing on the Bible. Swearing on a Bible and/or taking an oath is quite an ironic thing to do, if you are planning to tell the truth. As far as we can ascertain; this from the position of being totally a-religious, and of no religious denomination or affiliation, this swearing of oaths and/or making affirmations is a massive contradiction in terms. Anyone that has read and/or studied the Bible will know that NOWHERE in the Bible or in any holy books does it state that oaths must be taken, or affirmations given. In fact the very opposite is true.

It states in Matthew 5:33-37 |    33 “Again, you have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not break your oath, but fulfill to the Lord the vows you have made.’ 34 But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; 35 or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. 36 And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. 37 All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one, or from evil”.

And in Matthew 5:34 | 34 “But I say to you, Do not take an oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God”. And in James 5:12 | 12 “But above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath,but let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation”.

There are probably many other references contained within the Bible and a great many holy books, pertaining to NOT taking Oaths and/or NOT giving affirmations. This after all, according to the Bible … “anything beyond this comes from the evil one, or from evil”.

If you have stood or sat for just one day in any Court on this Island (as an observer), you will see the evil that is perpetrated upon People, even if you are not aware of any material contained within any of the holy books, you will know and recognise evil when you see and hear it.


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The Common Law Society – Ireland’s Currency

Ireland’s Currency

On the 10 September 1928, “the State” and the “Puppet Government” of the day,
issued a currency called the Punt (Irish Pound) … accordingly seventy (70) years
later the punt was replaced by the Euro. By 1999 the “Irish Pound” was irrevocably
fixed to what we now call the Euro, and on the 9th. February 2002 the “Irish Pound”
ceased to be legal tender.
Any economist out there, worth his or her salt knows, any well planned “Bankruptcy Cycle”
takes seventy years to complete. Which means that, the only period in economic history
whereby “Ireland” has been financially Sovereign or Independent was between the years
1998 and 1999.
If as the economists say, a planned bankruptcy cycle take seventy (70), then that means,
that the next time “Ireland” is due to financially Sovereign/Independent will be in 2068.
In other words, in 2068 the Euro will expire, and another form of fiat currency will be
created and proliferated by the Postmaster General through the Central Bank.
In my view that is a long time to be living in or with austerity.
Have always wondered why the General Post Office (GPO) was the main target of the 1916
rising. In my view, the men and women that planned the rising were very conscious of the
message that they were trying to send out and educate the good People of this Island about.
The GPO controlled all the communications, commerce and trade that happened on the Island.
The GPO was the central financial hub of the British Empire (the Crown) on this Island.
The 1916 rising was not about starting or creating a bloody revolution, it was about trying
to educate the People of the Island, about what was really going on, and still is. The Men
and Women that were murdered as a consequence of the 1916 rising were done so as a
strategic measure. The Crown and latterly “the State” could not afford to have educated
and critically thinking People running about the place educating all the other People, and
thus no trials took place.
Again, in my view, waiting for 2068 to come about is a pretty long time … it is time now to
remove the Central Bank and their control over the issuance of their fiat currency. Perhaps
2016 would be an appropriate time for this to happen … on the anniversary of just a few of
the murdered Men and Women our People of this Island. It would be a terrible shame upon
their successors, the People of this Island, if this date were to pass without something
constructive and positive being achieved.
Just a thought …
Des: of The Common Law Society,
& the Island of Inis Na bhFíodhbhadh.
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