Judge Anna von Reitz

Judge Anna von Reitz

This is an index of the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska.


If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.”


ABC/ACN # CIK#:  DUNS: 552592974
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Ivi Kalmet
CN-ivi-kalmet-cn-2016-0824-ik This is court ”bailiff” who demands from myself CORPORATE PERSON, money for ”unpaid”use of electricity! Can you imagine this NONSENSE, living already over 8years overseas. Someone else broke into, claiming they bought it, but used electricity knowingly = theft, as far turned off as no paid?  the”POLICE” sending kind of ufo responds, are they not well(mentally) ? the D-U-N-S Number for JUSTICE Ministeerium is(as they under” justice ministerium”) 552592974.
Kertu Rauk
CN-2016-0825-kr-kertu-rauk This is helper of courtbailiff, abouth electricity bill,which I did not use,as residency in UK

Magna Housing Association

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Ella Thorp
Andrew Bellcahmbers
Kimberly Little
Graham Colls

Diana Dudgeon

Ellen Paulley
Lindsey Kiddle

iv-2016-0922-1-lk-invoice-lindsey-kiddle “This actor demands for pay ‘arrears”, no bill, threatens with courd order, which myself never seen. in ENGLAND has to be TRANSLATER in possession case,  written in Law.


ABC/ACN # CIK#: D-U-N-S 424295350 
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Stuart C Dawson
England Art 61,Magna Carta ,Lawful Rebellion

Rt Hon Oliver Letwin
Stella Jones
Tim Harries

Robert Clive Rennison

Visualizing The (Massive) Size Of The US National Debt

Visualizing The (Massive) Size Of The US National Debt

Amtsgericht Kaiserslautern

ABC/ACN # CIK#:  DUNS: 340986111
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Heribert Marx

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Helmut Carra Helmut_Carra
Richterin Gimmler CN_Richterin_Gimmler
Richterin Schmitt CN_Richterin_Schmitt
Markus Greef CN-Greef
Klaus Hartmann CN_Hartmann Beschluss-CN-2015-04-08-MB1
Rechtspflegerin Thomas

Kanton Bern

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Beschwerde zu CIV 14
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Hans Peter Messer

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Frau S. Wüthrich Courtesy-Notice_Wuethrich-0
Christoph Horisberger Courtesy-Notice_Horisberger-0
Sandra Gutmann Courtesy-Notice_Gutmann-0
Sonja Koch
Bitte-um-Anpassung-Verfuegung-CN Rechnung-Rg-Straf-Biel_02-0
Hans-Jürg Käser CN_Kaeser Beschwerde-an-Regierungsrat-BE
Beatrice Simon Courtesy-Notice_Simon *Rechnung-StVBE_12-0-Simon
Marc Jost CN_Jost-0 Beschwerde-an-Grosser-Rat-BE
Dr. Thomas Müller

CN-2016-02-10-TM-Mueller *Sklavensystem-Kanton-Bern-Mueller-0
Stephan Stucki
CN-2016-02-10-SS-Stucki *Sklavensystem-Kanton-Bern-Stucki-0
Christoph Neuhaus

CN-2016-02-10-CN-Neuhaus *Sklavensystem-Kanton-Bern-Neuhaus-0
Hugo Burkhardt Courtesy-Notice_Burkhardt-0

Landratsamt Bodenseekreis


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Frau Fischer CN-2014-03-14-F_Fischer-0
Lothar Wölfle Courtesy-Notice_Woelfle-0 *Anschreiben-Beschluss-Bodenseekreis_01-4-0
Daniela Treiber

Amtsgericht Überlingen

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Rainer Weschenmoser, angeblich Obergerichtsvollzieher
CN-2014-01-24-RW Feststellungsklage2 BW-0
Melanie Fecht
CN-Fecht Rechnung-GV-Ueb_08-02-0
Richterin Drechsel CN_Drechsel
Dr. Jürgen Kragler CN_Kragler
Richter von Kennel
Anja Schorpp



Adriana Salteri – CCV – TENIX – OLBIA

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Who Owns CCV?

For all to know and reply upon

Response from Proponent for letter received from Respondent’s automated corporate government, big business, computer generated extortion system:


To: Robert Salteri, Paul Salteri, Mary Shaw Salteri and Adriana Bianca Salteri (“you”)

Tenix Solutions

Olbia Pty LTD

Licensees of Trademark: CCV Civic Compliance Victoria

Address: Somewhere in paradise that the rest of the ignorant public are paying for .

(Actual Contact details to be confirmed)

Dear Robert, Paul, Mary and Adriana (Salteri),


Thank you for your form letter automatically generated by and downloaded from your intranet,  and printed and/or posted by some nameless, faceless person in an office somewhere. It is easy to know that it is just a computer-generated letter off your intranet because it contains so many basic factual errors. (NB: Mistakes made whilst Acting In Commerce)


  • As we all know, CCV etc is simply a registered trademark, no more, no less, that you and your family have been ‘given’ the rights to use to extort money from the unsuspecting motorist, under threat of severe financial, punitive and/or other various intimidation strategies if your demands for money are not met quickly and meekly.
  • ASIC and Justice Dept website pages and legal references document the above facts re CCV as nothing more than a trademark, beyond any possible denial from any quarter
  • No ‘trademark’, corporation or ‘family’ (Salteri) is above the legal and lawful Constitution of Australia. – Please refer to attached correspondence to Brendan Facey – If you do not understand please refer to your company’s legal department for understanding.
  • This is a formal request that, as the registered licensees of the trademark CCV and all variations, you are ultimately responsible for the demands that are being sent using Australia Post to make demands for payment for alleged ‘fines’ and ‘infringements’.  As such it assumed from your fervent activities in this regard, that you are indeed Acting In Commerce. As such, please provide Professional Indemnity Insurance details for all of “you” as per attached background document.
  • The fact that your automated computer process has sent this letter means that my personal information may have been shared by your company/ies with other businesses and vice verse  (ABN 32 790 228 959) without my permission. Certainly the form letter off your intranet confirms same and seems to indicate there has been a serious breech of The Privacy Act 1985 by the ‘trademark’ that is licensed to you.
Please refer to the following attached document outlining specific instructions and formal requests for information that you are legally and lawfully obliged to provide, as per ASIC, ACCC and other corporate and consumer laws and regulations.
See listings:

This is a great breakdown what Civic Compliance Victoria actually is and who it’s shareholders are-FT

Civic Compliance Victoria is the “body” that processes infringement notices, infringement warrants and fines within the State of Victoria. This article provides a description of exactly what Civic Compliance Victoria is (and is not), and the people behind CCV.

Civic Compliance Victoria

The State Government of Victoria website for fines states, “Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV) is an administrative body that is responsible for processing fines issued by various government agencies and authorities within Victoria“, and that, “all enforcement orders and infringement warrants issued by the Infringements Court are processed by Civic Compliance Victoria irrespective of the agency by which they were originally issued.” [1]

The fore mentioned website appears to be (grossly) misleading. In communications with the Department of Justice – State of Victoria it was communicated that:

Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV) is the name created by the State to provide one name for the integrated fines and enforcement system comprising the Traffic Camera Office of Victoria Police,the Infringements Court and the Sheriff’s Office. CCV has no ABN number and is not registered as a business as it is neither a business nor a company, nor a trading name. The name CCV is the intellectual property of the State of Victoria. [2]

This statement is confirmed by the IP Australia website [3]. The following trade marks are registered:

Registered Trade Marks for CCV
Number Trade Mark Name Registrant
933736 CCV The Crown in the Right of the State of Victoria
933737 CIVIC COMPLIANCE VICTORIA The Crown in the Right of the State of Victoria
1010971 CCV (logo) The Crown in the Right of the State of Victoria

Hence, Civic Compliance Victoria appears to be nothing more than a trade markregistered by The Crown in the Right of the State of Victoria.

The State of Victoria and Tenix

In communications with the Department of Justice – State of Victoria it was communicated that:

The State’s contractor, Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd, is licensed to use the names ‘CCV’ and ‘Civic Compliance Victoria’ in providing infringement management and enforcement services for the State.” [2]

In subsequent communications with the Department of Justice – State of Victoria it was communicated that:

… Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd is the only entity licensed to use the names ‘CCV’ and ‘Civic Compliance Victoria’“. [4]

Hence, the Department of Justice – State of Victoria has communicated that Tenix Solution IMES Pty Ltd has exclusive license to use the CCV trade marks.

Civic Compliance Victoria - Trade Mark Relationships

Further information about the relationship between the State of Victoria and Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Infringement Management and Enforcement Services Project – Deed of Charge, signed 26 July 2007 (available via ASIC).
  • Infringement Management and Enforcement Services Agreement; start date 29 July 2007 to 30 October 2012 (Contract 015-07-08) [5].

The estimate value of the contract is listed as $332,100,000 ($332.1M). Please note that the contract available via the tenders.vic.gov.au website has sections redacted and is not the complete document.

The reference in the contract to license of the trade marks is located in section 51.18 of the agreement; part of that section is presented (bold font emphasis added by editor):

51.18 Licence to use the Trade Marks

(a) With effect from the Commencement Date, the State grants to the Contractor for the Term a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use the Trade Marks in Australia solely for the purposes of the Contractor fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement.

(b) The State may from time to time during the Term impose in writing, reasonable requirements regarding the use of the Trade Marks, and the Contractor must comply with those requirements.

(c) Where the Trade Marks appear in any written material (including any electronic material) published by or on behalf of the Contractor, unless otherwise authorised by the State:

(i) the Trade Marks must appear with the ® symbol (or, if the Trade Mark is not yet registered, the ™ symbol); and

(ii) the Trade Mark must be accompanied by the following footnote: The [insert trade mark] trade mark is used by [insert Contractor's details] under licence from the Crown in Right of the State of Victoria.

(d) The Contractor must comply with any standards, directions and specifications notified in writing by the State from time to time during the Term as to the appearance, colour, size and positioning of the Trade Marks and the footnote referred to in clause 51.18(c)(ii) and allow the State to inspect its premises and items using the Trade Marks at any time.

(e) The Contractor must not use the Trade Marks in a manner which is prejudicial to the State or likely to prejudice the distinctiveness of the Trade Marks or the validity of any registration for a Trade Mark. This provision will survive the expiry or termination of this Agreement.

(f) The Contractor must not at any time during the Term use the Trade Marks in juxtaposition to any other trade mark, embellishment or device without the prior written consent of the State.

Note 1: Section 51.18(a) may conflict with advice provided by the Department of Justice – State of Victoria.

Note 2: The author is unaware of any updates to this agreement, thus the contractual terms may be out of date.

Who is Tenix?

Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd is a registered company in the Commonwealth of Australia (ABN 47 126 390 378) [6]; the ultimate holding company is Olbia Pty Ltd (ABN 64 000 305 304) [7]. Further company information can be obtained via ASIC which will validate this fact; part of the company extract is provided as evidence [8]. The company structure/hierarchy is presented.

Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd Company Structure (to Olbia Pty Ltd)

Hence, Tenix Solution IMES Pty Ltd is owned by Olbia Pty Ltd.

Who is Olbia?

Olbia Pty Ltd comprises of eight shareholders, four individual people and four companies; the shareholder structure is presented (information obtained from ASIC Company Extract [9]).

Olbia Pty Ltd Shareholders

Without further investigation, it may be (wrongly) assumed that each of the four company shareholders are owned or controlled by the respective individual shareholders (Paul Salteri, Robert Salteri, Mary Victoria Shaw, Adriana Bianca Gardos); the website manta.com provides information that Paul Salteri is a director of Pasagean Pty Ltd and Adriana Bianca Gardos is a director of Clurname Pty Ltd [10] [11].

The four individuals who are shareholders of Olbia Pty Ltd are children of the late Carlo Salteri; Carlo Salteri died in 2010 [12].

Salteri Family

Hence, Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd, the company that issues infringement notices and infringement warrants is a family-owned company of the Salteri family. According to the BRW Rich 200 list, the Salteri family was ranked as the 7th wealthiest family in Australia ($1.18B). [13]


In summary, based on the evidence provided:

  • Civic Compliance Victoria and CCV are trade marks.
  • CCV is not a corporation, entity, government department or administrative body.
  • Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd has (exclusive) license to use the CCV trade marks.
  • Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd has a five year contract with the State of Victoria valued at approximately $332.1M.
  • The ultimate holding company of Tenix Solutions IMES Pty Ltd is Olbia Pty Ltd.
  • Olbia Pty Ltd is owned by the billionaire Salteri family.

16 Reasons To Celebrate Brexit’s Win

there is no past.  There is no future.  It’s all just a constant stream of NOW.  

Submitted by Doug Bandow via NationalInterest.org,

Watching the Brexit campaign generated mixed feelings: it was a little like the man who saw his mother-in-law drive his new Mercedes off a cliff. In the United Kingdom, some people who hated free trade, immigration and market innovation challenged the officious, wannabe superstate headquartered in Brussels. Who to cheer for?

We should cheer for the Brexiteers, who deserve at least a couple of hurrahs. The European Union created a common market throughout the continent, an undoubted good, but since then has focused on becoming a meddling Leviathan like Washington, DC. For Britain, the virtues of remaining appeared to pale in comparison to the likely costs of continued subservience to Brussels. In a variety of imperfect ways, Brexit promoted liberty, community, democracy and the rule of law. In short, the good guys won.

Here are sixteen reasons why the United Kingdom was better off Brexiting:

1. Average folks took on the commanding heights of politics, business, journalism and academia and triumphed. Obviously, the “little guy” isn’t always right, but the fact he can win demonstrates that a system whose pathways remain open to those the Bible refer to as “the least of these.” The wealthiest, best-organized and most publicized factions don’t always win.

2. Told to choose between economic bounty and self-governance, a majority of Britons chose the latter. It’s a false choice in this case, but people recognized that the sum of human existence is not material. The problem is not just the decisions previously taken away from those elected to govern the UK; it’s also the decisions that would have been taken away in the future had “Remain” won.

3. Those governed decided that they should make fundamental decisions about who would rule over them. The Eurocrats, a gaggle of politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, academics, lobbyists and businessmen were determined to achieve their ends no matter what the European people thought. A constitution rejected? Use a treaty. A treaty rejected? Vote again. A busted monetary union? Force a political union. And never, ever consult the public. No longer, said the British.

4. The rule of law will be respected—or at least not flagrantly flouted. Those signing up as EU members did not realize that the EU would be a transfer union. At least some countries likely would not have ratified the Lisbon Treaty, expanding Brussels’ writ, had they realized that explicit strictures against bailouts would be ostentatiously ignored. No doubt the usual suspects believed they were doing the Lord’s work by violating legal guarantees. But today no one living under the EU has any assurance that laws made, rules issued and promises offered would be kept.

5. Routine incantations of the need for “more Europe” and importance of “European solidarity” no longer will be confused with arguments. Those in charge always want more—more money to distribute, publicity to satisfy, rules to enforce and power to wield. Their vision of “more Europe” is Europe giving them more. “European solidarity” means others caring for them after they have wasted everything under their control.

6. Democracy will have triumphed over bureaucratic inertia. The EU is known for its “democratic deficit”, a Hydra-headed, unelected executive and a parliament chosen by people usually voting on domestic issues, using the polls for the European Parliament to punish errant governments at home. The Brussels bureaucracy has become the perfect means to impose policies that lack political support among member governments and peoples.

7. The pretensions of the EU as Weltmacht never looked so silly. There is a flag that no one salutes, and an anthem no one sings. There are multiple presidents: three, four or five? There is enervating duplication, including an EU foreign minister and diplomatic service along with those representing twenty-eight individual member states. Constant talk of creating a continental military while countries steadily shrink military outlays. Insistence that all which is good and decent comes from the EU as ever more people organize and vote against it.

8. The great satisfaction of watching smug smiles disappear from the faces of Eurocrats on both sides of the English Channel. The Brexit battle never was supposed to be a fair contest. It was intended to solve a Tory political problem, allowing the irreconcilables to make fools of themselves while the best and brightest led voters to the light. But it didn’t work out that way.

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Liberal and Labor Parties Steal From Taxpayers, Launder Money

How the Liberal Party and Labor Party steal from taxpayers and launder the money

by Shane Dowling

This week the Liberal Party were caught stealing from taxpayers and laundering the money through a Liberal Party owned company called Parakeelia. After that you would think things could not get worse but in the last 24 hours the Liberals have had to sack a candidate for owning brothels and another candidate is refusing to […]

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ABC/ACN # CIK#:  D-U-N-S Number360196948
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Gennadi Krotov

CN-2016-0507-GK-GennadiKrotov IV-2016-0608-GK-Gennadi
Sergei Astafjev
CN-2016-0507-SA-Sergei-Astafjev IV-2016-0608-1-SA-Sergei
Aleksandr Kostin
CN-2016-0507-AK-AleksandrKostin IV-2016-0608-AK-Aleksandr
Kristina Kaher



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Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Michael Weinreich
MM-AAA191264 CN-2016-03-17-MW Weinreich
Michael Hübner INV-MM-AAA191264
Kai Kachthaler INV-MM-AAA191264
Volker Trüb INV-MM-AAA191264

Judge Anna von Reitz – Truth Finally Out

Monday, May 30, 2016 14:42

The Truth Has Come Out Finally and Conclusively, by Judge Anna von Reitz

We hope to soon have The Puzzle Project up and running – a national level fact-finding mission in support of Public Interest Litigation before the World Court and the UN Trust Committees.

This work only suffers from the common ailment — we all face a LARGE fraud and its attendant criminality which has taken root in so many countries and in so many sectors of society that it is natural to see the “tree” — the so-called judicial system in the U.S. — without grasping the larger picture.

The problem isn’t just the judicial system running hopelessly amok. It’s the fact that all so-called “governments” are actually nothing but privately owned and operated “governmental services corporations” being run by international banking cartels that have operated under conditions of secrecy and deceit to co-opt lawful government and instigate a vast web of fraud and criminality throughout the world. It’s not just the Federal United States. It’s the “government” of the UK, CANADA, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN….. all fakes.

The truth has come out finally and conclusively. There are so many people to thank for that, it beggars description….the rats have been fully and absolutely exposed. The criminality of the banking system has been fully documented by The Paradigm Project— Heather Tucci-Jaref and others. A few American lawyers remained true to the American cause and a few DOD employees did too, and they all did their actual jobs. As a result, the bankers are caught, dead in the water. And the fraud is at an end, no longer something that can be suppressed and contained by filthy politicians and bankers meeting in secret. The rats in DC are in a bad position, and more and more of them are realizing it.

177 nations worldwide have recognized that the “Federal United States” has acted as a criminal syndicate and that it has been operating in a form and in a way forbidden by its charter and the treaty and trust documents allowing its existence, so that it has not faithfully “represented” the Continental United States and the American People, but has instead been misusing and abusing Americans at home and then also misusing American resources including the Armed Forces as Bullies against other countries, fomenting war for profit, and engaging in every kind of vice and war profiteering in “target countries.”

While we Americans have been kept ignorant and clueless by the perpetrators of these fraud schemes (all of which are easily recognized as classic bunko schemes executed on an unimaginably large scale) what I would most like to share with the rest of the world at this point is that the American People — the People of the Continental United States as opposed to some elements operating the Federal United States —-are good people, moral people, peace-loving, hard-working, God-fearing people. We were lied to, bullied, purposefully deceived, taxed to death, deprived of basic rights guaranteed by our actual Constitution, press-ganged into the international jurisdiction of the sea, and defrauded of our labor and our actual property assets. We suffered along with the rest of the world.

Those responsible include the Crown Corporation and its agencies and subsidiaries, the government of the Inner City of London aka WESTMINSTER, the Lord Mayor, the Lords of the Admiralty, the British Monarch dba ELIZABETH II, IMF, FEDERAL RESERVE, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and so on. Please note that the British Monarch is the American International Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways and that all the abuse we have suffered and which the rest of the world has endured, too, has been caused by British mismanagement and war-mongering for profit.

The other thing I would like the world to know is that many American government officials, even members of Congress, were kept in the dark. This entire criminal scheme was designed to be operated by just a few at the top.

Finally, I would like the rest of the world to know that preliminary estimates indicate that only about 20% of the money appropriated to fund domestic American welfare relief ever made it to any poor people, and less than 2% of the money appropriated as foreign aid ever made it to the intended recipients in other countries.

The American People have been defrauded and had the lion’s share of their intended assistance to others at home and abroad siphoned off to fund criminal activities.

The facts are now speaking for themselves. Anyone who wants to argue with me or cast aspersions and suspicions at me as an individual should be advised— I am not here to prove anything to anyone and I am not the issue. The issue is the information. The facts. The timeline. The fraud. Everyone in receipt of the information has the basic tools necessary to research these matters for themselves and they are fully invited to perform their own due diligence. Numerous people from around the world have been contacting me and asking for help related to their own governments.

The basics of what we have learned (at least to our satisfaction) is that the System was introduced in England in 1867 by Benjamin D’israeli, with legislation resulting in the “enfranchisement” of English workers.At the time, this was hailed as a good thing by English Labor Union leaders and other Progressives who were deceived into thinking that the “right to vote” was an advancement of the position of the working class. It was in fact a means of further and officially enslaving the working class by a process of registration. If you look up the legal meaning of the word “registration” you will learn that anytime you register something you are giving it or some aspect of it up to the ownership or control of the entity keeping the registration. It is not the same as publicly recording an ownership interest in a piece of property, for example.Thus, when you “register to vote” you give up your natural right to elect your leaders and in effect hand your proxy over to whomever cares to exercise it.

The word “enfranchisement” relates to this undisclosed registration process, too, in terms of “enfranchised voters”, but more darkly, it is used in the context of incorporation—- and that is what D’israeli aimed at with the Acts of Parliament involving Enfranchisement.Think of large corporations that are operating in your various countries that have local franchises. In America, it might be McDonald’s or Dairy Queen or Sears. These corporate franchises are obligated to be pretty much in lock-step with their national and international parent corporations and they operate under franchise licenses.

Anytime you see the word “license” be aware that it is official permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal— in this case, the franchises receive the license to use the name, logo, recipes, products, etc., of the franchising corporation. What does it mean to “enfranchise” a human being, in this sense of “enfranchisement”?
It means to reduce you to an incorporated thing, a subsidiary subject to the whims of corporate management. It means enslavement, body and soul. In supposedly equitable exchange you receive the benefit of voting for your slave masters and whatever privileges they give you, the right to be taxed and regulated to death, the right to be conscripted, the right to pay for a million dollar life insurance policy with the parent corporation named as your beneficiary, and so many other so-called “benefits” it hardly pays to name them. This is what we have been dealing with. Thanks to Benjamin D’israeli and a besotted Queen Victoria.

It also means that the banks, the Bar Associations, the Lords of the Admiralty and the Lord Mayor and the Queen engaged in a systematic program of press-ganging land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea. This crime has been outlawed—utterly outlawed worldwide— for 200 years. It carries the death penalty and they did it anyway, using a pathetic excuse.

Once they had “converted” all the living people and their estate interests into franchises of the various governmental services corporations, they could claim that they were justified in their actions because there is no law against enslaving a corporation. In actual practice and fact, of course, they did enslave the living people and all their private property assets. This is how they were able to enforce “Selective Service” and other forms of “The Draft” during the Second World War. This is how they have been able to spend uncontrollably and rack up huge amounts of odious debt against the civilian populace.

By registering your birth, seizing control of your name, and creating all sorts of corporate franchises benefiting their own corporations named after you— they–the bankers and lawyers and politicians effectively stole your identity and your credit cards.

Now we come to the issue of Odious Debt. Odious Debt is debt created by fraud of which the victims are unaware and from which they do not benefit. Much of the so-called “National Debts” around the world are this form of debt, and Odious Debt is not collectable.

It must be written off and forgiven. This is what is behind Pope Francis’s declaration of an International Year of Jubilee beginning December 8, 2015.

Beyond that, we also come to the issue of National Credit. All these fiat money systems have been operated as debt-credit systems. Every time you create a debt in such a system you also create a credit. Therefore, every National Debt is counterbalanced by a National Credit. Why have you never heard about your National Credit, only your National Debt?Because the perpetrators fully intended to leave the working people holding the bag while they siphoned off and absconded with not only the National Credit owed, but the underlying actual physical assets as well. They won’t be able to do that now, because now you know the truth about “National Debts” and how those National Debts were accrued by credit fraud, and you also know that you are owed an equal National Credit.

Finally, everyone worldwide needs a lesson in the mechanisms of fraudulent convertible debt. A fraudulent convertible debt is a debt created by fraud that is converted into new ownership and used by the perpetrators as investment capital. The most typical example is the billing you receive every month for electrical service (at least in America this is true).

What appears to be a bill comes addressed to YOUR NAME in capital letters and your address. Unknown to you, this “billing statement” isn’t really a true bill and it isn’t addressed to you. It is addressed to a franchise of a governmental services corporation and the “statement” is actually a voucher allowing you to cash in a “dividend” equal to the amount shown as due and owing— but of course, you are never told this and you are never told how to fill out the coupon for credit. Instead, if you don’t submit payment you are threatened with disconnection, and in this way, you are coerced into paying the bills of a governmental services corporation’s franchise.

Of course, the utility company submits the bill each month directly to the “government” and gets paid for servicing the franchise. That’s payment Number One. Then they send you a billing statement and coerce you to pay it. That’s payment Number Two. They establish a “capital credits account” in YOUR name and deposit your payment in that account. They then use that money as investment capital benefiting their utility company and prevent you from accessing the capital credit account you funded. In some cases, the utilities are so crooked they set the “capital credits” aside and later claim that they are “unclaimed funds” and abscond with them directly.

Fraudulent convertible debt always involves a double-dipping system in which a charge gets paid for twice by different parties. In effect, it gets you, the consumer, both coming and going. You are on the hook to pay for the “government’s debts” — so as a group you paid for payment Number One, and as an individual you were forced to provide payment Number Two as well.

The same exact system of fraudulent convertible debt is used throughout the mortgage industry. When you create a mortgage, it is never credited to you— it is registered in YOUR NAME— as being owned by a government franchise operated under your name, but not belonging to you. Remember that the governmental services corporation is the owner of YOUR NAME, which is the incorporated franchise they are running for their own benefit under your name without your knowledge or consent.

So you walk in to close what you are told is a loan being made to you, and what happens? The bank takes your Promissory Note, which has Actual Cash Value, just like a stack of bank notes, and they cash it. That’s payment Number One, charged off against “the government”, which of course passes the entire cost back to you and your brethren in the form of taxation. Then the bankers come back under false pretense that they actually loaned you something, and demand that you pay them back principal and interest for thirty years and claim that you also owe them a security interest in your property (which you gave them, albeit under conditions of fraud and deceit and non-disclosure) which they can foreclose upon if you fail to perform. That’s payment Number Two—so, in effect, the banks charge you once, then charge you twice, plus interest, plus a security interest that is undeserved—and you fund all of it. You fund the first payment through your taxes to the “government” and you fund the second through more of your labor “donated” to the account of YOUR NAME and what really, did you receive?

You received access to credit in a bank account held in YOUR NAME, but not actually belonging to you, and you spent that credit on a home and property that is recorded in YOUR NAME but which doesn’t actually belong to you, either. Both the purported debt and the property belong to the governmental services corporation’s franchise. You are just an unpaid volunteer, doing all the work and producing all the credit to fund these operations, for the benefit of the franchise. It’s more usury, only this time, owing to the interest payments and security interest, it’s more like quadruple dipping than double dipping.

And all this blatant fraud based on semantic deceits and coercion and racketeering and deceptively similar names has gone on under the noses of all those you trusted to regulate banking and securities, precisely because the banks were running the “governmental services corporations” behind the scenes and were “regulating themselves.” So what is the answer? Other than becoming aware yourself, spread the word. There will be too many of us for them to silence and once people know what went on, they will be stuck for it. And what to do about replacing these criminal enterprises masquerading as governments? Well, we all know how our governments are supposed to be operated and by whom, and for most of us, that means we have to get involved.

The Americans are busy restoring their actual government on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. It’s our understanding that Mrs. Merkel is doing her best in Germany and that numerous other heads of state are grappling with the facts and trying to bring remedy without bloodshed or disruption. Help them. We are informing the members of Congress that they have been elected to private corporate offices instead of public offices which they are meant to serve and that this has been accomplished by fraud and deceit. They have to choose their true allegiance and accept their true elected office in order to serve and represent the interests of the Continental United States as deputies and fiduciary officers—-and they otherwise have no capability to enter into any valid contract in our behalf or claim to represent anyone but themselves and their own little group of cronies.

Meantime back home we are occupying the vacated public offices we are owed and we are operating our state and county governments as judges, sheriffs, bailiffs, clerks, legislators, and many other public offices under American Common Law.

Action is moving forward on an international basis to end the criminality, expose the fraud, and bring relief. Please keep your minds and hearts fixed upon what is good and right and just, and realize that the vast majority of the people who have been employed by these corporations have been innocent of the evil they have unwittingly done. Even many lawyers and judges are completely unaware that they were doing anything wrong. To echo Jesus Christ, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

–—although they are going to learn very shortly, and be offered a choice!

In closing, I would like to paraphrase King George V — “Keep calm and get even.” Don’t give way to rage or violence of any kind. Realize that your grievances have been fully documented and proven and that the Mills of God grind slowly but exceedingly fine. Those who are truly guilty cannot escape, those who have acted in error must be forgiven, and the innocent who have suffered will in the end be blessed by their own patience and kindness.

Anna Maria Riezinger a/k/a Anna Von Reitz

 NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News

Source: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2016/05/the-truth-has-come-out-finally-and.html



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Brigitte Berking

Malcolm Turnbull’s 2016 Election Bribe For Media Mates

Malcolm Turnbull’s 2016 election year bribe for his billionaire media mates

Malcolm Turnbull has just given the billionaire media owners of Channel 10, 7 and 9 a $50 million election year bribe with a reduction of TV license fees which was announced in the budget on the 3rd of May. This is the third election in a row that the TV licence fees have been slashed […]

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Sebastian Würz
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*Statement by acts of Sebastian Würz under CN from 09 February 2016.Rechnung by acts of Sebastian Würz under CN from 09 February 2016th


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Without Prejudice UCC 1-308,

Eternal essence in Body, perceived as Ute Michaela Walkner

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Betreff: WG: ADD COMMERCIAL LIEN DEBTORS, UCC DOC 201604786752, 201604786752



Without Prejudice UCC 1-308

Eternal essence in Body, perceived as Ute Michaela Walkner

Von: M.W. [mailto:michaela.walkner@speeding.at]

Gesendet: Montag, 22. Februar 2016 01:11
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Betreff: WG: ADD COMMERCIAL LIEN DEBTORS, UCC DOC 201604786752, 201604786752



Without Prejudice UCC 1-308

Eternal essence in Body, perceived as Ute Michaela Walkner

Von: M.W. [mailto:michaela.walkner@speeding.at]

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Occupation Most Frequently Cited In The Panama Papers?

Guess What Occupation Is Most Frequently Cited In The Panama Papers?

Submitted by Tyler Durden

With all the anti-one-percenter rhetoric and tax-evading-evil-doer narratives spewing forth from the mainstream media mouthpieces of the establishment since The Panama Papers were exposed for all to see, it may come as a surprise to some to find out which cohort of the elites are the most populous among the tax-haven-creating documents…

The Politicians!

Source: WikiData

Which makes us wonder if this leak was indeed a plot to blackmail/expose the West’s ruling class?

Nevertheless, one thing is very clear, as Luis Guillermo Valez explains via PanamPost,officials are hypocritically denouncing the strategies they practice themselves…

Why can’t tax evasion be a legitimate form of self defense? In some countries and circumstances, it is.

Despite what politicians want us to believe, tax havens exist because some countries have been turned into tax hellholes by officials bent on “social justice” and “income redistribution.” Sometimes, those same politicians top the list of “offshore” account holders trying to evade taxes.

“The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith had something to say about this kind of government revenue, namely that taxes are a lesser evil overall than other forms of paying for public services.

But to prevent taxes from harmful excess, Smith left to posterity the four principles of good taxation, which have been almost completely forgotten by politicians concerned with legislating taxation. Here is Smith’s wise warning:

Excessive taxation is a powerful stimulus to evasion, so penalties to offenders grow proportionally to the temptation that causes it. Contrary to the principles of justice, the law first raises the temptation to infringe it and then punishes the violators.

And if corruption and overspending is added to excessive taxation, the motives for tax evasion are complete. Once again Smith:

In all countries where there is a corrupt government, and where there is suspicion that it incurs in great expense and government revenue is improperly used, very often these laws that protect contributions are little respected

In the 1970s, I met a Canadian man called Bryan O’Connor. He used to deliver pizzas in Toronto and always carried a little notebook in which he religiously wrote down all the tips he received in his work, preventing the risk of missing a penny in his tax return.

I’ve never met anyone else like Bryan. I think he and Immanuel Kant are probably the only people in human history who voluntarily paid all their taxes. I’m sure Bryan has.

Nor do I believe that Jesus Christ was completely honest when answering the Pharisees about paying taxes. He said “give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” After all, the man had left behind the honorable carpentry work and did not seem to generate any taxable income. That’s probably why he was defeated in the famous vote competing with Barabbas, who– weapons in hand – had rebelled against the ominous tribute of Imperial Rome.

Since ancient times people have rebelled against taxes. The Roman provinces were often faced uprisings against fiscal depredations and their leaders’ abuses. The peasant wars in Germany, of which Frederick Engels, Marx’s buddy, has left a vivid account were tax rebellions.

The French Revolution began as the uprising of the Estates General against taxes, demanding a cheap government. Interestingly, the twentieth century, which saw a rapid growth in the size of governments and taxes, was free of riots and tax rebellions. And not because all taxpayers behaved like Bryan O’Connor.

Panama Papers: What about Modern Governments?

Though no less rapacious than prior ones, modern governments are more tempered and have given up on the most ominous tax collection practices: murder and torture.

However, it is not shocking to the majority’s opinion that there are a few who punish tax evasion with imprisonment. This is the case of Mexico, Chile, and Peru, Colombia’s partners in the Pacific Alliance, and whose shameful example the Colombian government proposed to imitate in the last tax reform.

Everyone, from the Leviathan-worshipping economists, politicians, and political scientists who serve them, to journalists, tax attorneys, and the public opinion sees the evader as a criminal and the government that punishes him as the defender of society, no matter how corrupt and abusive it may be.

In illo tempore, the evader was seen as a hero who faced a thief state. The inverted values of current times have a background of hypocrisy that nobody can deny.

In almost all countries, legislatures who enact taxes are composed mostly of professional politicians who, by granting special benefits, want to keep lobbyists and wealthy campaign donors happy.

Interest groups and political operators are willing to grant each other benefits with the hope that the general coffers will bear the costs.

Everything is a bargaining of crossed interests leading to casuistical and tangled tax regimes, completely away from the predicaments of solidarity, equity, and efficiency which ultimately are no more than a cover more for private interests.

The economists, lawyers, tax experts, and other technicians who advise governments in the design of structural tax reforms – which are periodically announced but never arrive – are generally also company advisers and wealthy individuals looking to reduce their effective taxation rate.

The middle class defends itself by under-invoicing or non-billing and making up liabilities and expenses on their tax returns. The poorest, who usually only are reached by indirect taxation, join the noisy protests of civil servants who live from taxes and always receive the support of politicians competing for their votes.

That is the common background of what is called the state, from which everyone wants to get a lot and contribute little. But yes, everyone denounces tax evasion.

Governments around the world – in their relentless fight against the tax evasion problem created by themselves with their fiscal voracity and performance – have unseemly decided to form an international coalition against so-called tax havens, while those same officials seek shelter for their good or ill-gotten fortune.

This new and sinister Statist International will be a major threat to capital mobility and individual freedom. However, because supposedly the offshore world only affects the rich, everyone applauds in a universal expression of envy and hypocrisy.

The problem of national and international evasion is not resolved with the creation of a universal tax police. Small, moderate, simple, and austere governments and fiscal systems adjusted to the four rules of Smith are the best antidote against tax evasion.

But in the current state of public opinion where people accept and demand – as Walter Lippmann would say– a large government that administers their affairs for them instead of a government that administers justice among men who conduct their own affairs, it is at best an anachronism to invoke the wise old Smith.

Aussie Speeding Fines – May 2016

An absolute MUST READ update – irrefutable proof that our informaiton works, the utter stupidity of those in charge and info on important, upcoming live events!

- Intro

- The absolute stupidity of those in charge

- The Police have their own problems

- Our upcoming seminars with the Know Your Rights group

- Latest Testimonials and Feedback

- Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards


- Intro

Wow! It has been a very busy month or so since we last wrote to you and a lot has happened in that time.

Of greatest importance is the abundance of extremely powerful testimonials that we have received, including a precedent-setting win in the County Court just this week by one of our Members. You can read the full details of his success, as well as that of many others, in the Latest Testimonials and Feedback section towards the end of this e-mail.

We have also received a heap of media articles that show just how completely out of touch and insane the powers-that-be have become, as well as some great confirmation, from the police themselves, that speed cameras do not work!

So, there’s lots of really great information to cover again in this month’s update but, before you get started, we want to warn you that we haven’t pulled any punches in this update and some of if it pretty “in your face” so, as long as you’re prepared for that, get comfortable and read on …..

The absolute stupidity of those in charge

We often “have a go” at the police and complain about them using underhanded tactics to enforce ridiculous, ineffective and unlawful “rules”. We have reported previously on police hiding in bushes to nab motorists, we have explained how they are trained to create false readings through slip, sweep and cosine errors and we have covered the generally over-the-top practices they employ to simply generate revenue for the government.

Admittedly, they are just “doing their job” – despite the fact that the Nuremberg Trials proved that was not a valid excuse – and we continually encourage all law enforcement personnel to watch this short but powerful “Message to Police” video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOsN-P5abVg – and to leave their respective State police forces, if they no longer agree with the jobs they are being forced to do.

But, at the end of the day, like in any business – which, of course, is all this revenue raising is to them, just a business – the buck stops at the top, with the politicians that order the police to do their dirty work.

So, we thought it would be important for us to give you an idea of the thinking process of those in top positions in our country, just so you can see who you’re supporting if you, or someone you knows, buys into the “if you don’t speed then you have nothing to worry about” crap – or, of course, similar sentiments.

So, to begin with, we have Bill Shorten, the illustrious leader of the opposition party who recently caused a severe head on crash, that required someone to be hospitalised, because he thought it would be a good idea to pull over his entire convoy of cars on the side of a dangerous stretch of road, in order to have a meeting about that section of road being dangerous!

What the???

Yes, you read that correctly and you can read the full story here - http://thenewdaily.com.au/news/2016/05/19/shortens-convoy-involved-serious-accident/

Seriously, what’s next? Will Malcolm Turnbull stop an army of cars in the middle of a dangerous intersection to discuss how that intersection is dangerous???

Please make no mistake about it, these are the people who are spending millions of your hard earned tax dollars to convince you to “elect” them into power to run our country!!!!

Okay, so now, hopefully, you’re clear on who we’re dealing with.

So, then you have these guys giving orders to the police departments around the country to “target low level speeders”, to hide in bushes and to install and/or utilise more speed cameras. These, and other equally useless strategies, cannot possibly have any positive bearing on the road toll because they don’t work!

But then, the media releases articles such as this - http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/nsw-police-baffled-after-high-toll-weekend/news-story/41019689c476059ec4e0a9e29730a5df - that exclaim that the police are baffled by the high road toll.

Come on people, it’s not rocket science! If you really believe that reducing speed is going to reduce accidents – which, we have proven many times is not the case – then how is hiding in a bush going to cause people to slow down? How is sending someone a fine in the mail 3 to 4 weeks after they were supposedly “speeding” and thus, “driving dangerously” going to stop that?

It can’t and it won’t!

The reason for the high number of deaths and crashes is not “baffling” at all – in fact, it is very simple – it is a lack of focus and attention on the road – because people are so worried about getting a BS fine – and it is as a result of long term lack of training and education on how to drive properly.

If you want to read about strategies that will really have a positive impact on the road toll, be sure to read over our Vision for the Future page - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Vision-for-the-Future.html - so you can see what we are ultimately trying to achieve.

We just don’t know how to make it any clearer to people. The article said that the police were focussed on “speeding drivers” and they even called the process “Operation Go Slow” yet there were a horrendous number of deaths and crashes. If that doesn’t prove to you that “speed” has almost nothing to do with the road toll then we really don’t know what will.

- The Police have their own problems

So, apart from the fact that the police are seemingly “baffled” by logic and common sense, they are also struggling with a few other issues.

On the one hand, you have police spokespeople spouting that “Every k over is a killer” and “speed kills” and then the cops turn around and do this – http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/the-pulse-adelaides-live-news-weather-and-traffic-blog/news-story/3e7508413edb19560268db191c29a007?sv=fa576b197d52caa2575c78f3cc6ce9d5

It is important to note from the outset that this article conveniently “forgets” to mention one teeny, weeny little detail – the street that this occurred on is a 50 km/h zone!!!

We welcome any member of the police – especially someone from one of the many Crash Investigation Units around the country – to please explain to us how a skilled driver, who has completed an advanced driver training course – as all police do – rolls a car at 50km/h!

Now, the article makes it clear that the police were not involved in a pursuit at the time and because police are upstanding members of the community and always set a good example for fellow motorists – plus all the crap they keep spouting about “speeding” – we “know” that they wouldn’t possibly have been exceeding the speed limit so would someone – maybe even the officers involved – like to contact us and explain what the hell happened here!

Then, on the other hand, you have police admitting that speed cameras don’t actually save lives and do, indeed, exist simply to raise revenue - http://www.skynews.com.au/news/national/wa/2016/04/19/speed-cameras-don-t-save-lives–police-union.html

Specifically, the WA Police Union are questioning the powers-that-be as to why they are being forced to place cameras in spots that raise significant revenue but have little or no impact on road safety or the road toll.

The fact that they openly admit that “75% of fatal crashes are not related to speed” should hopefully remove any doubt that anyone may still have that all speed cameras are plain and simply “revenue raising cameras” and nothing more!

Sadly, Acting Police Minister John Day, is as deluded and out of touch with reality as Bill Shorten, if he honestly believes that “majority of people supported measures such as cameras to target dangerous drivers”. We respectfully suggest that he might like to crawl out from behind his desk and actually talk to members of the motoring public to see what they really think!

What is even more interesting is that there was a similar media article released on the same subject - https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/wa/a/31382045/police-union-pans-speed-cameras-as-revenue-raisers/ - that has slightly different points that further erode the position of the powers-that-be that “speed kills”, “speed is the biggest killer on our roads” or any of that kind of rubbish.

In fact, the WA Police Union President says that he knows why people are cynical about cameras – maybe John Day should speak to him so he can set him straight on what people really think about speed cameras.

The Police Union goes on to admit what we said in the previous section, that a motorist receiving a fine in the mail weeks after the fact is not a deterrent and, in fact, all it does is pisses people off and creates a distinct dislike for the police.

The strangest bit is that the Road Safety Minister and  Road Safety Commissioner then both admit that speed is only “a” factor in just 25% of accidents, which is much closer to the true figure of just 5% that we detail in the Crash Statistics file on our Vision for the Future page – http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Vision-for-the-Future.html - and which is significantly less than the figures that are bantered around by the media, the police and the government most of the time.

Poor old delusional Mr Day needs to go off and check his facts properly again though because his suggestion in this article, that fatalities have dropped since more cameras were used, simply bears no resemblance to reality. There are more cameras installed each and every year around the country and the road toll has increased in most States, including WA.

The bottom of this page - https://rsc.wa.gov.au/Statistics-Research - shows that, despite there being more cameras than ever before over the past 4 years, the road toll is WA has yo-yoed between 161 and 182, virtually no difference to the figures from 10 years prior – when there were far fewer cameras and the road toll figures ranged from almost identical figures of 164 to 180.

So, with all due respect Mr Day, either put up or shut up – go and spend some more tax payers dollars to create some figures that back up you completely false and ridiculous claims but, in the meantime, don’t take us for fools and stop spouting your crap to the media – no-one’s taking you seriously anymore!

- Our upcoming seminars with the Know Your Rights group

And, just to finish of this month, we want to let everyone know that the next Know Your Rights seminar and workshop will be held in Adelaide next weekend – the 28th and 29th of May – and they have also just announced their long-awaited Melbourne events, which will be held on the 25th and 26th of June.

If you enjoy the information that we provide in relation to traffic fines then we know you’re going to love the information that is presented at the Know Your Rights live events – which includes dealing with fines, challenging the ATO, understanding the “Strawman” concept, the power of the Commonwealth Constitution and much more!

Unfortunately, due to dwindling numbers around the country these events will be their last events. The last Melbourne event they held sold out and, given that this will be their last ever live event, it is almost certain that those events will sell out again.

Please read the e-mail below from the guys at the Know Your Rights group and be sure to check out their Seminar page - http://www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au/seminar/ - for full details on what is covered at those events, details of how to book your ticket(s) and even testimonials from previous attendees.

Hi Guys,

If you could pass the following onto your database, that would be much appreciated.

We are desperately trying to wake up the average, apathetic, footy-transfixed Aussie and teach them about their rights and we need your help!

Are you sick of busting your butt at work day in and day out, only to give a huge portion of it away to the tax man?

Are you sick of being fined for ridiculous things such as 3 and 4 k’s over the limit, stopping to pick someone up in a shopping centre and the like?

Are you sick of paying exponentially increasing council taxes and rates?

Do you get the general feeling that something “isn’t right” with the current system but you’re not quite sure what it is or what to do about it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you need to attend one of our upcoming Know Your Rights seminars and advanced workshops, which are being held in Adelaide on Saturday and Sunday, the 28th and 29thof May and on Saturday and Sunday, the 25th and 26th of June respectively.

These events have had rave reviews around the country but, unfortunately, it appears as though the general population is just not ready to “wake up” yet so these will actually be our last live events. Having said that, these will be truly life-changing events for anyone who chooses to attend and we urge anyone who has even the slightest interest in learning about their rights to come along.

All your questions will be answered at these empowering full day events and you will learn the following from Australian speakers who actually have proven success in these areas, in this country:

How to defeat all types of unjust and unlawful traffic fines – including speeding, parking, red light, un-registered vehicle etc.

How our Commonwealth Constitution applies to you and how to use it to your benefit.

Why local councils are un-Constitutional and what you can do about it.

The fraud committed by the banks, how to fight back against it and how to lawfully discharge outstanding debts.

The difference between “lawful” and “Legal” and how the government has introduced private laws that attempt to subvert our Constitutional and Common Law rights.

The Strawman concept – how the government has corporatized your name in order to “do business” with you and how to recognise that and benefit as a result.

How to protect your assets and your income using trusts and private foundations and how to legally ensure that you have no future tax obligations.

What the future holds for Aussies if we don’t all learn about our rights and start fighting back!

To find out more about what we will cover at these incredible full day events, to read and see what others have said about past events and, to book your tickets, be sure to go to our Seminar page -http://www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au/seminar/ - and take action now!

Remember, those who keep doing what they’ve always done will keep getting what they always got – do something different today!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.

- Latest Testimonials and Feedback

As we mentioned at the start of this e-mail update, we have been absolutely inundated with testimonials and feedback from Members who have successfully used our information to defeat their unjust and unlawful fines.

We can’t possibly fit them all into this one update but we wanted to share some of the most powerful ones because we know that there are still people out there who doubt or question the effectiveness of our information and the following collection of e-mails alone – let alone the other five pages of testimonials that we have on our website – should definitely put any such doubts to rest.

Our first is actually two separate e-mails from the same very proactive member who has had some fantastic success over the course of the past month. His first e-mail relates to his success in having a parking fine dismissed and having costs awarded in his favour as well.

Hi guys,

Another parking fine victory.

Briefly. My wife drove herself to hospital in panic during a massive haemorrhage emergency. She parked in car park next to hospital. Was admitted and the car stayed where it was for two days. Upon retrieving the car I found an infringement from Whittlesea council Victoria on the window.

I wrote a letter with a note from the hospital saying what had happened. The reply I got was a disgrace, typical Council bullshit. I started the 3 step process and as always did not use the templates word for word I used them as a guide. Letters went back and forth for 12 months and I finally elected to go to court.

Went to court last Friday. Met with the council representative and told him unless he is withdrawing I do not want to speak to him. Called up by Magistrate, Magistrate asked my wife for her plea and she stated. ‘Guilty but asking you dismiss the case due to circumstance’

When my wife laid out the circumstances, the magistrate was disgusted and immediately dismissed the case. My wife asked for costs due to stress. Council objected stating the weren’t told this story and if they had been they would of withdrawn.

My wife held up original letter that we sent explaining the situation. Magistrate stated she was disgusted by this Councils attitude and awarded costs of one days wages being $80.

hahahahaha cop that council!!

Now it’s onto the speed camera fine appeal in the County Court in May.

Paul – Vic.

And, as that e-mail refers to, his second victory was a major win on appeal in the County Court just this week. We understand that, at the time of writing this e-mail, he is speaking to various media outlets about the hugeramifications of this win for all motorists and we hope to have more to report on this in our next update. In the meantime, this is what he had to say about his latest victory using our information:

Hi guys, We Won!! Below is what I’ve written on the ASF Facebook page.

County Court Melbourne Victory 18/05/2016.

Firstly thank you to ASF for pointing me in the right direction and providing a stepping stone to more research. Your ASF book has been pivotal to having this speeding fine dismissed. Secondly, this was not a case of me trying to get out of a speeding fine, i was not speeding PERIOD. I was willing to fight tooth and nail because i know in my heart i was not speeding. Ok the case today.

As advised by ASF i researched the Road Safety Act, National Measurement Act, State Law and Australian Federal Law extensively. 

Firstly i asked the Judge if this matter was a criminal matter, he said yes, i stated with all crimes there must be a corpus delicti is that correct? He said yes. I asked if the court may proceed against me, without proof of a corpus delicti. At this point i noticed i got his un decided attention. He looked at the prosecutor and stated. “Very interesting argument” I jumped in with Your Honour, I move the court to dismiss the charges on the basis there is no prima face case against me. He looked at me and nodded silently for about 3 seconds and then said, just a minute, you’re putting forward an argument i have not dealt with for quite some time, I’m not dismissing the argument but i need to establish a few things with the prosecutor. From this point the next 20 minutes was taken up by the judge grilling the prosecutor about Corpus Delicti and how the burden of proof is on the prosecution and that I am challenging his evidence. I felt I had the upper hand and the Judge on my side at this point. Following this the prosecutor convinced the Judge that the photo and certificate were in fact Corpus Delicti blah blah blah. Judge stated on that basis he is not willing to dismiss but you have my attention. BINGO!!

I objected to the evidence presented by the prosecution because it does not meet the requirement of Australian Federal Law or the National Measurement Act. I showed the Judge that if State Law is inconsistent with the NMA then the Federal Act and Regulations take precedent. I showed the certificate presented by the prosecution under Section 83 of the Road Safety Act is inconsistent with certification requirements of the NMA and NMR.

The prosecution stated they will be relying on the Road Safety Act 83A to tender the evidence. I objected and stated to the Judge that section only applies if there is no evidence to the contrary and Ii fully intend to provide evidence to the contrary by way of sworn testimony that I was not speeding and as I have not yet had an opportunity to provide that evidence, I submit that section is not relevant and will be prejudicial to my case. The Judge at this point asked me if I had a copy of the Act. I obliged and passed it onto the clerk. Again the next 25 minutes was taken up by the judge reading the Act.

When the Judge finished reading the relevant parts of the Act he stated. This is the worse rules or Acts ever put on paper, it is the messiest thing I have ever seen and have always despised it. He spoke to me about the Act in detail and in length and asked several question regarding the Act and the NMA, he then said he is going to allow the prosecutor’s evidence but has noted my objection as an excellent argument that several of my high court Judges would find very interesting. From this point forward i am interested in hearing your testimony.

From this point forward I was confident I had the judge on my side. I gave my testimony followed by the passenger in the vehicle, the prosecutor asked his questions and that was that.

Dismissed due to evidence to the contrary being mine and my passengers sworn testimony that i was not speeding. We provided testimony of why the day and date in question was relevant and easily remembered, as we travel this very road, this very date, every single year for the past 10 years to go on our annual fishing trip to Eden NSW. We provided testimony that we both looked at the speedometer before going under the Wellington Road Bridge East Link and we provided testimony why we felt the need to do that.

The Judge then stated “It would be a sad day in the state of Victoria when we believe a machine over the testimony of two upstanding citizens of the community”. You’re Excused.

So my advice to everyone:
1. Forget the Magistrates court, the Magistrate and his decisions are worth a pinch of shit, the real case starts at County. 

2. Research and know your topic. Don’t just use what ASF have provided. You need to know this stuff because you will be asked about it.

3. Be polite but fight tooth and nail. Remember the system is a corrupt revenue raising machine and when you question it, you will be asked to elaborate on facts of the NMA and law. If you don’t know, forget it, you will lose.

Well done guys, couldn’t of done it without you

Paul – Vic.

Please take note of what he says and do not be concerned or disheartened if you take a case to court and lose, as we have said many times, the Magistrate’s Court is just your “trial run” and this case proves it.

Our next is from yet another very pro-active Member who has won a number of cases using our information. Many of you will recall the extensive paperwork that he provided to us last year – that we have now uploaded to our Advanced membership website - http://www.membersonly.aussiespeedingfines.com/download.php - that many people have found very handy. Well, he was at it again recently and, as you can see from the e-mail below, he has now racked up another victory using our information.

Hi everyone,

Today I received written advice from the Courts Administration Authority SA in relation to my (false) arrest last year and subsequent court appearances.

In February I received a letter from the Magistrates Court advising that the hearing was to be on a certain date and that “you are required to attend”.

I replied back to the Registrar, in her private, unlimited commercial liability, and rebutted that we are “you” and that she should send the notice to whoever “you” is for their attention. Failure to respond within 7 days would provide full legal accord and satisfaction of all claims against me.

The response today from the CAA is that they have no record of any convictions or fines against me. 

So I’m pretty happy with the result and hope that that’s the last of the matter (if they try anything else now they endanger their registrar to legal action).

The reason I’m writing is to thank each and every one of you for your support, advice and conviction to keep going with this matter. I’d never have had the courage to do this in the past but with your help and support I am extremely happy!


Wayne – SA

Our next is from a Member who successfully had not one, not two, but three speed camera fines withdrawn after using our 3 step process:

Good morning Aussie Speeding Fines,

Many thanks for your support and educating me as to the ways the Monarchy raise revenue willy nilly and try to represent whatever it is they claim as law.

Attached is a letter I recently received from them that states that all of the offences (3 Multanova fines, rear facing camera photos of my vehicle on 3 different occasions in a month)  have been withdrawn. I applied the 3-step process and included all 3 case numbers together to be all dealt with as a whole and they bent over for me.

Below is a link to their submission for my win with them;


Dear Sir,

Re: Charge of Exceed the Speed Limit in a Speed Zone, Infringement Numbers xxx, xxx & xxx

Information has been received regarding the above mentioned charges. These matters are listed at Fremantle Magistrates Court on 22nd August 2016.

As part of the review process undertaken when preparing the papers for prosecution, it was decided the matters should be withdrawn.

WA Police will not be proceeding any further regarding these matters.



Senior Constable 9485

Prosecutions officer


Once again, many thanks and I will forever recommend and be a lifelong member of Aussie Speeding Fines, cheers.

Andrew – WA

And, finally, our last and possibly most powerful e-mail is from a member who was facing over $200,000 worth of fines had them significantly reduced to just $12,000 – which is a huge win in anyone’s books – and, to top it all off, he’s only going to be paying that off at $50 a week anyway!

Hi guys,

Thanks for you recent advice, it was much appreciated.

Just to let you know I have been toe to toe with CCV and IMES for a good 18months. Long story short, on Thursday I went into court 1 hr before my hearing and spent 1hr and 20min auditing all the alleged Infringement Warrants. It has taken me 2 months to finally be granted permission to view the original warrants.

I entered court and explained to Magistrate unless an agreement can be reached today on my terms I will appeal to supreme court based on question of law. My argument is all Infringement Warrants I reviewed did not contain a name or signature of an Infringement Registrar pursuant to sect 80 of Infringement Act and sect 150 & 151 of Evidence Act 1995. I noted all warrants presented as “original” were all issued on Sheriff Office stationary, not Infringement or Magistrate courts, as required. Therefore, these are invalid and cannot be accepted as evidence. 
Magistrate Bolster did not deny or even argue this point, he in fact stated, “I see where you are going with this.” He stood the matter down at 12:30. I was called back into court at 4:15pm, and note the entire court complex was closed and not a person in sight.

He offered a reduction and payment plan of $50 to payback $12000 instead of $202k. He said do you accept. I accept.

So thanks for your help again.

Cole – Vic

So, as you can see, it has been a massive month of wins for our Members and we hope the fact that we continue to update our numerous Testimonials pages, each and every month, will convince those who would normally just blindly “pay up” to stop and think before doing so and choose to challenge their fines instead. Remember, you have nothing to lose by challenging your fines and everything to gain!

Please remember that there are plenty more e-mails like that on our Testimonial’s pages - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Testimonials.html - and many of you will note that our old page has now grown to five full pages and continues to grow each month because we regularly receive stories of success, just like these, from our Members.

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So, now you can see how powerful the Aussie Speeding Fines information is, what can you do to help us get our invaluable, licence saving information into the hands of every motorist before they get a fine?

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Many of you will have also noticed the Paypal “Donate” button just above the Facebook link. The team at Aussie Speeding Fines work tirelessly day and night, 7 days a week, answering everyone’s e-mails, continually researching to find new ways to defeat unjust fines and preparing these weekly e-mail updates. So, any financial support you could offer, no matter how small, is always very much appreciated.

And finally, if you really want to help make a difference, just e-mail us your postal address and we will send you out some business cards and/or bumper stickers – completely free of charge – that you can then place on your car/truck/van and/or hand out to friends, family and work colleagues.

As always, we thank you all for your continued support and we appreciate all the Members who have taken the time to e-mail us with the latest media article they come across as well as their stories of their success so please, keep them coming!

Stay safe out there,

The Team at Aussie Speeding Fines




Bronwyn Lawrey – ‘Senior Sheriff Officer’

 See also: Brendan Facey  ABN: 32 790 228 959
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Bronwyn Lawrey – Acting as ‘Senior Sheriff Officer
Ph (+61) 428 511 496
Courtesy Notice DJBF13A Bronwyn Lawrey* “Hi Bronwyn, Your third invitation of 18 May 2016 to call you is ALSO declined.  PLEASE NOTE: You do not have permission to contact me.  All Rights Reserved. Please review your invoice at www.pn.i-uv.com/bronwyn-lawrey” *Bronwyn LawreyPh 0428511496 21.04.2016
*Bronwyn Lawrey-Acting In Commerce


Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Vladimir Kutsmei

*CN-Vladimir Kutsmei
*NoticeOfFirstAndFinalWarning-NO-2016-0207-VKCLOKSKUTS*Foto of Lien established in Etonia,over OKSANA KUCHMEI,VLADIMIR KUCHMEI,MARIANNE AUSEN.


“This criminal broke in into my home in Estonia”
*Notice Of Commercial Lien (Lienkutch
Ly Stamm CN-Ly_Stamm
Oksana Kutsmei

Bigbank AS

ABC/ACN # CIK#:  DUNS: 647318422
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Artur Maljukov CN-lmaljukovUCC-3-501demandjõetnsebparndtd *IV-2015-1208-1-AM *IV-2015-1208-2-AM *IV-2015-1208-2-AM
Ingo Põder menetlus@bigbank.ee *DECLARATION-OF-FACTS-all-nime *UCC-3-501demandjõetnsebparndtd *COMMERCIAL-LIEN-muu-kuulutus-70576469-Kuldne-Börspõder9mill *IV-2015-0118-3-FN-IP *demandlettripõder16eb16PN-NO-2016-0202-DL-IP *COMMERCIAL-LIEN-NO-CL-2016-0205-IP *PublicNotice-Lieningpõdr1-PN-2016-0702-IP *PublicNotice-Lieningpõdr2 *PublicNotice-ingpõdr3 *NoticeOfFirstAndFinalWarning-ingpõdõigeNO-2016-0207-IP*(foto of Commercial Lien, what I myself  established personell to door BIGBANK AS in TALLINN,ESTONIA.This cowerd ripped of,I put 3 days in a row. handed to secretary also and informed,that Commercial Lien is done now.)ingopõderlienCLINGPÕDRingopõderlien *INV-IngoPõder Ingo põderparndtud *Inv-ingopõder23july-4nov *Notice Of Commercial Lien (Lienbigbankle) *Inv-ingopõder23july-4novFINALnot *Inv-ingopõder23july-4novFINAL *IV-2015-1207-1-IP *IV-2015-1021-3-IP *IV-2015-1222-1-IP *Inv-OVERDUE-ingopõder18aan.520000 *Inv-OVERDUE-ingopõder18aan.520000  *CommercialStatementOfTruthingopõder
Evelin Muttik CN-EvelinMuttikBigBank
Alar Kondratjev alar.kondratjev@bigbank.ee CN-2016-0119-AKAlarKondratjev *Inv-alarkondratjev16feb *IV-2016-0201-1-AK *OverdEnvoice-alarkondratjev16feb59000PNIV-2016-0201-2-AK
Sven Raba sven.raba@bigbank.ee CN-2016-0119-SRSvenRaba
Keiu Pettai keiu.pettai@bigbank.ee  CN-2016-0202-KP
Parvel Pruunsild


Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Ülle Raag
*CN- UlleRaag

This is statement of truth,Affidavit, Public Notary destified myselve autograph on 23 Febr.2016,in Estonia they recognize digital signature,so so all they have received on 08 Feb 2016,for rebuttal this affidavits

*IV-2015 -0811-2-Ülle Raag
*IV-2015 -0811-3-ÜR
*IV-2015 -0811-3-FN-ÜR
Kristiina Kask


Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Marianne Ausen

Polizei Baden Württemberg

ABC/ACN # CIK#:  D-U-N-S® Nummer 330313904
Polizeipräsidium Einsatz
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Thomas Mürder / Siegfried Oswald

Siegfried Oswald-WWW Inv-ALR-154002

Polizei Baden Württemberg
Polizeipräsidium Einsatz
D-U-N-S® Nummer 330313904
Heininger Str. 100
Postleitzahl 73037
Thomas Mürder
(SIC) 9221
Polizeirevier Rheinfelden
Siegfried Oswald

Brendan Facey – Sheriff VIC

Registered Business # CIK#: DUNS #:
ABN:  32 790 228 959
The Corruption of the ‘Sherrif’s’ office
STATE OF VICTORIA – DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE T/a Speech & Drama Teachers Association
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Brendan Facey Courtesy Notice DJBF13A Brendan Facey
Letter to Brendan Facey – 1st Formal Request for Professional Indemnity Insurance Details and listed CC’s – Please scroll down to bottom of page for full list
-List of Alleged Matters
-Referenced Information
-Attachments (4mb)
-Outline of Submissions – Att 15
Aust Post Registered Mail Article ID 515022295018 – Recorded as being received 18 March 2014
Brendan Facey 2nd Formal Request for Professional Indemnity Insurance Details (summary) Aust Post Registered Mail Article ID 509872531013 – Recorded as being received 7 April 2014
Brendan Facey 3rd Formal Request for Professional Indemnity Insurance-Brendan Facey Aust Post Registered Mail Article ID 508447433011
Brendan Facey Brendan Facey-Invitation Declined
Mandi Bickham
Ph (+61) 0429 661 841
Mandi Bickham - Notice Courtesy Notice DJMB13A Mandi Bickham
Mrs Mandi Bickham
Ph (+61) 0417 386 451
Jen – 0417386451 - Notice
Bronwyn Lawrey
Ph (+61) 428 511 496
CN DJBF13A Brendan Facey
(Bronwyn is liable as an agent of B Facey)
BronwynLawrey-Sheriff VIC
MAGISTATES COURT OF VICTORIA ICC 1567407391“This matter has not been litigated in a court of competent jurisdiction, therefore ‘you’ CANNOT pursue any alleged debt”


To: Brendan Facey – Acting as ‘Director’ for IMES               Brendan.Facey@justice.vic.gov.au

CC Adam Tomison – Director – Australian Institute of Criminology adam.tomison@aic.gov.au
CC Amanda Stevens – Mayor Port Phillip Bay mayor@portphillip.vic.gov.au
CC Andrew Holden – Editor In Chief – The Age letters@theage.com.au
CC Ann Bressington – SA Parliament – Legislative Council Ann.Bressington@parliament.sa.gov.au
CC Bill Shorten – - Leader of the Opposition Bill.Shorten.MP@aph.gov.au
CC Bruce Dyer – Corporations Committee, Business Law Section economics.sen@aph.gov.au
CC Colin Neave – Commonwealth Ombudsman Ombudsman * ombudsman@ombudsman.gov.au
CC Daniel Andrews – Leader of the Opposition VIC daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au
CC David Mason-Jones – Journalist David@journalist.com.au
CC Denis Napthene – Premier Victoria premier@dpc.vic.gov.au
CC Geoffrey Robertson QC g.robertson@doughtystreet.co.uk
CC George Brandis QC -  Attorney General senator.brandis@aph.gov.au
CC Gerard Brody, CEO- Consumer Action Law Centre gerard@consumeraction.org.au
CC Glenn Rutter – Manager – Melbourne Magistrate’s Court mmc@magistratescourt.vic.gov.au
CC Gordan Lewis  – SPEED camera watchdog commissioner@cameracommissioner.vic.gov.au
CC Heidi Victory – Minister for Consumer Affairs heidi.victoria@parliament.vic.gov.au
CC Jen – Sheriff’s office – Mob: 0417 386 451 bla@justice.vic.gov.au
CC John Keeves – Law Council of Australia,  Business Law Section john.keeves@jws.com.au
CC John Rolfe – Public Defender rolfej@dailytelegraph.com.au
CC Kim Wells – Minister for Police and Emergency Services VIC kim.wells@parliament.vic.gov.au
CC Lynne Bertolini – Freedom Of Information Officer Commissioner foi@justice.vic.gov.au
CC M Hoyle – CCV Traffic_Inquiries@tenixsolutions.com
CC M Tewolde &Vu Huynh imesresponse@justice.vic.gov.au
CC Mandi Bickham – Sheriff’s office – Employee Badge # 2490 mandi.bickham@justice.vic.gov.au
CC Megan Levy Breaking News reporter – The Age mlevy@theage.com.au
CC Michael Keenan MP Michael.Keenan.MP@aph.gov.au
CC Michael Mibbons – Infringements Registrars info@magistratescourt.vic.gov.au
CC Office Of The Victorian Privacy Commissioner corporate.services@privacy.vic.gov.au
CC Rebecca Power – Horizon, Tenix et al enquiry@tenixsolutions.com
CC Reporters – News.com.au senator.bandt@aph.gov.au
CC Reporters – The Herald Sun publicdefender@heraldsun.com.au
CC Robert Clark – Attorney General Victoria robert.clark@parliament.vic.gov.au
CC Robert Doyle – Mayor – Melbourne City Council robert.doyle@melbourne.vic.gov.au
CC Scott Charlton – Citylink, Transurban et al corporate@transurban.com
CC Senators – Australia – Emailed to various senator.bandt@aph.gov.au
CC Stephen Hartney – Mayor – Bayside City Council shartney@bayside.vic.gov.au
CC Tim Wilson – Australian Human Rights Commissioner email@timwilson.com.au
CC Tony Abbot – Prime MInister – For The Constitutional Monachy Tony.Abbott.MP@aph.gov.au
CC Warwick Gately AM- Electoral Commissioner VIC info@vec.vic.gov.au
CC Sgt Phil Wild – Victoria Police Badge #17312 C/- mark.buttler@news.com.au

Please also refer to the following docs as per links above

1) List of Alleged Matters    2)  Reference Information
3) Attachments                     4)  Outline of Submissions

To: Brendan Facey – Acting as ‘Director’ for alleged SHERIFF’S OFFICE;
Under the banner of the alleged DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE VICTORIA
444 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
ABN:  32 790 228 959

Dear Brendan,

Thank you for your recent pro-forma letter that you took off your intranet, date stamped 18 Feb 2014.

On February 6th 2013, SPEED camera watchdog, Gordon Lewis said: “If the motoring public was to have confidence in Victoria’s traffic camera system then it had to be as transparent as possible.”

However, on November 6th 2013, he criticised the secrecy which has surrounded the police official warning policy surrounding which speeding motorists can get off with warnings instead of fines, saying, “it was unsatisfactory that a major part of Victoria Police’s official warning policy for speeding motorists had been kept secret for years”.  Exactly 12 months later, he confirmed to the Herald Sun that, “In my view the most important word in the road safety camera system is transparency”.

Further, John Roskam of Institute of Public Affairs said, “Tim Wilson’s appointment offers the Australian Human Rights Commission an opportunity to prove it can do something which it has so far failed to do, namely defend the human rights of individuals against attacks on those rights by the state.”

Therefore, in the quest for transparency, truth and accountability, this letter and NOTICE has also been forwarded to the above list of individuals and various others in the community, To Whom It May Concern.

Continue Reading →

Amtsgericht Lörrach

Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Wolfram Lorenz
Wolfram-Lorenz-www 01-InvALR-154401-Wolfram-Lorenz
03 Invoice Wolfram Lorenz
Cornelia Philipp
ALR-160101 *Invoice ALR-160101-00
Marion Dammann
CN-ALR-160701-MD-Marion Dammann
Widerspruch gegen den Gebührenbescheid vom 13.02.2016
Grundlage ist die Behauptung das die BIO-Tonne kostenlos sei, was nachweislich nicht stimmt. Siehe Beschreibung Ihres Gebührenbescheides. Es scheint das Sie an Illettrismus leiden, daher auch eine höfliche Mitteilung als Anlage.

Opposition to the fees decision of 02.13.2016
It is based on the assertion that the BIO-ton was free, which demonstrably not true. See description of your charges decision. It seems that you are suffering from illiteracy, hence a polite message as an attachment.

Schweizerisches Bundesgericht

Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Pierre-Alain Joye Antwort-und-CN
Beschwerde Beschluss BK
Beschwerde Entscheid 2a
Rueckweisung Urteil
Jean Fonjallaz Jean_Fonjallaz
Elisabeth Escher
Elisabeth_Escher Rechnung-StVBE_12-0-Escher

Amtsgericht Stuttgart

Registered Business # CIK#: DUNS #:
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
B. Wenzel 190856AMTSTBW
Rechtspfleger Hildenbrand CN-14-0118-03-Rechtspleger-Hildenbrand
D. Wenzel CN-Wenzel-01 CN-Wenzel-02 NO-Wenzel-01 NO-Wenzel-02
Hans-Peter Rumler
Rechtspfleger THEIMER

EOS SAF Forderungsmanagement GmbH

Registered Business # CIK#: DUNS #:
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Peter Hemkentokrax 070314EOS-SAF-FM-GmbH-d 23.06.2014Rechnung-InvoiceEOS-SAF-CN000020-2wb
Ben Kleinebrecht – CEO
CN000046-BenKleinebrecht *2015-11-10-Rech-BenKleinebrecht-CN000046
Message Body:
Anhand dieses Gekritzel kann man nicht erkennen, wer tatsächlich unterschrieben hat.
„Die rechtlich zwingenden Grundlagen für die eigenhändige Unterschrift finden sich in den §§ 126 BGB, 315 ZPO, 275 StPO, 117 I VwGO und 37 III VwVfG.
Zur Schriftform gehört grundsätzlich die eigenhändige Unterschrift (vgl. z.B. Urteil vom 6. Dezember 1988 BVerwG 9 C 40.87; BVerwGE 81, 32 Beschluss vom 27. Januar 2003; BVerwG 1 B 92.02 NJW 2003, 1544).
„Eine eigenhändige Unterschrift liegt vor, wenn das Schriftstück mit dem vollen Namen unterzeichnet worden ist. Die Abkürzung des Namens – sogenannte Paraphe – anstelle der Unterschrift genügt nicht.“
(BFH-Beschluß vom 14. Januar 1972 III R 88/70, BFHE 104, 497, BStBl II 1972, 427; Beschluß des Bundesgerichtshofs – BGH – vom 13. Juli 1967 I a ZB 1/67, Neue Juristische Wochenschrift – NJW – 1967, 2310)
„Die Unterzeichnung nur mit einer Paraphe lässt nicht erkennen, das es sich um eine endgültige Erklärung des Unterzeichners und nicht etwa nur um einen Entwurf handelt. Es wird zwar nicht die Lesbarkeit der Unterschrift verlangt. Es muss aber ein die Identität des Unterschreibenden ausreichend kennzeichnender individueller Schriftzug sein, der einmalig ist, entsprechende charakteristische Merkmale aufweist und sich als Unterschrift eines Namens darstellt. Es müssen mindestens einzelne Buchstaben zu erkennen sein, weil es sonst an dem Merkmal einer Schrift überhaupt fehlt.“
(BGH-Beschlüsse vom 21. März 1974 VII ZB 2/74, Betriebs-Berater – BB – 1974, 717, Höchstrichterliche Finanzrechtsprechung – HFR – 1974, 354, und vom 27. Oktober 1983 VII ZB 9/83)Message Body DE
An Ben , Kleinebrecht
angeblich… (in diesem Schreiben auch Empfänger genannt)
c/o angeblich EOS SAF Forderungsmanagement GmbH
Eppelheimer Str. 13
69115 Heidelberg
per Fax: xxx / per E-Mail: xxxx/ per Einschreiben ja
Datum : 01. November 2015
Ich nehme Bezug auf Ihr Schreiben vom 24.10.2015 mit der angeblichen (Nr. 165600xxx), welches vorgibt eine Inkasso GmbH zu sein
Hierzu teile ich Ihnen mit, dass ich mich glücklich schätzen würde, Ihren Forderungen nachkommen zu können … wie auch immer, im UCC-Gesetz gibt es einen Anspruch, der nicht widerlegt wurde, woraufhin Ihre Einheit/Ihr Gewerbebetrieb/Ihr Unternehmen sog. EOS SAF Forderungsmanagement (Firma), Eppelheimer Str. 13, 69115 Heidelberg (Adresse), dessen Geschäftsführer/in Sie zu sein behaupten, gepfändet wurde.Ebenso ist die von Ihnen genannte, angeschriebene Firma Telekom( Deutschland ???) GmbH gepfändet und existiert somit nicht mehr.Das bedeutet: Ihr Schreiben ist ungültig und nichtig.Aus diesem Grund sehe ich, solange ich keine Widerlegung von Ihnen erhalten habe, Ihre Aufforderung als ein Versehen / als Angebot an, dass ich hiermit ausdrücklich ablehne.Im Bezug auf die beigelegte Kulanzmitteilung weise ich Sie auf Folgendes hin:
Sie (der Empfänger) werden explizit darauf hingewiesen, dass Sie in Ihrer Arbeit persönlich handeln, Sie haben das Sicherheitsnetz Ihres ehemaligen Unternehmens nicht mehr als Rückendeckung, also sind Sie persönlich haftbar für jede Ihrer Handlungen nach Bürgerlichem Recht, nach öffentlicher Ordnung UCC 1-103 und nach universellem Recht. Siehe dazu WA DC UCC Ref Doc #2012113593Wie verhindern Sie, dass Sie eine Rechnung von mir erhalten nach den Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen der Kulanzmitteilung? Sie treten niemals wieder mit mir in Kontakt, weder telefonisch noch schriftlich. Ihr ehemaliges Arbeitgeber-Unternehmen hat mit mir keinen Vertrag oder kein Darlehen aufgrund der UCC Registrierungen durch OPPT. [Siehe insbesondere WA DC UCC Dok #2012114776, 24. Oktober 2012].Können Sie die genannten Fakten widerlegen, erwarte ich Ihre ausreichend verifizierte Antwort, die den Nachweis erbringt, dass Sie die Legitimation besitzen, die oben angeführten angeblichen Forderungen an mich zu stellen.Alle weiteren Schritte entnehmen Sie den AGB in der beiliegenden Kulanzmitteilung (die englische Courtesy Notice ist die rechtlich bindende, die deutsche lediglich für’s Verständnis).Zum besseren Verstehen der Kulanzmitteilung (Courtesy Notice) und anderer wichtige UCC Dokumente gehen Sie auf http://i-uv.comBitte beachten Sie auch das Apostolische Schreiben (den Papst-Erlass). Inhalt: Alle sog. Angestellten von sog. Gerichten, Regierungen und Banken, Zwangsvollstrecker, Inkassofirmen, IRS, CRA etc. werden vom 01. September 2013 an für Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit verantwortlich gemacht, was die Weigerung einschließt, Konten auszugleichen und werden wegen betrügerischer Forderungen angeklagt.
http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/francesco/apost_letters/index_ge.htmMeine Kulanzmitteilung an Sie ist zu meinem Schutz auf der dafür vorgesehen Webseite veröffentlicht: http://pn.i-uv.comGerne teile ich Ihnen hier auch noch den Link zu den Original OPPT UCC Filings mit (rechtliche Grundlage):
http://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/original-oppt-ucc-filings/Mit voller Achtung von Mensch zu MenschWithout Prejudice UCC 1-308
wolfgang:aus der Familie bzdok
Anhand dieses Gekritzel Ihrer Unterschrift kann man nicht erkennen, wer das Schreiben tatsächlich unterschrieben hat.
„Eine eigenhändige Unterschrift liegt vor, wenn das Schriftstück mit dem vollen Namen unterzeichnet worden ist. Die Abkürzung des Namens – sogenannte Paraphe – anstelle der Unterschrift genügt nicht.“
„Die Unterzeichnung nur mit einer Paraphe lässt nicht erkennen, das es sich um eine endgültige Erklärung des Unterzeichners und nicht etwa nur um einen Entwurf handelt. Es wird zwar nicht die Lesbarkeit der Unterschrift verlangt. Es muss aber ein die Identität des Unterschreibenden ausreichend kennzeichnender individueller Schriftzug sein, der einmalig ist, entsprechende charakteristische Merkmale aufweist und sich als Unterschrift eines Namens darstellt. Es müssen mindestens einzelne Buchstaben zu erkennen sein, weil es sonst an dem Merkmal einer Schrift überhaupt fehlt.“2.
„Jede Schuldeneintreibung durch Dritte ist Betrug“
Sobald sie von irgendeiner Partei weitergegeben wird, verliert diese Partei das Vorrecht auf sie. Denkt daran, all das hier basiert auf Verträgen. Wenn ein Darlehensgeber oder Gläubiger aufgrund meiner Zahlungsunfähigkeit ein Verlustrisiko hätte und dann die Schuld für eine Summe Geldes verkauft, dann ist dieses Risiko weg, denn er hat sein ursprüngliches Interesse am Vertrag “erstattet bekommen“. Wenn man eine Schuld erstattet bekommt, indem man sie an eine dritte Partei verkauft, wie kann man sie dann immer noch einfordern? Genau das passiert beim Schuldeninkasso durch Dritte. Die Partei, mit der du ursprünglich einen Vertrag hattest, hat deine Schuld verkauft und ihren Anspruch darauf aufgegeben. Und nun versucht eine dritte Partei, dich zu zwingen, mit ihr einen Vertrag über eine Schuld einzugehen, ohne jegliche gültige, durchsetzbare Rechtsautorität – außer du machst deine Rechte geltend und bestreitest den Anspruch… Eine Vertragspartei, die ihr Interesse ohne die ausdrückliche Zustimmung ALLER beteiligten Parteien an eine neue Partei verkauft (d.h. ohne deine ausdrückliche Zustimmung), hat keine rechtliche Durchsetzungskraft, außer du erteilst ihr unwissentlich Tacit Procuration (eine stillschweigende Bevollmächtigung), indem du ihre Annahmen NICHT widerlegst und auf ihr Vertragsangebot eingehst….Verein Internationaler Richter & Anwälte…3.
Es fehlt die Genehmigung der Militärkommandantur des Gebietes in dem sie ihren sogenannten Firmensitz habenGermany
EOS SAF Forderungsmanagement Heidelberg
Geschäftsführer Ben , Kleinebrecht

Vorstand der Postbank AG Essen

Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Frank Strauß Rechnung-InvoiceFrankStrauss20150824-ES-CN000038-wb2 Rechnung-InvoiceFrankStrauss-ES-CN000038-wb3 Rechnung-InvoiceFrankStrauss-ES-CN000038-wb4 CN38-FrankStrauss-PB-Essen-d-wb
An Frank, Strauß  angeblich…   (in diesem Schreiben auch Empfänger genannt)
c/o angeblich Vorstand der zwangsvollstreckten Postbank AG
Kruppstr. 2
45128 Essen
per Fax: xxx / per E-Mail: xxxx/ per Einschreiben ja
Datum : 28. Juli 2015
Ich nehme Bezug auf Ihr Schreiben vom ??? (nicht mal das haben sie angegeben) mit der angeblichen Nr./Geschäftzeichen 2697095.
Hierzu teile ich Ihnen mit, dass ich mich glücklich schätzen würde, Ihren Forderungen nachkommen zu können … wie auch immer, im UCC-Gesetz gibt es einen Anspruch, der nicht widerlegt wurde, woraufhin Ihre Einheit/Ihr Gewerbebetrieb/Ihr Unternehmen sog. Deutsche Postbank AG (Firma),  Kruppstr. 2, 45128 (Adresse), dessen Geschäftsführer/in Sie zu sein behaupten, gepfändet wurde.
Ebenso ist die von Ihnen genannte, angeschriebene Firma CommerzFinanz GmbH und Inkasso Goldbach GmbH gepfändet und existiert somit nicht mehr.
Das nicht Vorhandensein einer Unterschrift unter einem Dokument verstößt gegen die Rechtsnorm, dass Entscheidungen, Anordnungen, Willenserklärungen o.ä. zur Erlangung ihrer Rechtswirksamkeit grundsätzlich einer eigenhändigen Namensunterschrift des Ausstellers bedürfen (§ 126 BGB).Verstößt etwas gegen eine Rechtsnorm, ist es nichtig (§§ 125 BGB, 44 VwVfG)! Ein Beschluss, ein Urteil wie auch Verträge jeglicher Art müssen zur Rechtskrafterlangung unterschrieben sein, weil nur die Unterschrift seine Herkunft verbürgt. (§ 129 Rn 8 ff BGH VersR S 6, 442, Karlsr. Fam . RZ 99, 452) Bei einem Verstoß liegt rechtlich nur ein Entwurf (eine Kladde) vor.
Dies gilt selbstverständlich auch für jeden anderen staatlichen Bereich(Behörden,Verwaltungen etc.), welche gern mit Sätzen, wie „Dieses Schriftstück wurde maschinell erstellt und ist ohne Unterschrift gültig“.
Diese Darstellung, die von vielen Menschen einfach so hingenommen wird, gehört wohl zu den größten Rechtsirrtümern in Deutschland.
Das bedeutet: Ihr Schreiben ist ungültig und nichtig.
Aus diesem Grund sehe ich, solange ich keine Widerlegung von Ihnen erhalten habe, Ihre Aufforderung  als ein Versehen an / als Angebot an, dass ich hiermit ausdrücklich ablehne.
Im Bezug auf die beigelegte Kulanzmitteilung  weise ich Sie auf Folgendes hin:
Sie (der Empfänger) werden explizit darauf hingewiesen, dass Sie in Ihrer Arbeit persönlich handeln, Sie haben das Sicherheitsnetz Ihres ehemaligen Unternehmens  nicht mehr als Rückendeckung, also sind Sie persönlich haftbar für jede Ihrer Handlungen nach Bürgerlichem Recht, nach öffentlicher Ordnung UCC 1-103 und nach universellem Recht. Siehe dazu WA DC UCC Ref Doc #2012113593
Wie verhindern Sie, dass Sie eine Rechnung von mir erhalten nach den Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen der Kulanzmitteilung? Sie treten niemals wieder mit mir in Kontakt, weder telefonisch noch schriftlich. Ihr ehemaliges Arbeitgeber-Unternehmen hat mit mir keinen Vertrag oder kein Darlehen aufgrund der UCC Registrierungen durch OPPT. [Siehe insbesondere WA DC UCC Dok #2012114776, 24. Oktober 2012].
Können Sie die genannten Fakten widerlegen, erwarte ich Ihre ausreichend verifizierte Antwort, die den Nachweis erbringt, dass Sie die Legitimation besitzen, die oben angeführten angeblichen Forderungen an mich zu stellen.
Alle weiteren Schritte entnehmen Sie den AGB in der beiliegenden Kulanzmitteilung (die englische Courtesy Notice ist die rechtlich bindende, die deutsche lediglich für’s Verständnis).
Zum besseren Verstehen der Kulanzmitteilung (Courtesy Notice) und anderer wichtige UCC Dokumente gehen Sie auf http://i-uv.com
Bitte beachten Sie auch das Apostolische Schreiben (den Papst-Erlass). Inhalt: Alle sog. Angestellten von sog. Gerichten, Regierungen und Banken, Zwangsvollstrecker, Inkassofirmen, IRS, CRA etc. werden vom 01. September 2013 an für Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit verantwortlich gemacht, was die Weigerung einschließt, Konten auszugleichen und werden wegen betrügerischer Forderungen angeklagt.
Meine Kulanzmitteilung an Sie ist zu meinem Schutz auf der dafür vorgesehen Webseite veröffentlicht: http://pn.i-uv.com
Gerne teile ich Ihnen hier auch noch den Link zu den Original OPPT UCC Filings mit (rechtliche Grundlage):
Mit voller Achtung von Mensch zu Mensch
Without Prejudice UCC 1-308

At Frank, Strauss allegedly … (in this letter also called receiver) c / o the Board allegedly foreclosed Postbank AG Kruppstr. 2 45128 Essen fax: xxx / Email: xxxx / by registered yes Date: July 28, 2015 I refer to your letter dated ??? (not even that you specified) with the alleged no. / business hours 2,697,095th For this purpose, I inform you that I would be lucky to be able to meet your demands … Anyway, in the UCC-law there is a claim that has not been refuted, then your unit / your trade or business / your business known. German Postbank AG (company), Kruppstr. 2, 45128 (address), claiming its managing director / to be in you, was seized. Likewise, you mentioned, you have written company Commerz Financial Inc. and collection Goldbach GmbH is seized and thus no longer exists. The absence of a signature on a document is contrary to the rule of law that decisions, orders, declarations of intent, etc. to obtain legally valid basically a handwritten signature name of the exhibitor require (§ 126 BGB) .Verstößt something of a legal rule, it is null and void (§§ 125 BGB, 44 VwVfG)! A decision, a judgment as well as agreements of any kind must be signed for res judicata obtain because only the signature guarantees its origin. (§ 129 Rn 8 ff BGH VersR S 6, 442, Karlsr. Fam. RZ 99, 452) When an infringement is legally only a draft (a notebook) before. This naturally also applies to any other public sector (government, administrations, etc.), which like with phrases such as “This document was created automatically and is valid without signature”. This view is simply accepted by many people so, is probably one of the biggest errors of law in Germany. This means that your writing is invalid and void. For this reason, I see, as long as I have not received any refutation from you, your invitation as an oversight on / an offer that I explicitly reject herewith. In reference to the attached goodwill message I would point to the following: You (the recipient) to be explicitly pointed out that you are acting in your work in person, you have the safety net of your former company no more than backing, so you are personally responsible for any of your actions under civil law, according to public order UCC 1-103 and by universal law. See WA DC UCC Ref Doc # 2012113593 How do you prevent you will receive an invoice from me by the terms and conditions of the goodwill message? Never reenter in contact with me, either by phone or in writing. Your former employer company has no contract with me or not a loan due to the UCC registrations by OPPT. [See in particular WA DC UCC Doc # 2012114776, October 24, 2012]. Can you refute the mentioned facts, I await your reply adequately verified that provides evidence that you have the legitimacy to represent the above alleged demands on me. All other steps can be found in the Terms and Conditions in the accompanying goodwill message (the English Courtesy Notice is legally binding, the German only for’s understanding). For a better understanding of the goodwill message (Courtesy Notice) and other important documents UCC clicking on http://i-uv.com Please also read the Apostolic Letter (the Pope’s decree). Content: All the so-called staff of so-called courts, governments and banks, forced executors, debt collection agencies, IRS, CRA, etc. are taken by 01 September 2013, responsible for crimes against humanity, which the refusal include, balance accounts, and are fraudulent.. accused claims. http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/francesco/apost_letters/index_ge.htm My message to you is goodwill released to protect me on the intended website: http://pn.i-uv.com I am happy to inform you here also the link to the original OPPT UCC Filings with (legal basis): http://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/original-oppt-ucc-filings/ With full respect from person to person Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 XXXXX

Sehr geehrter Herr Frank Strauß
Ich mache Sie darauf aufmerksam , dass eine zwangsvollstreckte und gepfändete Firma keinen Anspruch an eine andere Partei haben kann.
Ich fordere Sie daher auf diesen Betrug nicht weiter aufrecht zu erhalten und die Kontopfändung aufzuheben.
Wenn Sie dazu keinen Mum haben , dann beauftrage ich Sie mein Einzelgirokonto als Pfändungsschutzkonto zu führen.
„Jede Schuldeneintreibung durch Dritte ist Betrug“
Sobald sie von irgendeiner Partei weitergegeben wird, verliert diese Partei das Vorrecht auf sie. Denkt daran, all das hier basiert auf Verträgen. Wenn ein Darlehensgeber oder Gläubiger aufgrund meiner Zahlungsunfähigkeit ein Verlustrisiko hätte und dann die Schuld für eine Summe Geldes verkauft, dann ist dieses Risiko weg, denn er hat sein ursprüngliches Interesse am Vertrag “erstattet bekommen“. Wenn man eine Schuld erstattet bekommt, indem man sie an eine dritte Partei verkauft, wie kann man sie dann immer noch einfordern? Genau das passiert beim Schuldeninkasso durch Dritte. Die Partei, mit der du ursprünglich einen Vertrag hattest, hat deine Schuld verkauft und ihren Anspruch darauf aufgegeben. Und nun versucht eine dritte Partei, dich zu zwingen, mit ihr einen Vertrag über eine Schuld einzugehen, ohne jegliche gültige, durchsetzbare Rechtsautorität – außer du machst deine Rechte geltend und bestreitest den Anspruch… Eine Vertragspartei, die ihr Interesse ohne die ausdrückliche Zustimmung ALLER beteiligten Parteien an eine neue Partei verkauft (d.h. ohne deine ausdrückliche Zustimmung), hat keine rechtliche Durchsetzungskraft, außer du erteilst ihr unwissentlich Tacit Procuration (eine stillschweigende Bevollmächtigung), indem du ihre Annahmen NICHT widerlegst und auf ihr Vertragsangebot eingehst….Verein Internationaler Richter & Anwälte…
Liebe(r) , Frank Strauß
Ich möchte Sie über folgendes informieren. Denn ich möchte Klarheit schaffen wo vielleicht Unklarheit besteht, oder gar Unwissen. Alle Staaten/“Regierungen“ und alle anderen Firmen, kurz, das gesamte vormalige System wurden 2012 zwangsvollstreckt und spätestens seit dem 2012.12.25 sind alle Menschen befreit. Das heißt unter anderen befreit von allem was das alte System nach und nach um die Menschen gewickelt hatte, hervorheben möchte ich alle Statuten ( Die als Gesetze bekannt waren) und die damit verbundene Juristische Person (Name in GROSSBUCHSTABEN) der Strohmann- von dem uns glauben gemacht wurde, das wir dieser seien.
Sie handeln nun zwar immer noch im Namen der (unter angeblich genannten Firma), doch diese Firma gibt es de jure seit dem 2012.12.25 nicht mehr! Sie handeln als Individuum und das ohne das vorherige Sicherheitsnetz ihrer ehemaligen Firma- VOLL PRIVATHAFTEND. Alle Gesetze=Statuten sind vollstreckt und Sie haben keinerlei Rechte mehr als ein Teil von ICH BIN, einen anderen Teil von ICH BIN zu weisen, etc.
Heute gelten nur noch das UNIVERSAL LAW zu Deutsch
Universelles Gesetz = jegliche Entscheidung aus freiem Willen ist erlaubt, es sei denn, sie greift in die freie Willensentscheidung eines anderen Menschen ein.
Und das COMMON LAW zu Deutsch
Gewohnheitsrecht = Verletze oder töte niemanden, stehle nicht und zerstöre nicht das Eigentum anderer, sei ehrlich in deinen Taten/Verhandlungen/Deals und betrüge nicht, und stifte niemanden zu solchen Taten an.
Ich bin, wie Sie auch und jeder andere heute wieder ein souveränes menschliches Wesen aus Fleisch und Blut und möchte zu einer friedvollen Welt beitragen in der alle Menschen in Harmonie und Gleichwertigkeit leben und gestalten dürfen-eigenverantwortlich in Liebe zum Ganzen! Wir alle sind heute Trustees des PUBLIC TRUST und sind aufgefordert die wahren Werte aufrecht zu erhalten bzw. von den Überlagerungen zu reinigen.
Höchstwahrscheinlich wurden Sie von ihrem EX-CEO (EX-Chef) nicht über diesen gravierenden Wechsel informiert. Doch heute erhalten Sie, und das ist das Anliegen dieses Schreibens, die Informationen, samt meinen Geschäftsbedingungen sollten Sie dennoch vorhaben, auf irgendeine Weise mit mir in Kontakt kommen zu wollen. Ich möchte mit dieser CN in keiner Weise Geld von Ihnen erpressen, ich möchte lediglich das Sie mich in Frieden lassen und zwar ganz. Sie vermeiden an Sie privat, von mir gestellte Rechnungen, wenn Sie auf keine Weise (weder schriftlich, noch telefonisch, noch anderswie) im Rahmen der vollstreckten Firmen mit mir in Kontakt kommen.
Bitte informieren Sie auch ihre Kollegen, da die PRINCIPAL-AGENT-DOCTRINE des UCC hier ankert, das heißt genau: Ich schicke ihnen heute diese Nachricht und sende sie somit an alle die im Auftrage des unter (angeblich oben genannten) Unternehmens (wenn Nebenstellen erwähnt sind, zählt dennoch die Hauptstelle) weiterhin handeln. Denn diese DOCTRINE besagt: Weiß der Chef weiß der Agent und vice versa. Und bitte informieren Sie auch ihre Familie, Freunde und  Bekannten.
Ich möchte mit diesen Informationen Ihnen helfen sich zu schützen, weil Sie möglicherweise alles verlieren können/werden.
Was wir (Trustees) heute tun, trägt zu einem Miteinander bei, in dem wahre Förderung und Wohlstand und Frieden für alle Menschen möglich sein wird.  Im Rahmen dieses  großen Erwachens werden viele erkennen, dass einige Wenige, die ganz oben in der Hierarchie stehen, es ermöglichen, durch private, gewinnorientierte Unternehmen (die teilweise vorgeben, Regierungen zu sein) die Menschheit effektiv zu versklaven, durch Kontrolle der Finanzen, Regierungen, Militär, Rechtssysteme und Vollzugsbehörden, und auch verschiedene Programme und Strategien der Besteuerung, Energieförderung, Nahrungsmittelproduktion, Wassersicherheit, so ziemlich jeden Aspekt unseres Lebens.
Das soll sich ändern und tut es auch und zwar rasant. Vielleicht können Sie das in Ihrem Beruf auch nachvollziehen und die Wahrheit dort auch sehen – vielleicht bekommen Sie nun auch selbst einen ganz neuen Blick auf ihren bisherigen Beruf bzw. fangen an diesen in Frage zu stellen.  Auch SIE sind ein Teil von UNS!
Diese CN (Kulanzmitteilung) wird in jedem Fall zeitnah zu meinem Schutz auf www.pn.i-uv.com veröffentlicht, sowie im Fall gestellte Rechnungen/Mahnungen. Ich halte mir vor, bei Nichtzahlung, anhand gestellter Rechnungen die durch die Geschäftsbedingungen definiert sind, eine UCC Klage einzureichen und Sie ggf. auf die internationale Arrest-List zu setzen https://endlichfreileben.wordpress.com/arrest-list/. (Ich hoffe, dass Sie mich niemals durch ihr Tun, zu einer der letztgenannten Varianten zwingen werden)
Ich schreibe nun hier als souveräner Mensch mit meinen von Natur gegebenen Schöpferrechten und nicht mehr als unwissender, unbeabsichtigter und unwillentlicher Vertreter, der juristischen Person-die einst mit der Geburtsregistrierung (Geburtsurkunde) ein Parallelleben führen konnte.
Das ehemalige System ist mit den Mitteln des Systems annulliert. Alle vergangenen, gegenwärtigen, und zukünftigen Verträge sind NULL und NICHTIG – Es sei denn Sie werden zwischen 2 oder mehr Individuen geschlossen.
Statuten, Kredite, Schulden, Banken, Währungen, Titel, Hierarchien, Autoritäten, sog. Behörden, sog. Regierungen, sog. Gerichte/Polizeien etc., Firmen alles Vollstreckt NULL und NICHTIG.
Hinweis: Die englische Originalversion der Kulanzmitteilung (Courtesy Notice) ist und bleibt die rechtskräftige Version. Die deutsche Version ist für Ihr Verständnis und als Hilfe gedacht- sie können sich diese Version auf der Seite: http://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/oppt-tools/translations-of-courtesy-notice/ herunterladen.
In Wertschätzung für Ihr Sein und Tun
Mit herzlichen Grüßen
I AM, (XXXX) always and all-ways without prejudice (UCC 1-308)

Dear Frank Strauss I draw your attention to the fact that a foreclosed and repossessed company can have no claim to another party. I do not therefore call on this fraud to continue to maintain and cancel the account garnishment. If you do not have to Mum, I hereby authorize you to lead my single checking account as garnishment protection account. “Any debt collection by third parties is fraud” Once it is passed on by any party, that party will lose the privilege to them. Remember, all of this is based on contracts. If a lender or creditor would have a risk of loss due to my inability to pay, and then sell the debt for a sum of money, then this risk is gone, because he has “reimbursed” his original interest in the contract. If you get paid a debt, by selling them to a third party, how can you then demand still? This is what happens when debt collection by third parties. The party with whom you originally had a contract to sell your fault and given up their claim on it. And now a third party to force you tried to take with her a contract for a debt, without any valid and enforceable legal authority – except you do your rights and denies the claim … A Party participating interest without the express consent of all parties sold to a new party (ie without your express consent), has no enforcement power, unless you her erteilst unknowingly Tacit procuration (tacit authorization) by you refute their assumptions do not and comest on their contract offer … .Verein International Judges & Lawyers … Love (r), Frank Strauss I want to inform you of the following. Because I want to provide clarity where perhaps it is doubtful, or even ignorance. All States / “governments” and all the other companies, in short, the whole former system were 2012 foreclosure and at least since the 12.25.2012 all men are freed. This means, among other freed from everything that the old system had gradually wound around the people, I want to highlight all statutes (as laws were known), and the legal person associated (name in capital letters) of Strohmann- of the believe us was taken, we had this. Now acting while still in the name of the (allegedly under mentioned company), but this company there are de jure no longer since 12.25.2012! They act as an individual and without the previous safety net of their former company- FULLY PRIVATE adhesive. All laws are enforced = statutes and you have to have no rights over a portion of I AM, another part of I AM, etc. Today the UNIVERSAL LAW only apply to German Universal Law = any decision freewill is allowed, unless it interferes with the free will of another human being. And the Common Law to German Common Law = injure or kill anybody, not steal and do not destroy the property of others, be honest in your actions / negotiations / deals and do not cheat, and pens to anyone for such deeds. I am, as you well and everyone else today again a sovereign human being of flesh and blood and I want to contribute to a peaceful world in which all people live in harmony and equality and make must-own responsibility in love to the whole! We all are now trustees of the public trust and are encouraged to true values ​​to maintain or clean the overlays. Most likely you have not been informed by her ex-CEO (ex-boss) about this serious change. But today you will get, and that is the concern of this letter, the information, including my terms, you should plan to want to come in any way in contact with me yet. I would in no way extort money from you with this CN, I would simply like you let me in peace and quite. You avoid to you privately, asked me bills, if you (nor by phone nor some other way in writing,) come in any way in connection with the enforced company in contact with me. Please also inform their colleagues, as the principal-agent DOCTRINE of UCC anchored here, that is exactly: I am sending you today this message and thus send them to all the on behalf of the under (supposedly above) company (if extensions mentioned are, nevertheless, counts the main point) continue to act. Because these states DOCTRINE: White the boss knows the Agent and vice versa. And please inform your family, friends and acquaintances. I want with this information will help you to protect yourself, because you might lose everything can / will. What we do (Trustees) today, contributes to coexistence, in the true and promoting prosperity and peace for all people will be possible. As part of this great awakening many will realize that a few who are at the top of the hierarchy, make it possible by private, for-profit companies (some of which pretend to be governments) to enslave humanity effectively, through control of finances, governments , military, judicial systems and law enforcement agencies, and also various programs and taxation, energy production, food production, water security, just about every aspect of our life strategies. That should change, and does it well, and though rapidly. Perhaps you can also understand in your profession and also see the truth there – maybe you now also get yourself a whole new look at their previous job or start this questioning. Also, they are a part of us! These CN (goodwill message) will be published in each case in a timely manner to protect me on www.pn.i-uv.com, and in the case asked invoices / reminders. I hold in front of me, in case of non payment, based progress billings which are defined by the Terms and Conditions, submit a complaint UCC and https://endlichfreileben.wordpress.com/arrest-list/ optionally be set to the international arrest list. (I hope that you will never force my way through their actions, one of the last versions) I am writing here as a sovereign person with my given by nature Creator rights, and no longer as ignorant, accidental and unwillentlicher representative of the legal person-once with the birth registration (birth certificate) could lead a parallel life. The former system has been annulled by the means of the system. All past, present, and future contracts are null and void – Unless you are between 2 or more individuals closed. Statutes, loans, debt, banking, currency, title, hierarchies, authorities, so-called. Authorities, so-called. Governments, so-called. Courts / police etc, all companies enforced null and void. Note: The original English version of the goodwill message (Courtesy Notice) is and will remain the final version. The German version is for your understanding and help as they can gedacht- this version of the page: Download http://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/oppt-tools/translations-of-courtesy-notice/. In appreciation for your being and doing With kind regards I AM, (XXXX) always and all-ways Without Prejudice (UCC 1-308) With love and gratitude


ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice

Registered Business # CIK#: DUNS #: 344474861
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Herr Zierfuß A-0014013
Hans W. Färber

Rechnung Beitragsservice ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio
Frau Ben Rejeb AGB11.11.04
Stefan Wolf 140320131546
Beitr Nr. 101063856 IAMHHH2512
CN 13-0923-04CN-RF-AZ-D-150414-ARD_ZDF
*Rechnung Beitragsservice ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio
Borkenhagen (Vorname weggelassen) 140320131546-2B
Frau Dieser CN-PFS-10071964-GEZ-D
Ulrich Wilhelm AAA191264-BYGEZ
Katrin Vernau ALR-155001_Katrin-Vernau

See also:

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Hoyerswerda

Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Frank Durda kw-CN000053-FrankDurda-Hy-d
Einen Guten Tag Frank Durda,
Hierzu teile ich Ihnen mit, dass ich mich glücklich schätzen würde, Ihren Forderungen nachkommen zu können … wie auch immer, im UCC-Gesetz gibt es einen Anspruch, der nicht widerlegt wurde, woraufhin Ihre Einheit/Ihr Gewerbebetrieb/Ihr Unternehmen sog. Rechtsanwaltskanzlei (Firma), Senftenberger Str. 17, 02977 Hoyerswerda (Adresse), dessen Geschäftsführer/in Sie zu sein behaupten, gepfändet wurde.
Das nicht Vorhandensein einer Unterschrift mit Vor;und Familienname unter einem Dokument verstößt gegen die Rechtsnorm, dass Entscheidungen, Anordnungen, Willenserklärungen o.ä. zur Erlangung ihrer Rechtswirksamkeit grundsätzlich einer eigenhändigen Namensunterschrift des Ausstellers bedürfen (§ 126 BGB).Verstößt etwas gegen eine Rechtsnorm, ist es nichtig (§§ 125 BGB, 44 VwVfG)! Ein Beschluss, ein Urteil wie auch Verträge jeglicher Art müssen zur Rechtskrafterlangung mit Vor;und Familienname unterschrieben sein, weil nur die Unterschrift seine Herkunft verbürgt. (§ 129 Rn 8 ff BGH VersR S 6, 442, Karlsr. Fam . RZ 99, 452) Bei einem Verstoß liegt rechtlich nur ein Entwurf (eine Kladde) vor.
Dies gilt selbstverständlich auch für jeden anderen staatlichen Bereich(Behörden,Verwaltungen etc.), welche gern mit Sätzen, wie „Dieses Schriftstück wurde maschinell erstellt und ist ohne Unterschrift gültig“.
Diese Darstellung, die von vielen Menschen einfach so hingenommen wird, gehört wohl zu den größten Rechtsirrtümern in Deutschland.
Das bedeutet: Ihr Schreiben ist ungültig und nichtig.
Aus diesem Grund sehe ich, solange ich keine Widerlegung von Ihnen erhalten habe, Ihre Aufforderung  als ein Versehen / als Angebot an, dass ich hiermit ausdrücklich ablehne.
Können Sie die genannten Fakten widerlegen, erwarte ich Ihre ausreichend verifizierte Antwort, die den Nachweis erbringt, dass Sie die Legitimation besitzen, die angeführten angeblichen Forderungen an mich zu stellen.
Alle weiteren Schritte entnehmen Sie den AGB in der beiliegenden Kulanzmitteilung (die englische Courtesy Notice ist die rechtlich bindende, die deutsche lediglich für’s Verständnis).
Zum besseren Verstehen der Kulanzmitteilung (Courtesy Notice) und anderer wichtige UCC Dokumente gehen Sie auf http://i-uv.com
Bitte beachten Sie auch das Apostolische Schreiben (den Papst-Erlass). Inhalt: Alle sog. Angestellten von sog. Gerichten, Regierungen und Banken, Zwangsvollstrecker, Inkassofirmen, IRS, CRA etc. werden vom 01. September 2013 an für Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit verantwortlich gemacht, was die Weigerung einschließt, Konten auszugleichen und werden wegen betrügerischer Forderungen angeklagt.
Meine Kulanzmitteilung an Sie ist zu meinem Schutz auf der dafür vorgesehen Webseite veröffentlicht: http://pn.i-uv.com
Gerne teile ich Ihnen hier auch noch den Link zu den Original OPPT UCC Filings mit (rechtliche Grundlage):
Mit voller Achtung von Mensch zu Mensch
Without Prejudice UCC 1-308
karl:aus der Familie wetzko


Jimmy Carter: “Legal Bribery” Prevails

Jimmy Carter: “Legal Bribery” Is Prevailing In The US Political System

Submitted by Andrea Germanos via TheAntiMedia.org,

Former U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter has taken aim at the “erroneous” Supreme Court ruling that “gives legal bribery a chance to prevail.”

Carter made the comments, an apparent reference to the 2010 Citizens United ruling, in an interview Wednesday with the BBC’s “Today” program.

Carter told interviewer John Humphrys that the ruling would have prevented a “relatively unknown farmer” like himself from emerging as a serious candidate. “Now,” he said, “there’s a massive infusion of hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns for all the candidates.”

“Some candidates like [Donald] Trump can put in his own money but others have to be able to raise, I’d say, a hundred to two hundred million dollars just to get the Democratic or Republican nomination. That’s the biggest change in America,” he said, and one for the worse, adding that “the erroneous ruling of the Supreme Court where millionaires, billionaires can put in unlimited amounts of money directly into the campaign.”

“In a way,” Carter said, “it gives legal bribery a chance to prevail because almost all the candidates, whether they are honest or not, and whether they are Democratic or Republican, depend on these massive infusions of money from very rich people in order to have money to campaign.”

Carter contrasted today’s elections from when he was running for office, saying, “In those days when I ran against Gerald Ford, who was incumbent president, or later Ronald Reagan, who challenged me, we didn’t raise a single penny to finance our campaign to run against each other. We just used the $1 per person checkoff that every taxpayer indicates at the end of his or her income tax return. But nowadays, you have to have many hundreds of millions of dollars to prevail.”

Humphrys said that another change that seems to have occurred over the decades is that “many members of the middle class and working class, white people, have been disaffected form the political process” — something that Carter attributed to the fact that “they have, in effect, been cheated out of a proper opportunity to improve their lot in life” because “rich people finance the campaigns,” and “then when candidates get in office they do what the rich people want.”

Carter’s comments to BBC are similar to ones he made in September 2015, when he talked to Oprah Winfrey about the influence of money on elections, saying, “We’ve become, now, an oligarchy instead of a democracy.”

They also echo ones he made in 2012 when he denounced the “financial corruption” of elections and referred to “that stupid ruling” by the Supreme Court. “We have one of the worst election processes in the world right in the United States of America, and it’s almost entirely because of the excessive influx of money,” he said at the time.

Carter’s interview on BBC also covered the eradication campaign his foundation, the Carter Center, has been waging against guinea worm, a parasitic infection.

Carter, who’s 91 and has been undergoing treatment for cancer, said his hope is that he “can outlive the last guinea worm.”

Dun & Bradstreet -Telstra & ATO

Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Gareth Jones Gareth Jones-CN-DNB-GJ (5mb) Gareth Jones DnB 07.05.15 Incls:
*Affidavit from ATO Officer Antony Wallace
*Top 10 Facts about ATO
*Court Evidence ATO is not a Legal Entity
*Extract – Letter from TaxPayers to ATO in March 2011
* Request for PII details “Acting In Commerce



CEO – Gareth Jones. 

Dun and Bradstreet – Operating in Treason, Fraud and Slavery. 

This parasite in our community ‘alleges’ to have rights and jurisdiction over YOU.   FALSE.
How does it think it acquired that?
It broke the Law and is using you as a debt slave to generate a profit for itself.
It is wholly false in it’s presumption that you are willingly embroiled in it’s debt slavery game.
Rather, you are engaged in it’s debt slavery game under duress, since any attempt to create a people owned currency, as opposed to the current PRIVATELY owned currency, does result in assassination.  Just refer to the history of JFK or Abraham Lincoln.
And if one needs access to community resources that have fallen into corporate hands they must agree to contracts under duress to access such resources.  These contracts have nasty parasites lurking in them like Dun and Bradstreet.
Which Maxim of Law does Dun and Bradstreet break to carve out it’s filthy existence from the cobbled slave streets of old London:
1.Doctrine of Privity
A valid contract (if one exists) is a private relationship between the parties who make it, and no other person can acquire rights or incur liabilities under it.
2. Scope of Doctrine. The Doctrine of Privity has two aspects.
a. No one can acquire rights under a contract to which he is not a party.
b. No one can incur liabilities under a contract to which he is not a party. 
CONTRACT LAW is one of the most clear cut and unambiguous LAWS that there is.  In many cases the LAW and more specifically CONTRACT LAW  insisted upon to be written, that even a lay man, would and could understand it.  Thus it is a very solid foundation of LAW.
Let’s see, who is the current nut case occupying the position of CEO for Dun and Bradstreet and inevitably earning far too much money for committing acts of treason, fraud and slavery in community. That would be Gareth Jones.
So today 17.8.15, Dun and Bradstreet entered my life after Telstra SOLD my account to them, like I am it’s peasant slave and it can just do that.  So what might Dun and Bradstreet think it has right to do to my life.   Well let’s take a look below.  The list of HARM and INJURY, is impressive despite a long track record of a weekly payments with Telstra.  Ho Hum Telstra, you are the subject of many other posts of your fraudulent contracts that allegedly grant Dun and Bradstreet access to enter my life.   How irresponsible are you, and how willing to engage in breaking the law for your fake, fraudulent status as a private corporation with private profits, shareholder dividends and grossly overpaid CEO.   Telstra was a community resource.  It is gross fraud to allege to be able to sell it back tot he people who already owned it.
So let’s see what costs Dun and Bradstreet have racked up today, 17.8.15 attempting to extort business out of me WITHOUT MY CONSENT.
1) A phone call from 08 8010 7000 at 12.25pm AWST, attempting to create joynder to the legal fiction thus deeming me a slave: $1 000 000
2) A txt message at 1.10pm AWST alleging to have very important business to discuss with me: $1 000 000
3) An email delivered to my inbox at 12.59pm AWST telling me:
a)  my services had been suspended, which they hadn’t.
b) demanding full payment from me, despite multiple communications recorded into Telstra between myself
and the entity I agreed to do business with, i.e. Telstra.
c) despite a weekly payment plan in place and consistently followed
d) threat of late fees and disconnection fees
e) threats to remove my number altogether
f) threats that Telstra will take further action
Fee for issuing threats to harm:  $5 000 000 
And follows is the ludicrous privacy statement of this psychopathic pirate in our community. 
But first, 
4) I have no recollection of giving my Power of Attorney to this parasite, thus rendering me to be it’s 
slave and thus free to be treated in the above manner.   And yet it seems to be in possession of my 
Power of Attorney.  How did that occur?  Through slight of hand and zero transparency, thus deeming this deceptive contract with Telstra null and void.  $1 000 000  
5) If D & B’s existence and alleged authorities were buried in my agreement with Telstra then it has acted in FRAUD, 
and has colluded with Telstra with intent to deceive and to harvest not only data about me, but profit from me, 
whilst granting itself the right to harm me. 
This is blatant slavery.  $5 000 000

Privacy Statement  – Sections in RED, highlight corporate psychopathic slave mentality of alleged power, that has merely been stolen. 

Dun & Bradstreet (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 006 399 677 (D&B) has collected personal information about the individual to whom this letter has been addressed (You) from the organisation named on the other side of this letter who has instructed us to contact You (Our Client).

= Harvesting data without consent:  $2 000 000

D&B collects personal information about You for the purpose of carrying out debt collection activities, including instituting legal proceedings on behalf of Our Client. If some, or all, of your personal information is not collected by D&B, D&B may be unable to assist with resolving this matter and enforcement action may be escalated by Our Client. 

= Threat to harm based on a private legal system of treason, fraud and slavery    $5 000 000

Your personal information will be stored for the purpose of data matching and future debt collection activities. D&B will also collect, hold and use personal information for planning and research purposes, but for these purposes it uses and produces aggregate or de-identified data.

Use of my personal details without transparent, wet signature agreement 
= theft and slavery.  $2 000 000

D&B will usually disclose personal information about You to our Client, Courts, Tribunals and organisations D&B instructs to do things on its behalf (such as process servers, mailing houses and lawyers). 

= Delusional perception of ownership and rights over an individual.  = slavery. $5 000 000

Dun & Bradstreet (New Zealand) Ltd is a related company that does things on behalf of D&B. New Zealand has similar privacy laws to Australia. Information about debtors is never sent outside Australia and New Zealand. D&B does not use call centres on other countries for collection purposes.

Generally, D&B will allow You to access information D&B holds about You by contacting D&B on telephone number 132 333. D&B will aim to provide access to such information within a reasonable period after the request is made. Where permitted by law, D&B may charge you a fee in certain circumstances.

Alleging to hold superior claim over personal details than the individual and extorting funds for access to details.  $2 000 000

Sometimes D&B will refuse to give you access to information (e.g. you have not verified your identity). If it does it will provide you with the reason for its decision.

For more information about how you can access your personal information held by D&B, how you can seek the correction of such information, and D&B’s complaints handling procedure, view our Privacy Policy at www.dnb.com.au.

6) So in light of that, let me be 100% clear to D&B.   
a) I have no wet ink signed contract to do business with you. 
b) You have zero Power of Attorney in any matters related to me and are commanded to exit my environment immediately and ‘unrecorded’ any data you believe you have the privilege to hold. 
c) You may not harm me in any way without the fees here, actioned against you. 
d) You are wholly fraudulent in our communities and exist by breaking the Law. 
e) Refer to the other published matter referencing your conduct with a focus on Telstra behaviour. 
f) All data is published on the net for community education so that others may not be held to account for your FRAUD. 
Total Pending:  $29 000 000

Australian Govt To Steal Trillions in Super


What follows is the most important research I’ve published in my whole career.

If you have money in super — and want to ensure it STAYS your money — it could be the most important research you ever come across.

I warn you: some of the evidence you’ll see here — extracted from obscure ‘Consultation Papers’ and buried Treasury Reports — will shock you and probably anger you.

You won’t believe it.

You’ll think we’ve made these documents up.

We haven’t.

The government is coming for you super.

You need to see this evidence for yourself and make your own decision.

And, if you even just half agree with its conclusions, share it with everyone you care about.

Then, think about enacting some of the protection measures that are covered in the second half of this report.

To discover The Genesis 47 Plan now, click here.

Kris Sayce signature
Kris Sayce
Publisher, The Daily Reckoning

Dear Reader,

Well, our Genesis 47 Plan report has caused a bit of a kerfuffle already.

I’ll properly scan my email inbox when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

But I’ve already read an email from a reader who called my predictions for a super wealth grab ‘garbage.’

He then asked his local MP about it, who promptly told him my prediction is ‘gibberish’ like some ‘Dan Brown novel.’

Well, it’s highly unlikely a Member of Parliament would say ‘You know what? He’s right. That $2 trillion in super isn’t actually yours, it’s Australia’s. Australia is a financial wreck. And that money is going to help us out a LOT. Sorry.’

Look, I haven’t produced this report to rile you up and deliberately provoke.

I’ve put it out to at least get you thinking about scenarios and possibilities the mainstream media is ignoring. If you still think the scenario of superannuation confiscation by the government is absurd after reviewing all the evidence laid out here, fine. I’ve still fulfilled my responsibilities as the only financial publisher in Australia who can freely explore these ideas.

If our questioning of the sanctity of Australia’s super system so outrages you that you wish to re-evaluate your subscriptions with us, that’s fine too. I’m willing to take a financial hit here on a matter of principal. What I see coming is too important to your future wealth to stay quiet about…even if it results in losing customers.

It couldn’t happen here syndrome

I would wager there were a good many Americans who once thought the spectacularly unpopular Wall Street bailouts ‘couldn’t possibly happen here.’

When told after the bailouts that, seven years on, the main culprits behind the crash would still be in business and making a killing, Americans would have also said: ‘Hell no! Not here. This is America. Land of the just!’

You saw what happened in Cyprus — basically the seizure of all bank assets over €100,000.

‘No way could that happen!’ Most Cypriots would have scoffed if you floated this idea.

‘I wake up one day and my business is bust because our savings has been electronically transferred to the government overnight? Whatever! What have you been smoking?’

What this report sets out to show you is that it CAN happen here.

In fact, I am convinced it WILL happen here.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do. If it doesn’t convince you that a concerted plan to steal at least a portion of your super savings is underway, I suspect nothing will.

If this report does convince you — or reinforce your convictions — then take action now.

First, spread to word.

The more like-minded Australians who are aware of — and are vocal about — this plan, the harder it will be for the government to execute it.

Second, put some measures in place to protect yourself. These are also covered in this report. If you’re pushed for time, scroll down to the Exodus Initiative section (which contains some practical things you can do) at the end.

Click here to read.


Kris Sayce signature
Kris Sayce
Publisher, The Daily Reckoning


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Billionaire: Why Are People Angry?

Billionaire Blackstone CEO Trolls American Public – Doesn’t Get Why People Are Angry

Submitted by Tyler Durden

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

DAVOS MAN: “A soulless man, technocratic, nationless and cultureless, severed from reality. The modern economics that undergirded Davos capitalism is equally soulless, a managerial capitalism that reduces economics to mathematics and separates it from human action and human creativity.”

– From the post: “For the Sake of Capitalism, Pepper Spray Davos”

I’ve written several posts examining the dangerous cluelessness inherent throughout the ranks of the oligarch class over the past several years. One of my earliest and most viral pieces was published two years ago and titled, An Open Letter to Sam Zell: Why Your Statements are Delusional and DangerousThat article was a response to the billionaire’s appearance of CNBC during which he instructed the less financially fortunate to “emulate the 1%,” as if their destitution was a result of personal shortcomings as opposed to egregious structural flaws inherent in the rigged, crony, oligarch-controlled Banana Republic economy billionaires such as himself helped mold. Here’s an excerpt:

Individuals, social classes, even cultures and nation-states develop storylines and so-called “myths” about themselves and how they fit into the bigger picture of current events and human history. We all see ourselves and whatever group(s) with which we identify within a particular social, political and economic context. This is obvious, yet it is much more difficult to look at your owns myths and question them. It is far easier to look at other groups’ myths and heap criticism on them. That is basically all you do.

You think everyone that has issues with you oligarchs and how the 0.01% is destroying our economy and society is simply envious because you assume they think like you do. Certainly, if you were poor you would be envious of the the rich. You’ve made that clear. However, that is not the primary motivation of the anger and resentment swelling up from the underclasses.

Your misdiagnosis of the root cause of the current dissent in America is a result of your obliviousness to the actual concerns of the 99%. A group about which you speak with such certainty, yet certainly know almost nothing about. In fact, my website is dedicated to highlighting all of the destructive trends happening in this nation today. From record high food stamp participation, to declining real wages and the reality that young people need to take on so much debt they become indentured serfs from the moment they enter the workforce. From a loss of 4th Amendment rights due to illegal NSA spying, to the militarization of the police force. From oligarch immunity from serious financial crimes that average citizens would be thrown in jail for life for, to trillion dollar bailouts with zero strings attached for the financial community. From the over-prosecution of some of our bravest citizens such as Aaron SwartzBarrett Brown and Private Manning to a fraudulent two-party sham political system entirely controlled by your socio-economic class.

In that article, I outlined many of the reasons people are angry and why they should be angry. In fact, I’ve published hundreds of articles every year since early 2012 detailing exactly why the country is in such dire straights. It’s not just me of course, tens of thousands of people across the globe have been doing it for far longer and to much larger audiences. The reason billionaires are incapable of comprehending what’s going on is because doing so would contradict the life-stories they tell themselves about themselves. Make no mistake about it, billionaires think of themselves as truly exceptional people. Privately, they likely muse that their mere presence on earth is nothing short of a glorious gift to humanity from the heavens. These people are deluded, secluded and emotionally stunted in more ways than you could possibly imagine. They have zero capacity for self-reflection.

In our modern world, our culture has become convinced that extreme wealth and power are something to admire, when history shows us time and time again that “the people” must always remain vigilant against the centralization of precisely those two things. Naturally, the people who are centralizing the wealth and power for themselves don’t see the problem with wealth and power centralization. Neither does much of the fawning, inept, and soulless media.

The latest example of oligarch disconnectedness comes, quite appropriately, from Davos. So here’s the quote from Steven Schwartzman, billionaire CEO of private equity giant Blackstone:

“I find the whole thing astonishing and what’s remarkable is the amount of anger whether it’s on the Republican side or the Democratic side,” the Wall Street mogul said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “Bernie Sanders, to me, is almost more stunning than some of what’s going on in the Republican side. How is that happening, why is that happening?”

Forbes goes on to accurately note that:

America is the richest and most unequal nation in the world — at least when you look at the wealth in 55 of the more conventionally developed countries. Median income has largely fallen behind economic growth as corporations continue to retain a bigger share of the benefits, turning into a reverse of what is usually claimed as the danger of income redistribution.

But whether there are long term changes coming or not of their own accord is immaterial in this case. People in the U.S. don’t tend to think that way. What many perceive now is a basic economic unfairness. They work hard, play by the rules as they’ve learned them, and keep getting further behind. The debt funding for college and large purchases seems to be never ending for large portions of the populace, which cements in a sense of unending inequality.

In a way, Bernie Sanders and the Tea Party are different expressions of the same phenomenon. People disagree over the causes and the proper fixes, but they can find common ground in the sense that things are wrong, that power and wealth are too concentrated, and that most of the country will be left holding the bag when things blow up. That the biggest banks got bailed out of an economic downturn largely of their own creation while the promised help for homeowners largely never materialized didn’t help.

Of course people are angry. It’s one thing to face problems but another to face incompetent greed and manipulation. Unless people climb out of their ivory towers and recognize what is happening on the ground, there will be pain and suffering for all to pay. It’s happened time and again in the past. What makes anyone think that our age is somehow immune?

David Sirota at the International Business Times adds:

On the eve of the conference, the nonprofit group Oxfam released a report showing that the richest 62 people on the planet now own more wealth than half the world’s population. In the United States, recent data from Pew Research shows the average American’s median household worth has stagnated, as the median household worth of upper-class Americans increased 7 percent. Schwarzman, though, expressed surprise that people are enraged.

Yes, you read that right. 62 people own more than 3.5 billion of the earth’s inhabitants. Nothing to see here, move along serfs.

Of course, as I’ve maintained time and time again, this sort of aggregation of wealth only happens in rigged economies. It’s as if the entire Western world has become that Third World oil dictatorship where three guys have billions while the rest of the population eats dirt. I’m sure those dictators also see wonderful, admirable people when they fawn over themselves in the mirror, just as Steven Schwartzman undoubtably does.

Which brings me to my final point: Blackstone. It’s not like Steven Schwartzman is Steve Jobs or Henry Ford, revolutionary entrepreneurs who made their fortunes changing the world and bringing innovative products to people. In fact, you could very easily make the argument that Schwartzman has made much of his fortune by bringing misery to people, or if we want to be generous, hyper rent-seeking from the destruction of the American middle class. Need some proof? Check out the following:

Leaked Documents Show How Blackstone Fleeces Taxpayers via Public Pension Funds

A Closer Look at the Decrepit World of Wall Street Rental Homes

America Meet Your New Slumlord: Wall Street

Winner Of The Democrat Debate Is…

Judging from the unbiased mainstream liberal media, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic debate last night thanks to her “formidable” performance “combined with her intelligence.” The puke-worthy gushfest from Slate.com can de read here, but is summarized best as follows:

The National Journal is a little more “balanced” -

And here’s the critical moment – in our opinion…

“The first difference is I don’t take money from big banks. I don’t get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs,” Sanders said.

Clinton and Sanders then tussled at length over Wall Street regulations.

“Goldman Sachs [was] recently fined $5 billion,” he said. “Goldman Sachs has given this country two secretaries of Treasury — one on the Republicans, one on the Democrats.”

He continued by addressing Clinton directly: “You’ve received over $600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in one year. I find it very strange that a major financial institution that pays $5 billion in fines for breaking the laws, not one of their executives is prosecuted while kids who smoke marijuana get a jail sentence.”

Which makes us wonder how the mainstream continues to suckle at the Clinton teet, when this data is exposed…

As we recentlty reported Hillary is now doing worse than in 2008 which explains the unbiased media’s desperation to talk up her debate performance.

The Fed Responds To Zero Hedge

The Fed Responds To Zero Hedge: Here Are Some Follow Up Questions


Over the weekend, we gave the Dallas Fed a chance to respond to a Zero Hedge story corroborated by at least two independent sources, in which we reported that Federal Reserve members had met with bank lenders with distressed loan exposure to the US oil and gas sector and, after parsing through the complete bank books, had advised banks to i) not urge creditor counterparties into default, ii) urge asset sales instead, and iii) ultimately suspend mark to market in various instances.

Moments ago the Dallas Fed, whose president since September 2015 is Robert Steven Kaplan, a former Goldman Sachs career banker who after 22 years at the bank rose to the rank of vice chairman of its investment bank group – an odd background for a regional Fed president – took the time away from its holiday schedule to respond to Zero Hedge.

This is what it said.

We thank the Dallas Fad for their prompt attention to this important matter. After all, as one of our sources commented, “If revolvers are not being marked anymore, then it’s basically early days of subprime when mbs payback schedules started to fall behind.” Surely there is nothing that can grab the public’s attention more than a rerun of the mortgage crisis, especially if confirmed by the highest institution.

As such we understand the Dallas Fed’s desire to avoid a public reaction and preserve semantic neutrality by refuting “such guidance.”

That said, we fully stand by our story, and now that we have engaged the Dallas Fed we would like to ask several very important follow up questions, to probe deeper into a matter that is of significant public interest as well as to clear up any potential confusion as to just what “guidance” the Fed is referring to.

  • Has the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve System, met with U.S. bank and other lender management teams in recent weeks/months and if so what was the purpose of such meetings?
  • Has the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve System, requested that banks and other lenders present their internal energy loan books and loan marks for Fed inspection in recent weeks/months?
  • Has the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve System, discussed options facing financial lenders, and other creditors, who have distressed credit exposure including but not limited to:
    • avoiding defaults on distressed debtor counterparties?
    • encouraging asset sales for distressed debtor counterparties?
    • advising banks to avoid the proper marking of loan exposure to market?
    • advising banks to mark loan exposure to a model framework, one created either by the creditors themselves or one presented by members of the Federal Reserve network?
    • avoiding the presentation of public filings with loan exposure marked to market values of counterparty debt?
  • Was the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve System, consulted before the January 15, 2016 Citigroup Q4 earnings call during which the bank refused to disclose to the public the full extent of its reserves related to its oil and gas loan exposure, as quoted from CFO John Gerspach:
    “while we are taking what we believe to be the appropriate reserves for that, I’m just not prepared to give you a specific number right now as far as the amount of reserves that we have on that particular book of business. That’s just not something that we’ve traditionally done in the past.”
  • Furthermore, if the Dallas Fed, or any other members and individuals of the Federal Reserve system, were not consulted when Citigroup made the decision to withhold such relevant information on potential energy loan losses, does the Federal Reserve System believe that Citigroup is in compliance with its public disclosure requirements by withholding such information from its shareholders and the public?
  • If the Dallas Fed does not issue “such” guidance to banks, then what precisely guidance does the Dallas Fed issue to banks?

Since the Fed is an entity tasked with serving the public, and since it took the opportunity to reply in broad terms to our previous article, we are confident that Mr. Kaplan and his subordinates will promptly address these follow up concerns.

Finally, in light of this official refutation by the Dallas Fed, we are confident that disclosing the Fed’s internal meeting schedules is something the Fed will not object to, and we hereby request that Mr. Kaplan disclose all of his personal meetings with members of the U.S. and international financial system since coming to office, both through this article, and through a FOIA request we are submitting concurrently.

Aussie Speeding Fines Jan 2016

- Intro

- Proof in the media that more people are fighting their fines

- The truth about speed cameras

The Police are starting to speak up against speed cameras

- Troubling news for Victorian motorists

 - Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards


- Intro

We trust that you all enjoyed some kind of a break over the Christmas/New Year period and managed to spend some quality time with family and friends. We are super excited about what 2016 holds for our Members and, as you will see from the articles below, the year has already kicked off with some great results.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the current system of purported “road safety” is simply about revenue raising and, as you will read soon, more motorists than ever before are choosing to fight back against the current corrupt and ineffective system, which is great news.

We genuinely believe that we are at a serious tipping point – on one hand, the governments and their goons are going to extraordinary lengths to try and extract every last dollar that they can from people and finding new ways to fine motorists and collect those fines. But, on the other hand, as we noted above, more people than ever before are fighting back and “the system” is really starting to feel the consequences of that.

As we have said many times before, it is simply a numbers game – there are many times more of “us” than there are of “them” and, as soon as we all starting fighting backcollectively, we will bring the system to its knees. We look forward to playing our role in ensuring that 2016 is the year that happens.

So, to find out what great  successes have already been achieved at this early point in the year – as well as examining some of the issues that we still face – be sure to read on and help us spread the word by passing this e-mail around to everyone you know.

And, don’t forget to check out our closing Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards section to find other ways that you can help get the message out to fellow motorists and make this our most successful year ever.

Proof in the media that more people are fighting their fines

As we noted in our Intro, more people than ever before are fighting back against unjust and unlawful fines. In fact, so many people are now doing so that even the mainstream media is reporting on it, as you can see in this article – http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-victorian-drivers-taking-parking-and-traffic-fines-to-court/news-story/bb34deda5b00e8f3caf800396dadcba5

As the article states, more and more motorists, each and every year, are choosing to fight their fines and, last year, that number was almost 73,000, which is fantastic news. The problem is that Victoria Police issued 2.9 million traffic infringements and there were a further 1.68 million parking tickets issued so why did only 73,000 motorists challenge their fines when over 4.5 million fines were issued???

Those figures mean that only 1.5% of people who received a fine actually challenged it in court – that is simply not good enough! We believe that figure should be as close to 100% as possible – now, realistically, that is never going to happen but let’s at least start by aiming for double figures and see what kind of an impact that has on the system!

Be sure to refer to the story in our last official e-mail update of 2015 that details how the NSW government is spending $20 million to try and cut the backlog in their court system - http://www.skynews.com.au/news/politics/state/2015/12/06/-20m-package-to-cut-nsw-court-backlog.html - which is, at least in part, a result of so many people challenging their fines and helping to fill up the courts. Just imagine the impact we could make if 10%, 20% or if 50% of people challenged their fines!!!

Remember, our e-book – “Speeding Fines What You REALLY Need to Know” – teaches you everything you need to know to successfully challenge your fines, from the moment you receive a fine in the mail or get pulled over, right through to taking a matter to court and beating it there. The book is laid out in a very simple, easy to follow, step-by-step format that thousands of motorists have been using now – since 2007, when we started – to beat their fines.

We would urge you to spend some time reading through our five full pages of Testimonials - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Testimonials.html - to see for yourself just how many people have successfully used our information. Then, if you haven’t yet done so, be sure to join up as an E-Book Member -http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/E%252dBook-Membership.html - and grab your own copy of our licence-saving e-book, in either digital format or hard copy.

And remember, as an E-Book Member, you are not only getting the information in our book, you are also getting almost 30 pre-written letters that you can use to respond to any fine you receive and you get 24/7 e-mail support from our team as well, to assist you with any questions you may have along the way. There is a small one-off fee to become an E-Book Member and, once you are, you get regular e-mail updates and e-mail support completely free for life!

So, join up now, encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to do so as well so that, at the end of this year, the media is reporting a massive spike in the number of people that are challenging their fines and we start hearing more stories about the issues that “the system’ is facing as a result.

- The truth about speed cameras

We have had a page up on our website for many years now that has information on why speed and red light cameras should be removed from service and we even have a petition that you can sign to help achieve that outcome - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Petition-To-Remove-Cameras.html

We have recently received a few more articles, which we intend to upload to that page, that provide even further information on the problems with speed cameras. The first is a great article that asks the very powerful question, “Are speed cameras killing us?” - http://www.caradvice.com.au/332771/are-speed-cameras-killing-us-the-stats-say-yes/?plista

This article clearly silences the government propaganda that “Speed Kills” or that “Speed Cameras Save Lives” – as we’re constantly told – and, although the article is a year old, the increase in the road toll in Victoria occurred again last year, as this article details - http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-01/victorian-road-toll-increases-in-2015-to-257-killed/7063538

So, despite more cameras being installed across Victoria, and more fines being issued in Victoria each year, the road toll has continued to increase over the past 2 years! The road toll is also currently up in NSW and we are just awaiting figures from other States as we write but don’t believe that any State has seen any significant reduction in the road toll last year. So, why does the government continue using speed cameras if they have been proven not to“save lives”? Because they make a hell of a lot of money. As the “Are Speed Cameras Killing Us? article” states, revenue from speed cameras alone, just in Victoria, is almost $300 million!!! If you were in government and raking in that much money, would you remove them? Of course not!

So, as we have said a million times before, the only way to put an end to this madness and have these cameras removed is by getting everyone to challenge every fine they get. Then, the government will be faced with the fact that speed cameras are making little or no money and the road toll is continuing to increase and then, they will have to take notice of the strategies and ideas that we have detailed on our Vision for the Future page - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Vision-for-the-Future.html

The closing lines of the “Are Speed Cameras Killing Us?” article perfectly mirrors what we have had on our Vision for the Future page for over 8 years now – let’s focus on improving driver training and education, removing drunk and drug affected drivers from our roads and let’s stop focussing on “speeding” and, instead, concentrate on the factors that truly affect “road safety”.

We received another great article that, once again, proves that speed cameras are all about revenue raising. The opening line of this article - http://www.vice.com/read/the-shady-municipal-business-of-traffic-cams - details a fact that many of us can relate to (depending on your age). For many years we drove very happily and very safely without ever receiving a fine but, since the introduction of the insidious speed camera program, many drivers have received numerous fines, especially over the past 5 years or so.

Be sure to take note of some key statements throughout that article, such as the reference to an 800% increase in accidents when cameras were installed in a town in California or how simply lengthening the time an intersection’s light remains red can improve safety at zero cost and without the need for red light cameras.

The point that should excite all Aussie motorists is the fact that the city councils in Los Angeles and Houston have voted overwhelmingly to shut the speed and red light camera programs because they have proven that the cameras simply don’t work and, since they are no longer making money for those councils, there’s absolutely no point keeping them. We need to ensure that our cameras, right here in Australia, also stop making money – by people challenging their fines rather than blindly “paying up” – and that is how we will have them removed here too.

The Police are starting to speak up against speed cameras

In our earlier Proof in the media that more people are fighting their fines section, we detailed the fact that the mainstream media is now reporting on the fact that more and more people are choosing to challenge their fines and that is great news. Even better news is the fact that ex-police officers are now starting to speak up about what a complete scam the current system of “speed detection” aka “revenue raising” really is.

There was a great article posted right at the start of this year called “The Speed Camera Swindle” and you can read it here - http://revenueraiserresistance.com/camera-swindle/ This article was written by an ex-police officer, who was certified as a Class 1 Advanced (Police) Driver so we dare say that he is pretty well qualified to comment on this subject.

He starts by explaining that, quite obviously, overt cameras are going to cause people to slow down, yet covert speed detection practices – whereby you are simply sent a fine in the mail a few weeks after the fact – cannot possibly cause people to slow down or save anyone’s life. This fact was highlighted in the “Are Speed Cameras killing Us?” article in our previous section.

He goes on to say that despite the use of covert cameras increasing, the standard of driving has decreased because covert cameras clearly do nothing to modify driver’s behaviour at the time that they are actually driving. He goes onto to mirror what we have said for years, that it is focus and attention that are the keys to true road safety.

He also talks about the fact that speeds limits are set too low – ie. arbitrarily set and then artificially lowered in order to “catch” more motorists. This lowering of limits causes frustration and anger and that is yet another factor in accidents. So, the reality is that governments are actually causing the very accidents that they preach they are trying to stop!

As he correctly states, we need to be focused on driving safely not on driving below some arbitrarily set speed limit, just so we don’t get a fine! He also makes another point that we have made many times over the past 8 years, regarding the Government “budgeting” an amount of revenue from speed cameras, despite them telling us that they are an effective deterrent and cause people to slow down. He points out that the WA government has “budgeted” for income of almost $98 million from cameras this year but surely, if camera truly worked they way the government claims they do then they should be budgeting zero income!

His closing lines, about covert cameras having little effect on road safety, the fact that cameras exist purely to raise revenue and the on-going brainwashing of cizitizens really does say a lot,especially coming from an ex-police officer with his training and experience.

Thankfully, he is not the only police officer saying these kinds of things. We received a fairly strongly worded e-mail this week from Owen Godfrey – another ex-police officer, who heads up the No Speed Cameras party in SA – www.nospeedcamerasparty.com His e-mail was in response to some so-called “statistics” that were released in regards to the road toll in South Australia and we have included a copy of that e-mail for you below:

Michael Cornish from the MAC needs to check his maths.

For the 2015 road toll statistics I counted 4 drivers between 16 and 24 years involved in fatalities in the metro area and 10 in the country.

To me that’s 14% NOT 18% that is statistically relevant for the 12% of people in this age range considering that many of the youngest people are not yet driving.

It is also interesting to note that a 10 year study by two academics at Monash University concluded that there was absolutely no correlation between the use of mobile phones and accidents.

Of course dialling a number or texting is not only unsafe but also irresponsible so maybe the nanny state can just back off a little.

The current system of education by prosecution is NOT working, it never has and it never will.

The only outcome is that it rips off more illegitimate money from a fine-weary public for no benefit to the road toll.

Everybody who has bothered to study the facts realise that the reduction to the road toll in the last 20 years has been due to factors other than speed cameras and laser guns.

This disgusting Government insults our Police with disgusting changes to their worker compensation rights and then expects them to be their illegitimate tax collectors whilst sullying their integrity.

He raises some very important points – such as reminding people, once again, that proper driver training and education is key to reducing the road toll and the fact that the current speed detection program and subsequent fining and punishing of drivers simply isn’t working.

Again, it’s important to remember that this is coming from an ex-police officer who used to issue fines to people himself but he only did so if they were driving dangerously, not just for exceeding some recently reduced speed limit by a few km/h.

- Troubling news for Victorian motorists

Sadly, it’s not all good news this week though. We just came across this article - http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/drivers-warned-as-new-speed-cameras-roll-out-across-victoria-20160108-gm2dkw.html - which details the fact that 17 new cameras are soon to be rolled out across Victoria.

So, despite everything that we have covered in this e-mail up til now, despite all the statistics, facts and professional opinions that say that cameras do not work in reducing the road toll, the Victorian government has decided to ignore all of that and introduce even more new cameras this year.

The article contains the usual government propaganda suggesting that “We know that speed is one of the leading cause of accidents and the significant level of road trauma” yet they can’t actually point to any statistics that would back up this claim and we have clearly provided plenty of evidence, just in this one e-mail update alone, to refute that statement.

We find it very interesting that Police Minister Wade Noona says that “most people do the right thing but too many people are still speeding and running red lights.” Now, this statement would clearly suggest that “speeding” therefore, is doing the “wrong” thing so, why is it that Victori’as top cop, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton was caught speeding recently. And, he wasn’t caught speeding by just 1 or 2 km/h over the limit, he was caught doing a “whopping” 8km/h over the limit!

Please keep in mind hat this is the same Chief Commissioner that supports the “Speed Kills” and “Every K over is a Killer” mantras. So Mr Ashton, are you able to direct us to the 8 people that were killed as a result of you exceeding the speed limit by 8km/h?

No? Can you direct us to even one? Was anyone even injured?

Then how about you start telling the truth and stop spouting the crap to the media that you did when you were caught! http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/victoria-police-chief-commissioner-graham-ashton-caught-speeding-20160108-gm20vx.html Seriously, what’s with the, “I am embarrassed and diassppointed to find I have gone above the speed limit.” garbage?

Now, maybe if he said he was embarrassed and disappointed that he was caught, we could understand it but we will eat our words if he is genuinely embarrassed and disappointed to find that he exceeded the speed limit when it was clearly set too low – it is a brand new 4 lane freeway with a limit of only 100km/h – and almost everymotorist has drifted above the posted limit at some tiem or another in their driving lives and they are certainly not embarrassed or disappointed about doing so.

Mr Ashton, you are a joke and you do not deserve to hold the position of Chief Commissioner if you are going to lie to the public, lie to your fellow officers and lie to yourself like that! Please remove yourself from that office before you do yourself, or others, some serious harm with your lies!

The reality is that his following statement actually backs up everything we have said in this e-mail update. He admits that his speeding “was as a result of a lapse in concentration” which “highlights the need for constant attention behind the wheel” – that’s right, “constant attention” to where you are driving not constant attention on your speedo!!!

He evn goes onto to say that “Maintaining focus on the road at all times is critical; a moments distraction on the road can lead to tragedy” – we agree wholeheartedly and that is exactly what we have said throughout this e-mail, motorists should be focussing on the road in front of them and not on their speedo. They should be paying less attention to what “speed” they are doing and more attention to actually driving safely.

Of course, he finishes off with his ridiculous and baseless propaganda about how even a few km/h over “matters” yet he provides absolutely zero evidence to back up this false and misleading claim!

We are working with some other groups at present and hope to put out an open video letter to the Chief Commissioner asking him to meet with us so that we can put an end to the BS propaganda and start discussing true road safety initiatives. We will let everyione know as that project progresses and we will be asking you to help us ensure that video goes viral oince we have completed it.

And, speaking of helping us to make things go viral, please be sure to read our final section to see what you can do to really help us spread the word and bring about some realchange this year.

- Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards

So, now you can see how powerful the Aussie Speeding Fines information is, what can you do to help us get our invaluable, licence saving information into the hands of everymotorist before they get a fine?

First and foremost, if you’re not yet a Member or you know someone who isn’t then please go to our Memberships page -http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Memberships.html - and join up now.

Please note that E-book Membership - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/E%252dBook-Membership.html – is what you will need to access the step-by-step strategies for defeating your fines and Advanced Membership - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Update-Membership-%252d-new-Members-area.html – is what will allow you to access the most up-to-date, more advanced arguments, strategies and techniques for defeating your fines. The Advanced Membership website also contains copies of all of the manufacturers manuals for every speed detection device currently used in Australia, as well as some very powerful court cases and paperwork that you can download and use yourself.

Then, if you would really like to help us spread the word and get our invaluable, licence saving information into the hands of every motorist in the country, then please be sure to join and/or visit our Facebook group and get your friends to join as well. We now have a direct Facebook link on the top right hand side of our Home page or you can just use this link- http://www.facebook.com/groups/19117918208/

And, if you haven’t yet done so, please spare 10 seconds to click “like” on our fan page - http://www.facebook.com/find-friends/browser/?rpix=1#!/pages/Aussie-Speeding-Fines/433275636708829 - we have well over 6,000 Members on our Group page but only just over 2,000 “likes” and we really want to raise that to be on par with our Group numbers ASAP.

Many of you will have also noticed the Paypal “Donate” button just above the Facebook link. The team at Aussie Speeding Fines work tirelessly day and night, 7 days a week, answering everyone’s e-mails, continually researching to find new ways to defeat unjust fines and preparing these weekly e-mail updates. So, any financial support you could offer, no matter how small, is always very much appreciated.

And finally, if you really want to help make a difference, just e-mail us your postal address and we will send you out some business cards and/or bumper stickers – completely free of charge – that you can then place on your car/truck/van and/or hand out to friends, family and work colleagues.

As always, we thank you all for your continued support and we appreciate all the Members who have taken the time to e-mail us with the latest media article they come across as well as their stories of their success so please, keep them coming!

Stay safe out there,

The Team at Aussie Speeding Fines


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Corrupt USA: Extraordinary Example

How Corrupt Is The US: An Extraordinary Example

(see also: SERCO)

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org

How Corrupt The U.S. Is: An Extraordinary Example

Incarceration rates don’t necessarily correlate with corruption, but they do reflect the extent to which a given nation’s government is (by means of its laws and its enforcement of those laws) at war against its own population; and, so, technically speaking, it’s supposed to reflect the prevalence of law-breaking within that nation. After all, by definition, people are presumed to be in prison for law-breaking, irrespective of whether the given nation’s laws are just – and, if they’re not just, then this fact reflects even more strongly that the nation itself is corrupt. So, a high incarceration-rate does strongly tend to go along with a nation’s being highly corrupt, in more than merely a technical sense.

Out of the world’s 223 countries, the US has the world’s second-highest incarceration rate: 698 per 100,000, just behind #1 Seychelles, with 799 per 100,000. Seychelles doesn’t even have as many as 100,000 people (but only 90,024 – as many people as are in the city of Temple Texas). By contrast, the US has 322,369,319; so, the US is surely the global leader in imprisonment. And, furthermore, #3, St. Kitts and Nevis, with an incarceration-rate of 607 per 100,000, has only 54,961 people (as many people as are in the city of Columbus Indiana). The only other country that might actually be close to the US in imprisoning its own people is North Korea, which could even beat out the US there, but wouldn’t likely beat tiny Seychelles: North Korea is estimated to have «600-800 people incarcerated per 100,000», and a total population of 24,895,000.

Thus, for imprisonments, the US really does have no close second: it’s the unquestionable global market-leader, for prisons and prisoners.

And this gets us to the market-leader for prisons within America itself, and to the stunning corruption that stands behind it.

So, here’s that extraordinary example, and the story behind its corruption, which will provide a close-up view of America’s general corruption, from the top (including the government itself) on down:

In order to protect the profits of privately run prisons in the US (where «Sixty-two percent of detention beds are administered by private prison corporations», meaning that most US prisoners are being ‘served’ by for-profit corporations in for-profit-run prisons), the US Federal Government is refusing to honor Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), which is trying to find out why people are being imprisoned as illegal immigrants who ought not to be. Wrongly-imprisoned people are a device by which private prison-operating companies keep their prison-beds occupied and thus drawing income from the US government, just like a high occupancy-rate is essential for a hotelier’s profitability. But –unlike in the hotel trade – this coercive bed-occupancy produces more than mere profits; it produces also distressed families, of those individuals who are yanked and unjustifiably imprisoned, families suffering needlessly.

It turns out that federal laws, passed mainly by the Republicans, but also with votes from corrupt Democrats, require (in H.R.3547) the US government to pay for «a level of not less than 34,000 detention beds» for ‘illegal immigrants.’ (You can see that requirement being cited by the Republican interrogator of an Obama Administration official, Department of Homeland Security, at 1:03:00- in this video, where the Obama official is being criticized for not locking up enough people to meet the law’s requirements.) (Republicans and other conservatives love to punish people, irrespective of justice. To be concerned about justice, as the CCR is, is to be ‘soft on crime’, as Republicans view it. Instead of justice, Republicans seek revenge; thus, for example, Republicans overwhelmingly support torture against ‘terrorist’ suspects; Democrats overwhelmingly oppose it. Torture greatly reduces the trustworthiness of a suspect’s statements, but it always serves as a vent for revenge, even when the suspect actually had nothing to do with terrorism; so, Republicans strongly approve of torture. Similarly, the most-conservative Muslims approve of beheading ‘infidels’. Conservatives everywhere, and in every faith, support harsh punishments; and the US is a conservative country; so, sentences are long, and the conditions are harsh.)

However, the Obama Administration itself, even as it locks up, on some days, just shy of the legally mandated minimum of 34,000 accused ‘illegal immigrants’ (which shortfall is here drawing the ire of that congressional Republican in the video), is also actively blocking CCR from access to the information about how the government and private corporations set rates for immigration detention beds and facilities. CCR argues that private profits are being given higher priority by the Administration than is the welfare of the public; and, thus, that the General Welfare Clause of the US Constitution is being violated here.

The Obama Administration says that it won’t release the information, because to do so would «harm corporations competitively».

CCR claims, and the Obama Administration is opposing their accusation, that «there is essentially no competitive market in government contracts that could be harmed by the release of information, that there should be nothing proprietary about the terms of a government contract, and that the public has a right to understand how Congress funds immigration detention and how that funding is influenced».

The Obama Administration is arguing that if this same cost-information were being requested concerning any of the 38% of government-run prisons, then the FOIA request would be complied with, but that contracting-out or privatizing that function has freed the government of any such obligation.

However, CCR is concerned specifically about that profit-motive here – that the revolving door between government service and the private sector might itself be a key part of the explanation for the government’s requiring that at least 34,000 people will be in prison for, or awaiting trial on charges of, ‘illegal immigration’. CCR contends that the only reason why people should be imprisoned in America is that they’ve actually broken laws for which the correct punishment is a prison term. But the position of the US government is contrary: if the beneficiary of someone’s imprisonment is a private corporation, the public shouldn’t necessarily be allowed to know what’s going on, nor why. And, so, that’s the issue here. Does a private corporation’s privacy-right exceed the public’s right-to-know? The government says yes; CCR says no. CCR argues that to privatize is not to immunize: the government has the same obligations to the public, regardless of how it has chosen to carry out its obligations. The Obama Administration argues that a private corporation is private, protected from the public’s scrutiny – and that the corporation’s only obligations are to the government, not to the public; thus, no such FOIA requests will be honored.

Here’s what’s not in dispute about the case: the man who, in the first Obama Administration, was the head of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations, David Venturella, is now the top sales official at GEO Group, which is «the world’s leading provider of correctional detention, and residential treatment services around the globe» – and that’s also the first thing GEO says about itself, on its own «Who We Are» page. And Mr Venturella is now being cited by the Obama Administration as an ‘expert’ in order to deny CCA’s FOIA request.

As a GEO official, Venturella claims in his 22 December 2015 declaration in the court-case, that, «the winning proposal in almost every Federal procurement competition is awarded to the lowest priced bidder», and that, «the disclosure of GEO’s proprietary bed-day rates and staffing plans would result in substantial competitive financial harm to GEO». He claims that, «Even with access to their larger competitors’ staffing plans, the smaller private companies do not have access to the capital needed to compete to win a large facility». In other words, he pretends that GEO is one of «the smaller private companies». But then he goes on to say (just in case a reader might happen to consider GEO not to be one of «the smaller private companies»): «The second stage would be acrimonious competition between the larger organizations, public and private, that will very likely lead to their withdrawal from the detention market as well, thereby leaving ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] with no viable detention service providers». Venturella assumes here that ICE cannot itself own and operate its prisons. (He doesn’t say why; he merely assumes that it’s the case – perhaps that everything should be privatized, and must be privatized, so ICE shouldn’t run its own prisons.)

So, that (false) argument is the reason why injustices to defendants in the US immigration system must continue, Venturella, the salesman for GEO (his title is «Senior Vice President»), is here arguing.

Essentially, the Obama Administration is joining with GEO arguing that the profitability of private prison companies is more important than any injustices that might happen to be caused by Congress’s establishment of an arbitrary fixed and stable minimum number of prisoners every day – and, since the head of the top prison-company is saying that profits would be threatened by adhering to FOIA in this particular matter, the Freedom of Information Act request in this case must be denied.

The basic argument, in other words, is that privatization is more important than the US Constitution and its General Welfare Clause.

How close are these contractors to the government?

Here are five of the seven members of the Board of Directors of GEO:

One is «Former Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons».

Another is «Former Under Secretary United States Air Force».

Another is «Executive Director, National League of Cities».

Another is «Chairman and CEO of ElectedFace Inc»., which «will connect people to their elected officials in every political district».

Another is George C Zoley, the company’s Founder and CEO, who is also «America’s Highest Paid ‘Corrections Officer.’»

In fact, «GEO Group’s revenue in 2012 exceeded $1.4 billion and CMD [Center for Media and Democracy] estimates that 86% of this money came out of the pockets of taxpayers. CMD’s investigation of GEO Group unearthed how the company’s cost-cutting strategies lead to a vicious cycle where lower wages and benefits for workers, high employee turnover, insufficient training, and under-staffing results in poor oversight and mistreatment of detained persons, increased violence, and riots». (If so, then that would add to the misery that’s produced by the improper imprisonments.)

«According to Nasdaq, major investors in GEO Group include: Vanguard, BlackRock, Scopia Capital (a hedge fund run by Jeremy Mindich and Matt Sirovich) Barclays Global InvestorsBank of New York Mellon, and more. George Zoley, CEO of GEO, is a major stockholder with over 500,000 shares. For more on investors, see Ray Downs, ‘Who’s Getting Rich Off the Prison-Industrial Complex?’ Vice, June 2013».

Privatization is very profitable. But not for everybody. Only for the well-connected. For everybody else, it’s just more poor and abused workers, and unjustly imprisoned people. But virtually all Republicans, and also the Obama Administration and other corrupt Democrats (and Obama will get his enrichment after he leaves office), think that privatization is necessary – even more necessary than is adherence to the US Constitution, or than a justly ruled nation, and prosperous public.

This type of government fits with America’s extraordinarily high incarceration rate.

But a few US officials do whatever they can to reduce the country’s corruption. For example, the «Immigration Detention Bed Quota Timeline» shows that, in September 2015, US Senator Bernie Sanders (who probably is the US federal government’s leading campaigner against corruption) «introduces the Justice is Not for Sale Act of 2015, which seeks to end the bed quota among other criminal justice and immigration detention reforms. The bill is the first effort in the US Senate to eliminate the bed quota. In addition, Reps. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), Keith Ellison (D-MN), and Bobby Rush (D-IL) introduce the bill in the US House of Representatives».

Those are the most progressive members of the US Congress. Arrayed against them are the billions of dollars in political propaganda that cause the number of such progressives to be extremely few in the US government. For that bill to pass in Congress, practically all conservatives would first have to become replaced by progressives, and by other supposed non-conservatives (called ‘liberals’), in Congress. Sanders says that it would require «a political revolution», and he’s correct on that. But that’s the least likely type of «revolution» the US is likely to have. Perhaps Sanders knows this but doesn’t want to shock people, who are too indoctrinated to be able to accept the uncomfortably ugly truth, that things might already be too far gone for that type of «revolution» to be sufficient (even if it were feasible).

FBI Expands Clinton Investigation

FBI EXPANDS Clinton Investigation

Conservative Tribune Reports:

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, has been under investigation by the FBI for improper — and possibly illegal — use of a personal server and private email in communicating classified government information.

Now, to add to the list of investigations being conducted about the Democrat’s front-runner for president, the FBI is reportedly also looking at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, according to Fox News.

“The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed,” an unnamed source told Fox.

Public corruption is listed on the FBI’s official website as the FBI’s “top criminal priority.”

The Clinton Foundation is a public charity that had grants and contributions in excess of $144 million in 2013, according to Fox. Questions have reportedly been raised over the past year concerning whether donors to the foundation benefited from their contacts inside the administration.

While liberals and Clinton supporters have been adamant that their golden child has done nothing wrong, the sentiments inside the FBI,  are reportedly much different.

One intelligence source told Fox News that FBI agents would be “screaming” if a prosecution is not pursued because “many previous public corruption cases have been made and successfully prosecuted with much less evidence than what is emerging in this investigation.”

There’s already a widespread perception that the Obama administration is treating Hillary’s potential criminal behavior differently from others accused of similar actions.

For example, former CIA Director David Petraeus pleaded guilty in March 2015 to charges stemming from his sharing of highly classified information with his mistress and biographer and then lying to the FBI about his actions. Petraeus was investigated for more than two years, and Attorney General Eric Holder initially declined to prosecute the case.

While the exposure of classified information in the Petraeus case was deemed “limited,” the same cannot be said for Clinton, as the number of classified emails has risen to at least 1,340.

While Petraeus’ credibility has been run through the mud for something that had little evidence, Clinton is running for president of the United States and has a huge number of supporters who seem to not care about her shady and potentially illegal actions.

Hopefully, the FBI will uncover the whole truth and the Justice Department will take appropriate action against Clinton for her crimes.

Like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you think Clinton has too many investigations going on to be qualified to run for president.

20 More Signs Elite’s Ship To Sink

Part 4: 20 More Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink

by Lance Schuttler

The accelerating downfall of the Global Cabal, or the ‘NWO’ as some people call it, is fascinating to watch. While many are aimlessly watching the highly orchestrated “presidential race,” those paying closer attention are seeing before our eyes the old paradigm collapsing. Continue to dream big my friends, we are in for exciting and very positive times for our world.

We suggest reading parts one, two and three of this article so that these events, when put together over the last few months start to make more sense.

Here it is:

1. October 16th, 2015: McDonald’s franchisees say the brand is in a ‘deep depression’ and ‘facing it’s final days.’  As many know, McDonald’s food has been used by the NWO to intentionally suppress the expansion of humanity’s consciousness as well as to create chronic illness and disease throughout the population. Humanity says no to the illusion and continues to rise above and throw off the chains…this is direct evidence.

2. October 18th, 2015: A leaked White House memo shows that Tony Blair and George W. Bush acted together a year before the Iraq invasion had even started. Interestingly, the documents were disclosed by Hilary Clinton per the order of U.S. Courts. You can be sure the White Hats in the Pentagon will soon be taking action on this.

3. October 22nd, 2015: China officially calls for new global reserve currency.  Anyone who has read the previous 3 parts to this article knows the moves that have been taking place to get China in this position. Read what happened the next day…

4. October 23rd, 2015: “International Monetary Fund representatives have told China that the yuan is likely to join the fund’s basket of reserve currencies soon…Chinese officials are so confident of winning approval that they have begun preparing statement to celebrate the decision…” Now let break this one down a bit. Just a little over a month ago, certain IMF officials said the Chinese yuan was not likely to be included. Now we have, just a few weeks later, strong speculation that it will be included. As I’ve written and what we’ve seen from other stories in parts one, two and three of this article, the global alliance, which is being led by China and Russia, is in full control. It seems that some major shift has taken place within the IMF in the past few weeks now that they are preparing to include the yuan as reserve status as soon as this November. If we think about this even deeper, we see that the banking cabal really is stuck. If the yuan is included in the IMF’s basket of reserve currencies, the game is over for the cabal. If the IMF goes back on its latest word, China can still create a new global currency as they have already set up the BRICS Bank and AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank). In layman’s terms, China and the positive global alliance have checkmated the banking cabal. Hang on to your hats as we are very soon now to enter into very large, paradigm-shifting financial and geopolitical changes on this planet.

5. October 23rd, 2015: Russia and Iran forge energy partnerships and may create new bank to fund the projects. This is another game-changer on multiple levels, including oil, finance and political and tactical strategy.

6. October 23rd, 2015: South Africa freezes student tuition fees after thousands of students protest in Pretoria, outside the president’s office. The power continues to return to the people. This fractal will continue to spread within the collective.

7. October 24th, 2015: CIA Director John Brennan has confidential and work-related information hacked by a young group hackers who claim “they can’t track us down.” With top level officials continuing to get hacked, the obvious question is, “who’s next?”

8. October 24th, 2015: Jordan has officially joined the Russian/Iranian/Syrian/Chinese/Iraqi alliance and will not work directly with these nations in removing ISIL from the Middle East. Also, Russian has now officially been given authorization for military strikes in Iraq (on ISIL). The global alliance continues to grow and strengthen.. True freedom for humanity is coming.

9. October 25th, 2015: Thousands of Israeli’s protest PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance on Palestine and call for peace talks with Palestinians. As we’ve discussed in the previous article, peace is the last thing the Cabal wants…However, peace and peaceful mindsets are spreading and it cannot be stopped.

10. October 26th, 2015: Afghanistan officially requests military assistance from Russia. The Cabal is systematically being kicked out of the Middle East. Add Afghanistan to the growing Alliance.

11. October 26th, 2015: Now that Catalonia overwhelmingly voted yes in favor of independence from Spain in late September, Barcelona’s Mayor plans to fulfill campaign promises by printing a cash-less local currency. Once again, this act serves as a ripple effect for other pro-independence countries and regions around the world.

12.October 26th, 2015: Iran announces that it plans to join the BRICS New Development Bank.

13. October 27th, 2015: Neil Keenan releases another update regarding the movement to open the global collateral accounts. As I’ve talked about in all three previous articles, the global collateral accounts are soon to be opened and will help to free humanity from NWO control. There are major lawsuits and arrests to come. If you wish to know about the greatest financial and gold cover-up on this planet, please inform yourself on the global collateral accounts.

14. November 9th, 2015: China to Allow Direct Conversion Between Yuan and Swiss Franc.  Notice the growing trend of the yuan.

15. November 9th, 2015: An article is released describing the connection between 9/11, JFK and the global collateral accounts. A must read if you’re interested in any of those 3 topics.

16. November 10th, 2015: Anti-austerity bloc brings down Portugal’s government.  Government’s that are controlled by the banking cabal will continue to crumble. The call for true freedom and justice is spreading.

17. November 12th, 2015: Pater Tenebrarum reports in an article titled, “Incumbents Swept from Office Around the World,” that there is a great sea change happening in the political scene of many large governments around the world. Those who have held positions of power for a very long time are being voted out.

18. November 12th, 2015: Over 100 campuses around the U.S. protest the insanity of student debt.  We continue to see people claiming what we all deserve…a fair economic and education system.

19. November 12th, 2015: China discovers undersea gold reserves estimated at $16.4 billion.  Is this a coincidence or a strategically timed announcement? Once again, we see gold and China as two themes  that are continuously popping up.

20. November 13th, 2015: According to this site, the attacks in Paris were clearly another desperate false flag event. The attacks took place in the 11th month in the 11th district of Paris…on Friday the 13th. Very typical of ritualistic sacrificial numerology. The more that  are awake and see through the illusion, the quicker it dissolves. We are awake and we know the truth….We send all those that may have lost their lives on this night much love.

Will you let others know of the current happenings? Will you share with humanity that all of the “Elite’s” plans have either failed or are failing? Seeing and noticing the demise speeds it up. The positive and fair system which will replace it is being built. Very good things are happening to restore sanity and justice to our world. Enjoy the ride and dream bigger than you ever have before; both for yourself and humanity.

Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Science and is Director of Creative Health Non-Profits for Personable Media. He is passionate about holistic and naturopathic medicine as well as helping to bring awareness to an efficient, sustainable and health-promoting transition that our world’s current socio-economic model is rapidly undergoing.

How Corrupt Is the US Government?


Government corruption has become rampant:

  • Senior SEC employees spent up to 8 hours a day surfing porn sites instead of cracking down on financial crimes
  • NSA spies pass around homemade sexual videos and pictures they’ve collected from spying on the American people
  • Investigators from the Treasury’s Office of the Inspector General found that some of the regulator’s employees surfed erotic websites, hired prostitutes and accepted gifts from bank executives … instead of actually working to help the economy
  • The Minerals Management Service – the regulator charged with overseeing BP and other oil companies to ensure that oil spills don’t occur – was riddled with “a culture of substance abuse and promiscuity”, which included “sex with industry contacts
  • Agents for the Drug Enforcement Agency had dozens of sex parties with prostitutes hired by the drug cartels they were supposed to stop (they also received money, gifts and weapons from drug cartel members)
  • The former chief accountant for the SEC says that Bernanke and Paulson broke the law and should be prosecuted
  • The government knew about mortgage fraud a long time ago. For example, the FBI warned of an “epidemic” of mortgage fraud in 2004. However, the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies then stood down and did nothing. See this and this. For example, the Federal Reserve turned its cheek and allowed massive fraud, and the SEC has repeatedly ignored accounting fraud (a whistleblower also “gift-wrapped and delivered” the Madoff scandal to the SEC, but they refused to take action). Indeed, Alan Greenspan took the position that fraud could never happen
  • Paulson and Bernanke falsely stated that the big banks receiving Tarp money were healthy when they were not. The Treasury Secretary also falsely told Congress that the bailouts would be used to dispose of toxic assets … but then used the money for something else entirely
  • The American government’s top official in charge of the bank bailouts wrote, “Americans should lose faith in their government. They should deplore the captured politicians and regulators who distributed tax dollars to the banks without insisting that they be accountable. The American people should be revolted by a financial system that rewards failure and protects those who drove it to the point of collapse and will undoubtedly do so again.”
  • Congress has exempted itself from the healthcare rules it insists everyone else follow
  • Law enforcement also grabs massive amounts of people’s cash, cars and property … even when people aren’t CHARGED with – let alone convicted of – any crime
  • Private prisons are huge profit-making centers for giant companies, and private prison corporations obtain quotas from the government, where the government guarantees a certain number of prisoners at any given time
  • The government covered up the health risks to New Orleans residents associated with polluted water from hurricane Katrina, and FEMA covered up the cancer risk from the toxic trailers which it provided to refugees of the hurricane. The Centers for Disease Control – the lead agency tasked with addressing disease in America – covered up lead poisoning in children in the Washington, D.C. area (the Centers for Disease Control has also been outed as receiving industry funding)
  • In response to new studies showing the substantial dangers of genetically modified foods, the government passed legislation more or less PUSHING IT onto our plates
  • Government scientists originally pushed fluoridation of water as “safe and effective” because fluoride is a major byproduct of making nuclear weapons … and the government ordered them to downplay the risks of fluoride exposure in order to prevent massive lawsuits by those suffering injury from poisoning
  • The Bush White House worked hard to smear CIA officers, bloggers and anyone else who criticized the Iraq war
  • The FBI smeared top scientists who pointed out the numerous holes in its anthrax case. Indeed, the head of the FBI’s investigation agrees that corruption was rampant
  • Warmongers in the U.S. government knowingly and intentionally lied us into a war of aggression in Iraq. The former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the highest ranking military officer in the United States – said that the Iraq war was “based on a series of lies”. The same is true in Libya, Syria and other wars. Indeed, the U.S. has often launched or proposed launching wars based upon FALSE PREMISES
  • When the American government got caught assassinating innocent civilians, it changed its definition of “enemy combatants” to include all young men – between the ages of say 15 and 35 who happen to be in battle zones. When it got busted killing kids with drones, it changed the definition again to include kids as “enemy combatants”
  • The government treats journalists who report on government corruption as CRIMINALS OR TERRORISTS. And it goes to great lengths to smear them. For example, when USA Today reporters busted the Pentagon for illegally targeting Americans with propaganda, the Pentagon launched a SMEAR CAMPAIGN against the reporters. But  journalists who act as mere cheerleaders for the government who never criticize are protected and rewarded

The biggest companies own the D.C. politicians. Indeed, the head of the economics department at George Mason University has pointed out that it is unfair to call politicians “prostitutes”. They are in fact pimps … selling out the American people for a price.

Government regulators have become so corrupted and “captured” by those they regulate that Americans know that the cop is on the take. Institutional corruption is killing people’s trust in our government and our institutions.

Neither the Democratic or Republican parties represent the interests of the American people. Elections have become nothing but scripted beauty contests, with both parties ignoring the desires of their own bases.

Indeed, America is no longer a democracy or republic … it’s officially an oligarchy. And the allowance of unlimited campaign spending allows the oligarchs to purchase politicians more directly than ever.

No wonder polls show that the American people say that the system is so thoroughly corrupt that government corruption is now Americans’ number one fear.

And politicians from both sides of the aisle say that corruption has destroyed America. And see this.

Moreover, there are two systems of justice in Americaone for the big banks and other fatcats … and one for everyone else. Indeed, Americans have .

Big Corporations Are Also Thoroughly Corrupt

But the private sector is no better … for example, the big banks have literally turned into criminal syndicates engaged in systemic fraud.

Wall Street and giant corporations are literally manipulating every single market.

And the big corporations are cutting corners to make an extra penny … wreaking havoc with their carelessness. For example:

  • U.S. military contractors have pocketed huge sums of money earmarked for humanitarian and reconstruction aid. And see this (whistleblowers alerted the government about the looting of Iraq reconstruction funds, but nothing was done)
  • There is systemic corruption among drug companies, scientific journals, university medical departments, and medical groups which set the criteria for diagnosis and treatment

(Further examples here, here, here, here and here.)

We’ve Forgotten the Lessons of History

The real problem is that we need to learn a little history:

  • We’ve known for thousands of years that – when criminals are not punished – crime spreads
  • We’ve known for centuries that powerful people – unless held to account – will get together and steal from everyone else

Beyond Partisan Politics

Conservatives and liberals tend to blame our country’s problems on different factors … but they are all connected.

The real problem is the malignant, symbiotic relationship between big corporations and big government.


Hammond + Bundy “Ranches”

Dutchsinse: Hammond + Bundy “Ranches” — Volcanoes, Gold, URANIUM + BLM / Government


The whole thing in Eastern Oregon has smelled bad to me.

Smells like hmmm.. Ruby Ridge,  with a tinge of the Montana Freeman infiltration and setup by the FBI (btw many of the Freeman were former US Marshalls who KNEW the laws as patriots), and then there’s Janet Reno burning down WACO compound and frying children, to save the children and all that.

And then there’s the Bundy’s The Sequel, coming to a ranching situation not their own.   Something off in that. Sounds like someone cut a deal to create a scene for perhaps some slack on an earlier confrontation?

Did you know that many of the FBI agents who ran over Randy Reavers Dog at Ruby Ridge and then backed over it again to make sure it was dead, were later burned by their own masters, as they were brought up on charges of child pornography one by one.  It was the Judges who started noticing all the guys brought up on charges were at Ruby Ridge.  It has long been possible to take over the chip sets on computers and upload data to hard drives remotely. So the law enforcement people in that area of Oregon may want consider the prior history is of people who generate these kind of national confrontation scenes for national TV… they usually get burned by their masters, to cut the trail.

It really smells like a custom off-the-shelf national distraction. And OMG… have their ever pulled so many of them of the shelf in the last 12 months?  Syria didn’t work, race wars didn’t start….hmmm what next, take down the constitutionalists (which the FBI considers terrorists in their films they distribute to U.S. Judges – heck they consider the Revolutionary War Minutemen of 1776 terrorists, and actaully say the films they were the first US Terrorists… yeah I know kind of makes you wonder which side of that war they work for now).

Here’s the glaring obvious about the Oregon Situation:
1. The fire, which landed the Hammond’s in jail. If Dutchsinse is correct the land in
question is rich in gold and uranium as was the Bundy’s land in Nevada.

Susan Hammond, Dwight’s wife, explained the family’s version of the story. 

“They called and got permission to light the fire,” she told the Tri-State Livestock News — which bills itself as “what ranchers read.” “… We usually called the interagency fire outfit — a main dispatch — to be sure someone wasn’t in the way or that weather would be a problem.” 

Livestock News called the fire “a routine range improvement practice” and said proof that the family got permission was documented in a recording of the phone call played in court. 

Certain plants grow on certain types of mineral deposits. These can be sensed from satellites and by biologists on the ground.This is called bioprospecting.  Get rid of the plants, hide the evidence of the minerals.  Perhaps. Or maybe they were just firebugs who lived on grass fire sensitive lands for generations and were never noticed?   And all cattle ranchers burn their grazing fields so the cows have less to eat.  I grew up in Arizona… and spent much of my adult life in Southern Calfornia, where everyone is conscious of the damage wild fires can do.

The Judges… When this kind of nonsense starts with sentencing over a 100 acre grass fire, sheesh,
You know some big guns want these people pushed aside.  A grass fire, which may well have been a routine ranching practice. Mexican immigrants lit many damaging wildfires in San Diego County and not much of anything happened to them.  Millions of dollars of property went up in flames.Who would go to this much effort to start a national grass fire over a grass fire?  Who could that be? Perhaps some gold hungry Chinese Royals? (Hint they can’t deliver)  Which really own the US Corp anyway. And perhaps that’s the real reason for this bit of I AM transparency coming to the fore at this time?  Just to show who gives the orders through their British proxies?  We will see. Hard to know how these things play out in advance.

Hogan — who sentenced Dwight Hammond to three months in prison and Steven Hammond to one year and one day — was overruled by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which upheld the five-year mandatory minimum sentence in October and ordered that the Hammonds be resentenced accordingly. Yet, the Hammonds, on their way back to federal prison, have chosen to distance themselves from the Bundys

So much for double jeopardy in the courts, huh?

I thank Dutchsinse for his investigation skills. My sense it goes deeper than he thinks, but I do think GOLD and URANIUM is a big part of the picture.

Gun confrontations is the turf the so called “Government” excels at.  Its a really stupid clumsy way to bring change.  They know how to kill. They’re really good at it.

Plus they got insiders in every newspaper that plant the stories and frame the narrative they way they want it framed, and no crisis goes to waste,  more calls for gun control, more propaganda aimed at convincing you that you really are a danger to yourself and that you need the government to tell you want to do.

There’s a lot of stuff about to come to light.  A bit of chaos. And none of it is going to go the way the people who put together this Machiavellian tension/release Hegelian dialect shit want it to go.

Obama could end this now.  He could pardon the Hammond’s  and bypass all the nonsense and illumanti stuff that you know is behind all this divide and separate people maneuvering.  And why not, he’s a lame duck President, nothing to lose. He’s the CEO of the US Corp.  Make an executive decision.  I mean is all this really worth the expense and costs its anger that will result from what is about to happen?  Over a grass fire?  Only to some overgrown egos who like to wave guns and badges and gavels. It would take the fire out of this instantly, and take the rhetoric down to a level of civilized human beings might actually resolve some of these issues.

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CISA: Another Example Of Corruption

Last week, Congress passed CISA by hiding it in the middle of a sure-to-pass spending bill, and Obama signed it into law … even though the Department of Homeland Security had previously said that the bill will HURT national security and destroy privacy (numerous experts agreed).

And – just like with previous spying laws – the government has a secret interpretation of CISA which will make it even worse.

So why was the bill passed?

As the American public is starting to learn  – and politicians from both side of the aisle admitcorruption has thoroughly destroyed America.

The highest-level NSA whistleblower in history – William Binney – the high-level NSA executive who created the agency’s mass surveillance program for digital information, 36-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency, who served as the senior technical director within the agency, and managed thousands of NSA employees –  explains that corruption is what’s motivating mass surveillance against the American people … and it’s what’s making us vulnerable to terrorism.

Washington’s Blog asked Binney what he thought of CISA, and he said:

This is just another example of the White House, leadership (if you want to call it that) in Congress, the intelligence committees, and the intelligence agencies manipulating the system to get what they want (more money and more knowledge to control).

Clearly, CISA would not stand on it’s own; so, they had to sneak it through buried inside a massive funding bill at the end of the year.

Again, we see just another example of corruption in our government in Washington DC. They don’t have the courage or backbone to stand for what they want out in the open where there can be an honest debate like we are suppose to have in a democracy.

The established political parties should not be confused as to why citizens are sick of them. Our only solution is to fire them all in the next election and try to get honest citizens in these jobs.

Binney points out:

It would be good if most people in DC read the [articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon].  Nixon did only a miniscule amount of what the last two presidents and their co-conspirators have done and continue to do.

He’s right

And it’s not just the politicos … Binney says we also have to fire the bums running the intelligence agencies. And see this.

The Big Short-Shady Side of Mortgages

The Big Short



The Big Short Reveals the Shady Underside of Mortgage Markets

by Neil Garfield, published on Living Lies, on December 14, 2015



Back in 2007, at the height of the foreclosure crisis, Citibank CEO Chuck Prince told the Financial Times that, “As long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. Prince continued, “we’re still dancing.”   It appears the Big Banks are still dancing- while the judiciary has turned into a giant electronic music festival sponsored by an unconcerned judiciary and impotent government agencies. Since 2007 nothing has changed- consumers are still being foreclosed on by banks who have no standing to do so- and the foreclosure epic continues unchecked.

The Big Short, a film written by Michael Lewis (Moneyball, The Blind Side, The Big Short), will be released on December 23rd, 2015 and will hopefully provide enough outrage that Americans take to the street in protest. The movie, starring Brad Pitt (who also produced), Steve Carell, Christian Bell and Ryan Gosling- tells the story of five real estate investors who were able to anticipate that subprime mortgage loans were engineered to create the illusion of security, and exploit the market for personal gain. Michael Lewis, in his book by the same name; stated that, “Whenever an investment opportunity is presented with a high degree of security and confidence, it should warrant extra scrutiny.” In lieu of the mortgage crisis, truer words have never been spoken.

The movie reveals that the real estate crash resulted, in part, from the shadowy bond and real estate derivatives markets created by the banks to create the illusion of security. These incredibly complex and impenetrable securities were created to take advantage of lower and middle class Americans who were leveraged by stagnant incomes, high household debt, and a nationwide recession. The banks offered Americans predatory loans they couldn’t afford and knew they would fail. The banks then proceeded to bet against the loans they had created, foreclosed on homes they didn’t own and proceeded to make trillions of dollars in profit off of the misery of homeowners who lured into illegal loan contracts.

Starting in approximately the year 2000, banks began issuing mortgages that often required no down-payment and often contained adjustable rates. People began purchasing more home than they could afford believing that real estate would continue to drastically increase in value after an unprecedented run of growth. When the bubble popped in 2007, the fraud began to be exposed and it became obvious that the multi trillion-dollar mortgage bond market operated in a shadowy area without SEC oversight.  (see Shadow Banking) The Big Short is a movie that attempts to illuminate the casino like real-estate investment market- but despite Brad Pitt’s best efforts The Big Short only touches on the fraud that has been perpetuated on the American public.

The Big Short will reveal to the general public, who are still relatively unaware of what caused the real estate market to collapse, how “collateralized debt obligations” and “credit default swaps” led to unprecedented financial market fraud — the selling of “loans” that never happened 5, 10, 20 even 40 times over and then getting an unsophisticated judge to give a rubber stamp of approval on the wind-up pf a scheme that depended upon the illusion of legality.

Perhaps once people understand how their homes, retirement funds, and livelihoods were exploited by Wall Street and corporate banking interests- they might force the judiciary, government agencies and representatives to finally resolve this issue. Brad Pitt said he decided to produce The Big Short because, “It’s a story that needs to be told because nothing has changed.”

The Big Short injects humor into an issue that has destroyed the lives of millions. In one scene, mortgage brokers are seen explaining how they are pushing risky adjustable-rate loans on unqualified buyers- because those mortgages provided higher broker fees than placing borrowers into safer loans. “Why are they confessing?” Carell asks one of his employees. “They’re not confessing, they are bragging,” the employee responds. On November 24, 2015, the New York Times asked comedian Steve Carell to describe what a synthetic collateralized debt obligation was. Carell, taking a breath, responded,” You have CDO A and CDO B, and you can combine those two and put them into a CDO C, which is then made up of CDO A and B. CDO C is the synthetic CDO.” The reporter proceeds to ask Carell where he plans on keeping his money, Carell responds, “My Mattress.”

Carell echoes the sentiment of millions of Americans who have no faith in their governments, the markets, the banks or the courts. If the United States government and courts don’t deal directly with the banking fraud situation that has been allowed to continue for over 14 years now, Americans are going to lose faith and refuse to participate. It will be fascinating to see how the general public responds to this enlightening film.

The Big Short successfully conveys how families, who were subjected to predatory loans, fell victim to soaring unemployment, a recession and declining home values. However, the film fails to effectively demonstrate the fraud the banks perpetuated (and continue to perpetuate) on unsuspecting consumers, investors, and the courts.

The mortgage debacle was a criminal banking enterprise motivated by greed with no consideration for the Americans who fell victim to their predatory scheme. The Big Short fails to develop this critical element of the mortgage story. Towards the film’s end, Christian Bale’s character accuses Goldman Sachs of failing to fairly price his market bets until the bank could repackage and off-load their own liabilities onto other investors. In reality, in-house traders at Goldman were describing their own mortgage bond offerings as garbage while selling this ‘junk’ to investors and profiting handsomely. The big question is why aren’t any of these bankers in prison for their criminal venture?

The Big Short does not delve deeper into the fact that the banks have foreclosed on homes they don’t own, claimed to have funded loans they didn’t fund, and have deceived the courts in millions of foreclosure cases nationwide over the past decade. In order to cover their original fraud, the banks have resorted to more fraud in order to escape detection by filing fraudulent affidavits, forged mortgage notes, and false assignments in county records and in the courts. Although I have only reviewed movie trailers to date, I am interested not so much in the film, but how the public will respond. Will some borrowers secure mortgage audits to see if their loan was securitized? Will others conduct chain of title assessments? Will others take to the streets and demand change? The banks are not going to stop their ongoing fraudulent lending practices, court deception, or the creation of indecipherable, deceptive investment vehicles- until they are forced to. Without action, we can expect future bubbles, recessions, depressions and market volatility. Hopefully The Big Short will incite consumers to demand change.

Why Brad Pitt Is So Mad?

by Christine Roman, published on CNN Money, on December 11, 2015

The Big Short Trailer (2015)

The Big Short Scenes

When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global collapse of the economy, they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything. Based on the true story and best-selling book by Michael Lewis (The Blind Side, Moneyball), and directed by Adam Mckay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) The Big Short stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt stars as an investor who made a massive profit on the 2008 financial crisis.

Seven years after Lehman Brothers collapsed, “This ‘greed is good’ mentality is still alive and well,” he says.

Pitt produced and co-stars in the screen adaptation of Michael Lewis’s mortgage crisis book, “The Big Short.” He says he doesn’t love to walk the red carpet, but made a point to for this film. It’s an effort to decode Wall Street’s insider language and show the financial crisis from the perspective of the real life story of a handful of odd-balls and outsiders who saw the housing bubble’s financial engineering and worked hard to profit from it.

“I’ve watched all the documentaries and I’m still trying to understand it all. And it wasn’t until Michael Lewis’ book that really helped me get to the bottom of the rabbit hole to see what was going on,” Pitt says.

He says he was angry about the financial crisis before he read Michael Lewis’s book. He optioned the rights to the film, and was even angrier after he read the screenplay.

“Yeah I’m angry. You see families put out on the street and losing their savings and mortgages and not knowing why. This film attempts to explain it.”

Explain it, in some novel ways. The film stars Ryan Gosling as a Wall Street trader who looks directly into the camera to translate mortgage-backed securities. (Yes, I said Ryan Gosling and mortgage-backed securities in the same sentence.) It’s a gimmick filmmaker Adam McKay also employs actresses Selena Gomez and Margot Robbie and CNN’s own Anthony Bourdain. McKay departs from the action of his rag-tag band of short-sellers to turn to various celebrities to be translators of Wall Street lingo. Bourdain demonstrates the slicing and dicing of mortgages into tradable securities at a hibachi grill with rotten fish.

McKay says his gimmicks were meant to make the insider language of money and power more understandable. (Think tranche, collateralized debt obligation, credit default swaps.)

“I think it is the language of power. It is what drives the world. I think they (Wall Street) love that half of the people find it boring or feel too stupid,” McKay says. “This subject affects (our) lives more than all the reality shows, sports programs, gossip, everything you can combine.”

Actor Steven Carrell admits he didn’t fully understand the financial crisis before making this film.

“It’s a language that was created … to kind of separate the banks and the institutions from the people, so they wouldn’t really understand. It makes people feel stupid. It’s easy to not understand,” he says. “I didn’t know much about the 2008 crash. I knew that it happened. I knew the ramifications,” he says, but after working on this film, “It’s frustrating and terrifying.”

Carrell plays an angry pessimistic hedge fund manager with unrelenting paranoia, convinced he is getting screwed by the big banks. He bets against the housing market and screws them back, but even that doesn’t make him happy, because by winning against the banks he knows the American people are the ultimate losers. Christian Bale plays a one-eyed, barefoot investing savant betting everything on a housing crash. The film blasts the banks and ratings agencies and skewers everyone from mortgage brokers to bond salesmen and Washington policymakers. The material is heavy, the fallout catastrophic, the actors angry. But curiously, the film is often funny. Just this week it was nominated for a Golden Globe award as a comedy.

The film is more strident than Michael Lewis’s book, but the conclusion of each is the same: It took outsiders and pessimists to see the truth, because the insiders were making too much money to care.


Steve Carell (left) and Ryan Gosling (right) star as a hedge fund manager and a Deutsche Bank trader, respectively.

I asked Lewis why this movie matters seven years after the crash. After all, stocks recovered and rose sharply for six years. Twelve million jobs have been created, and home prices are rising.

“I don’t think the culture has entirely processed the event because there wasn’t a reckoning. There wasn’t a punishment,” Lewis says. “The banks are bigger than they were before. There’s been attempts on the margins to kind of rein them in, but it requires internal vigilance of the society when you have these institutions that are this big and this powerful to stop them from doing something bad again,” he says.

So have Wall Street and the public learned a lesson?

“I’m hopeful at some point we’re going to sort out our relationship to finance and money. It will be a healthier system. Do I think it’s going to happen real soon or out of this campaign? No. If it didn’t happen in the heat of the moment, it will probably take another crisis.”

The Silver Bullet-TILA Rescission

By MCH Harper, published on December 19, 2015

Well, yes, I did do it. The responsibility falls heavily on my own head. I really did create my own financial fiasco, and all in alignment with what’s much required for my soul’s and many  other’s evolution who chose to be here in this timeline. For whatever agreements and contracts have made with the Universe to come forth and “shed Light in a dark corner”, currently, I find myself in the process of foreclosure on my home, means of livelihood, retirement investment and inheritance. Due to several life changing events; divorce, bad investment Ponzi schemes congruent with a 2007 push to refinance my mortgage, then quickly manifesting life threatening health issues and devastating medical debt, well, that all set up the situation for where I’m at now.

What emotional impact has this had on me and my loved ones who are worriedly watching in the wings? Only speaking for myself, for awhile I felt very brave taking on this TILA (Truth In Lending Act) Rescission process it felt completely the right thing to do. Then, as my financial demise drained away my energies, I started to watch some of my oldest friends move as far as they could to the back of the drama-trauma auditorium. Well, who wouldn’t be stunned and embarrassed, and not without unsaid judgments oozing around my decision to stand up?

This is scary stuff for those who have always followed the rules and recipes for achieving the American Dream. Poverty eclipses affordable choices and does often drown out the expensive kinds of fun options. This retreat quickly etched on my heart wretched feelings of victimization, a sense of separation, alienation with fearful shame from my oldest friends who aren’t yet quite up to facing the Awful Truth of the Grand Deception we all are party to. It goes so deep, and though they are still looking away, I see clear signs now of peeking over their shoulders a bit, coming around as I walk this path.

We are not completely estranged from our lifetime relationships, but very close to finally calling it quits. Still, maybe I’m not deemed a complete foolish flake after all. But it isn’t over yet and my door is still unlocked and open cautiously guarded by my ever present ego.

I HAD to flip my expectations and perceptions drastically, and viscerally now feel volunteering and shopping at the Food Bank is something everyone should experience. Gone is what I  thought was our mutual standing in feminine solidarity, an unsaid support for each other no-matter-what, embracing life’s injustices toward women. Being independent, non-partnered and without a second income brings up issues dear old Gloria Steinem drummed on about in “Ms” articles. My own epiphany is that it isn’t just women and minorities being abused here on a grand scale, but that EVERYONE is being abused. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am not the feminist I thought I was. My real stand is humanistic support for our basic value for universal humanity and Creator given rights.

Hey, I forgive my dear friends and family who still don’t get it. Life has chewed them up in other monstrous forms because coming to Earth at this time in planetary history isn’t for  weenies, and I can’t blame them for being too tired and too scared themselves to jump on my personal soapbox. They’ve contributed to the good of all in their own important ways. We do what we can do within our present consciousness, and taking on the behemoth banking system without an in-depth education into our shadowed global, national, and banking history, isn’t recommended, and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the angst, fear, depression, roller-coastered with flashes of hope and renewed trust in Self and bolstered by those beloved family and friends who have stepped up to assist me. I am now a devout believer in the Steel Magnolia Dolly Parton twangy cliché “ The Lord works in Mysterious Ways”.

However, even if one doesn’t have an ounce of energy left to officially get involved and stand forward, one can go outside, stand solidly on Mother Gaia with knees flexed a bit, and proclaim loudly or softly, and energetically in Spirit, that you just don’t consent to any more deception by  the seen and unseen, and that you cancel all unlawful contracts. Fraud vitiates all contracts.

That’s better than doing nothing and it is a form of taking back your power and also aligning with those who are out there on the front lines. The key is you’ve got to mean it with every fiber of your being and believe in your heart of hearts that loving help is on it’s way. It’s called Faith, baby.

I purchased my home in 2005, and to augment what now can be described as my Ponzi-backed post massage therapist retirement fund, in 2007, I bought the bank hype and snapped up the opportunity to “leverage” my money and refinanced my mortgage, all so I could add more to my retirement savings. I had some major catching up to do from the economic hit I took in a divorce. To date, the Ponzi boys are sitting in the slammer up in Calgary, Alberta, doing 10 to 12 years having pulled off the biggest investment scam in Canadian history and bilking  thousands of others out of millions and millions. Even though I personally went to Canada and Honduras to check these guys out, thinking I was doing my own due diligence, I laughingly come away from the whole of these experiences realizing I was double-Ponzied, first by the Canadians and now through mortgage securitization schemes.

Like millions and millions of other naive homeowners, unsuspectingly I signed what I thought was a lawful contract with what I thought was a safe institution with integrity and multiple  governmental safeguards for the consumer. Following being financially wiped out and jobless, due to multiple hospitalizations, I paid the last bleeding payment I could March 3, 2009.

Stressed, broke, scared, but slowly building back my physical stamina, I began to study— avidly looking for possible magic bullets for debt relief. Believe me, I tried everything I could to get the debt discharged in good faith. I went to numerous seminars led by debt grief relief gurus, read eye-watering article after eye-watering internet article and books by whistle-blowers, gave up mainstream news, poured over alternative internet sites, listened to numerous educational conference calls, talk shows and recordings long into the night, and could only speak about any of this with the few friends I felt I had left, those being in my same imminent foreclosure predicament. At the risk of losing all friendships, I found I literally was leading a double life.

There were the superficial every day survival conversations with people, then there was the life I had in my office at the computer exploring my options for keeping my home. Everything was tried that I could that well-meaning, and not-so-well-meaning “light workers” put out there to throw back at the Cabal and their debt slavery-making systems. Some meant well, and others were charlatans, and several white hats were most likely manipulated and brought down because they were just too damn close to the truth about our “government.”

Earlier this year, I began studying Neil Garfield’s website Living Lies about TILA (Truth In Lending Act) and Rescission. He has an 8-year history of researching and  recommending TILA rescission as a possible means for voiding out commercial contracts. Studying his blog articles which by the way are written so that they are fairly easy to understand, I began to feel it in my solar plexus that this was the right remedy, at least for my situation, all along.

January 2015 the unanimous US Supreme Court Jesinoski v Countrywide decision vindicated Mr. Garfield’s stand on rescission, and opened up more and more test cases regarding  Rescission. Just recently in November a Federal Oregon judge decided on another huge rescission case in favor of the homeowner. If you are not familiar with this, there are many  interesting articles available on the Garfield site that explain just how simple rescission is.

I must say here and now that if you are hanging by your exhausted thumbs and swinging in the wind with regard to imminent foreclosure, you must do your own education on this, and this posted article is not to be construed as legal advice. I’m just telling you about my own process.

In June, I received a Notice of Default on my door, albeit past the statute of limitations for debt collection in my state. Honoring my own internal radar, I sent in my own rescission to void out the Deed of Trust and Promissory Note. At that time, I had not retained an advocate counselor to advise me.

July 23, 2015, the same day that I sent in my TILA rescission, I received a Notice of Trustee Sale. Curious, yes? One night, that week going through what I call a Dark Night of the Soul, I  reached out somewhat testily in exasperation and not even politely asked the Universe/Creator to help me with this; that if I was going to stick my neck out and go with this process, I needed a financial infusion if I was to continue to carry the load of this work.

A week later, out of the mysterious blue, a most generous family member stepped up and offered to help me, and with that help I retained a local advocate attorney, one with sharp claws, and one who understands the Garfield rescission process and recommended by Garfield. Since then, my cheerleading family member has several times told me not to give up, to keep going, as at times I tearfully wanted to just go to bed and pull the covers over my head and whimper. Then I also remembered the other friends going through the same scenario, and those who have badgered out late into the night the scabs and warts of the bank’s paperwork, and brought forth important truth about the unlawfulness of banking shenanigans.

One issue that came bubbling up through all of this has been my profound distrust in general of all lawyers knowing how they are by oath loyal to the Crown (the City of London). What I have known all along is that I am not a good pro se litigant. I just don’t have a sharp memory and legal mind, nor confidence to stand up and spout my knowledge on rules of procedure and rules of evidence. Yet, what occurred to me was that I was co-creating change within a very corrupt system and that a true litigator with a pure heart for anti-foreclosure advocacy needed to be the front person to bring about change by cleaning up the courts and educating her professional peers. It was her time to step up to the judges and give it her best shot. I brought forth the test case, and the pro needed to make the truth of it be heard.

The defendants had set a date for Trustees Sale in November, and then last minute filed for Continuance of Trustee Sale for early January 2016. My heart was in my throat most of  November because I didn’t understand nor trust the process of my own powerful creation. I kept wondering by my tendency for negative default thinking if I was going to have to gather my camping gear and go live under a freeway bridge somewhere with my rescue cats.

Then recently, someone wise and very important to me gently but firmly advised I get out of my own Creative Being way, to step back and let the lawyer do her thing. She was so right.

The law suit is primarily testing the waters of my right to rescind under the Truth in Lending Act. It cannot and does not go into the myriad bullet points of reasons why I would contest the contract in the first place. These are separate issues of violations. I have unlawful assignments by MERS, unlawful Robo signings, interesting unlawful notarizations, unlawful Appointment of Successor Trustee, unlawful Declaration of  Beneficiary, invalid Notice of Default, and violation of statute of limitations, to name a few. What used to be a mortgage document is nothing but a phantom wheel of Swiss cheese now voided by my TILA rescission.

I don’t think opposition is going to want this to get out, and so I am telling my story now in case I won’t be able to later.

What I do know right now in this process is that just in the last week I have started to sleep better; KNOWING no matter what the outcome might be, I have done the best I can– already.

But would I do it all again? Again? Really? Plod through the heartbreak and frustrations of Trial and Error? Not sure I could go through the bad health event again, however. Even though today I don’t know what the outcome really will be, as that could be drawn out to two years or even more, and I am loathe to say it, but yes I would do it all over again. Why? Because if I  hadn’t gone through all this self-inflicted excruciation, I wouldn’t be able to say at the End of the Day I did everything within my I AM Being to help bring in the Light for Change for us all.

I feel I am on the front lines, but really I’m not. There are others sticking their necks out even more than I have. Neil Garfield and my lawyer to name a couple.

My vision for the next generation to come will be that we live and know complete freedom, with our Creator given rights and gifts unimpeded, and that we evolve with the concept that we cause no harm to all creation and that everyone has complete understanding of their own responsibility to cause no harm. That means learning to work together. That means creating a world at Peace, being Peace. Thus, abundance flows toward everybody.

With that, I implore anyone who is unconsciously creating a living from the foreclosure industry and flourishing at the sorrow and hardships of others, to rethink your own culpability in  supporting global slavery. Now that you know what you have contributed to, what will you say at the End of your Day? Find the compassion that lives within you, embrace your true humanity, and step away from harmful choices that destroy others’ spirits. Find another way to support yourself and family. Humanity and the Universe will support you if you do this. You just have to let go and trust it. You are Loved right now, no matter what, but if you change your career choice, you will actually begin to feel loved again and maybe even revel in it.

“Those who don’t keep an open mind to all possibilities by hiding their heads in the sand, ultimately take the risk of never finding out why and who “moved their cheese” and why we  continue to wage perpetual war for the benefit of the Puppet Masters.” MCH Harper