California Law Enforcement

Submitted for PN publishing 30 May 2014:

“I just experienced the police state firsthand.  My wife and I are separated – her choice, which I must respect – and our five-year-old son, Nicholas, was being shared by us by mutual agreement; she works a full-time job and I am a stay-at-home dad, so I pick him up from kindergarten every day and she has him whenever she wants him.  I have never once refused or even resisted her requests for time with him.  I tried to tell her that we do not need the state to control and dictate our relationship, since I am into cooperation with her and love and caring for Nicholas.  But yesterday, she came across with a completely different attitude; she flatly stated she was taking him for the week and weekend, so I was free to go to visit my father, 300 miles north.  I decided to ask Nicholas what he wanted to do, spend the weekend with mommy or me, and he enthusiastically said me.  It was the last day of school, so we could have a relaxing weekend together.  But my wife called and wanted him back, despite his wishes, and I didn’t think it was fair not to consider his wishes.  I told her we were on the way to his 98-year-old grandfather, which we go to every few weeks.  She filed a missing person warrant and they showed up at my father’s house about an hour after I got there.  They said they had a missing person warrant and didn’t know where Nicholas was and if he was safe.  Nicky was right there and obviously safe and happy, but they had to wait for “some papers” to come through.  After an hour of talking to them on my front steps, I said, “I want to check on Nicky and turned to look in the front door, at which point both police officers, dressed in full uniform with guns, tasers, handcuffs and all – I had on only shorts and a tee shirt – grabbed my arms and handcuffed my arms behind my back, then put me in a squad car and drove me off to jail.  I was arrested for resisting and obstructing although I never resisted or obstructed anything.  I would still be in jail if I couldn’t make the $2000 bail.  It turns out – I first heard it in jail – that my wife had obtained full custody of Nicholas behind my back.  Looking back, I realize their whole talk with me was an attempt to trap me, and when I turned to look for Nicky, they assumed I was going to enter my house and that somehow justified their violence.  My little boy, whom I love and live for, will only get to see me with permission of the state and my wife’s whims.

In her Court Order, she cites my Courtesy Notice and my Invoice as evidence that I have lost touch with reality.  This is the use the courts put my Courtesy Notice to; they quote “ … That any and all CHARTERS, inclusive of The United States Federal Government, UNITED STATES, ‘STATE of…” …are now, void, worthless, or otherwise cancelled, unrebutted;…” and use this as “evidence” for “grave concerns for our son’s safety.”