California Highway Patrol

I got a speeding ticket today, and I made a connection with two of the four drivers of the four California Highway Patrol cars that stopped to backup the being who stopped me with his flashing lights. I said, “What’s the emergency?” and he answered without hesitation, “You were speeding.”

I pointed out the distinction between law and statutes and that statutes only applied to commerce.  He looked at my license plate and asked what the circle and C meant, and I said, it’s a copyright, meaning the state does not control it, I do.

I pointed out that “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal” means that no one has authority over any other; we are all equal; I am on his side; we are all the people.  He agreed.  But he could not stop obeying his orders; his job was at stake and he would never consider yielding to truth or reason.

So I have a citation stating “WITHOUT ADMITTING GUILT, I PROMISE TO APPEAR AT THE TIME AND PLACE INDICATED BELOW.”  I stamped it ‘Without prejudice pursuant to UCC 1-308’, but that stamp did not show on my copy.  Sneaky!

So I am responding as follows:

It’s not just We the People, it’s We the Planet!

I am not a citizen of the United States or the State of California, I am a real being born into the republic of north America, established in 1776.  I do not agree to contract with your corporation nor do I accept any proceedings that may have been made with my strawman, XXXXZXXXXXXXXXXX, for whom I reserve all rights as agent.

A difficult period in most of our lives was realizing the fact of the corporate takeover that was not taught to any of us in school, and in which we have all been complicit by the use of money and the behavior we have continued due to our belief in what we have been told.

However, waking up to reality, and recognizing the lies, deception – treason – of the corporate nations and their controllers, the inventors and sustainers of money, credit and debt, we must, all of us, put and end to scarcity and war and begin living abundance and cooperation.

I will not in any way condone or support either by direct action or by submitting to or contributing to acts of treason against we the people by groups of people claiming to be corporations and claiming to have control over beings who do not consent to their control or jurisdiction.  I am a being created equal to all other beings and endowed by my creator with unalienable rights.  My right to travel is not a privilege to be revoked by specious egos claiming powers they do not have and have no right to.  Your only control is violence, which you wield with your weapons and your manipulation of other beings by means of mind control systems such as money, fear, and propaganda.  Your actions and your use of these systems is against Natural Law and in violation of the Creator.  You will be brought before a people’s grand jury and you will answer for any harm you have caused.  Travel is a right, not a privilege.  You and your imaginary corporation have no valid authority over any being, and you will cease and desist from any further harm to any other being of the creator.



Avoid the Stockton area of California; I just got two citations there, once for no current registration and another for speeding.  I pointed out to the arresting officer that the United States and the State of California were both corporations in breech of the public trust by enforcing statutes that contradict Natural Law (do no harm), and that travel is an unalienable Right, not a state-sanctioned privilege. And to introduce a compound cognitive dissonance, the arresting officer agreed with me, then proceeded to look me up in his data bank and issue the citation, in direct contradiction to what he just agreed to.  It’s time to pull the plug on these imaginary institutions of corporate government.  I am calling them on this: I do not agree to contract with any corporation or corporate entity engaged in treason against We the People.  I hope others will stand up too, or, with the typical violence of the corporate state, I could be dragged from a life of helping others to a job making license plates!  ;-)