Australian Superannuation

The Big Flip

The single-greatest threat to your retirement you’ve never heard of

(Because no one has the guts
to go on-record with it…)

By Nick Hubble 

‘That’s what Australia calls its retirement savings system, which in just two decades has become one of the most highly regarded in the world.

‘Since its introduction in 1992, the Superannuation Guarantee program has grown to $1.52 trillion, more than the country’s gross domestic product, with more than 90 percent of workers putting money into the system.

‘By comparison, Americans have about twice that, $2.8 trillion, in their 401(k) accounts, with a population 14 times larger. “I believe that superannuation is as much a source of national advantage and pride as the Australian Olympic team,” Bill Shorten, the minister in charge of the program, said last year.’

– In Australia, Retirement Saving Done Right, BusinessWeek

The rest of the world loves our superannuation.

And if you agree your retirement savings are in ‘Olympian’ hands…maybe you should stop reading right now. What follows will probably just annoy you.

On the other hand…If you have a niggling hunch there is a rotten core inside the golden apple of Australia’s retirement system…you should read this Special Issue. And very carefully too…
This is the first issue of The Money for Life Letter that I’ve decided to make Special.

In other words; the subject matter is so important I am compelled to publish it beyond my paid readership…to everyone…free of charge


Because giant wrecking ball is about to smash Australia’s retirement system to smithereens. That wrecking ball is called The Big Flip. And unless you take the evasive action outlined in this Special Issue, everything you’ve saved and invested over your whole working life could soon be GROUND to DUST.

Now, you may think I’m being over-the-top.

I know my audience thought that at first when I went public with this on March 31st, 2014.
On that day I gave a presentation to several hundred retirement savers at a swanky Melbourne hotel. I opened with a warning:

‘This is probably going to be the most bearish speech you’ve ever heard’

This resulted in cheerful laughter.

I tell you what though: The laughing didn’t last for long…

I’m publishing this Special Issue to give you the same warning I gave those people that day.

The Big Flip is coming.

In these pages I’ll show you what that is. And — if you find my research compelling — how you can prepare for it.

Let’s face it. There are plenty of places you can go for dismal forecasts about the future. Solutions, however, are much harder to find. In fact they’re practically non-existent. For that reason I have dedicated the last third of this Special Issue, from page 19 onwards, to outlining a five-part plan for dealing with the scenario I see coming.

For reasons I’ll explain later, I call this plan ‘The First-Mover Manifesto’.

It’s comprised of six Action Points. If you make these six adjustments to how your wealth is position, not only am I confident that The Big Flip won’t affect you…there is a good chance you can reap financial dividends from what’s about to happen.

These solutions won’t make much sense to you until you understand The Big Flip, and realise the sea-change it’s going to cause in Australia over the next 5-10 years. Still, here’s a preview of some of the solutions contained in The First-Mover Manifesto:

First-Mover Equities: In Japan over the last 10 years these stocks doubled the return of the overall market. If I’m right, the same is about to happen here over the next 10 years…
The Security Ladder: A barely-known strategy that involves investing in a particular type of security (not shares) that’s almost guaranteed to pay you a fixed return all through retirement. It’s government-backed. And it has NOTHING to do with the stock market (although to set it up it’s as easy as going online to buy a share…)
How to invest in Outside-the-System assets: The law forbids you from opting out of the ‘official’ retirement system. But you CAN accumulate these rare assets that are ring-fenced completely from any kind of superannuation crisis… (and I’m not talking about gold or precious metals…)
The secret of Interest Rate Inverters: You’ll love this if you’re sick of measly interest rates offered by banks on your savings. I’ve found two little-known investments where your profit margin INCREASES every time the RBA lowers interest rates.
4 ‘Anti-Big Flip Investments’ that Could Soar in the Next Decade: Only four stock markets in the world are immune to the sweeping change that’s coming. I’ve identified them…and pinpointed three clever and easy ways to invest in them from Australia.
Big Flip Speculations: High-risk stocks are not really to my taste. But when a juicy opportunity jumps out at me, I’ll take it. Last year I tipped Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory at $3.80. Months later an international bidding war broke out over this company…sending the stock over $9. What kind of speculative stocks could do very well in the Big Flip scenario I’m about to lay out for you? Read on…
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