Peoples’ Mandate – Australia 


• The lack of transparency, integrity and accountability of Australia’s Political and Judicial system and the deficiencies within the current system of law and order – for example, escalating police brutality?

• Loss of 360,000 of the 400,000 farming families Australia once had, loss of food supply independence, when Australia rode on a sheep’s back? Loss of Australian jobs, and businesses to Asia and other foreign interests?

• The corporate take-over of Australia by foreign interests and corporatization of its resources and other assets including natural resources, farmland and businesses?

• The lack of accountability and liability of some public entities such as the ATO, TGA, ASIC, ACCC and others?

• The level of taxation levied in Australia, the rapidly deteriorating economy and the ever-escalating costs of living in Australia?

• Manipulation of financial product and credit markets creating the high and escalating costs of debt service, particularly home loans, mortgages and credit card debt?

• Degradation of everything that we Australians hold dear and of our natural resources and cultural icons – what is our uniquely Australian lifestyle. In particular, the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, pollution to our air due to geo-engineering, chemtrails, poisoning of our water supplies through mass fluoridation and chlorination and widespread coal seam gas fracking mining operations, the mass medication of our population due to fluoridation, chlorination and prescription drugs, poisoning of our children by way of unnecessary forced vaccinations, genetic modification of our food sources while destroying our traditional natural food sources and the lands they are grown in?

• Are YOU losing everything you ever worked for, angry and want to do something about it?

• Do YOU want to help reverse the trends of the last 40 – 50 years to Australia’s increasing poverty, loss of political and economic sovereignty and contribute to restoring Australia’s sovereignty and prosperity to Australians?

• Are YOU looking for practical solutions to implement IMMEDIATELY?

Help us to help YOU and support this AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE’S MANDATE 2014, so TOGETHER we all can restore Australia and ALL Australians to the prosperity of the 1960’s.

Mandate: A command, order, or direction, written or oral, which court is authorized to give and person is bound to obey. Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition page 495

We, the common people of Australia your electors, hereby order and direct you, our Australian parliamentary representatives, to IMMEDIATELY and within 72 hours of being served this Mandate, confirm in writing that you will perform the following in timely manner and as promptly as practically possible or step aside from your political office:

1. Restore the original Commonwealth of Australia Corporation by whatever means necessary and ratify its Constitution.

2. Deregister the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and all corporations posing as member States of the Federation of the Commonwealth of Australia from all registries including but not limited to the United Nations (UN), the United States of America’s Securities and Exchange Commission and any other registry.

3. Rescind ALL international treaties entered into by the Commonwealth of Australia or COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA since 1972, including but not limited to, the Lima Agreement, the North American Free Trade Agreement

4. To not enter into any further international treaties, including but not limited to the Trans Pacific Partnership, without the prior written consent of the common people of Australia via a national referendum

5. Rescind ALL State and Federal Acts of Australia drawn up since 1972

6. Immediately instigate within Australia a Royal Commission to investigate of the following:

a) The collaborators behind the dismantling and destruction of the judicial and political separation of powers guaranteed under the ratified Australian Constitution;

b) The collaborators instrumental in introducing and implementing the program of Agenda 21 – “sustainable development programs” within Australia thereby committing crimes against the Commonwealth and the common people of Australia, in particular those specifically behind the following programs, organisations and industries;

(i) fluoridation and chlorination of each of the public water supplies;

(ii) forced vaccination and mass medication;

(iii) Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) and Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (“AHPRA”);

(iv) Coal Seam Gas fracking and the mining industry;

(v) orchestrated release into the biosphere of particulate pollutants, a program known as geo-engineering and Chemtrails;

(vi) the carbon tax and the Australian Taxation Office;

c) The Port Arthur massacre and the gun prohibition laws

d) The Anti-sedition laws and the Queensland Biker Laws;

e) Local government acts, drawn up in defiance of the WILL of the common people of Australia as expressed by referendum;

f) Those politicians supporting the New World Order agenda, with a view to prosecute those who directly and indirectly contributed to subvert Australia’s sovereignty and harm its people,

7. Wind up and dissolve the ATO, TGA, AHPRA, ACCC, ASIC and ALL Local councils.

8. Immediately nationalise and reinstate the Australian Reserve Bank as a rightful Australian Government instrument.

9. Immediately assume ownership of all Australian strategic resources and services, protect Australian Industries prohibit any influence over the Australian government by any corporation, power or interest other than the electorate

10. Immediately form plans and then implement State and National infrastructure development policies and programs re:

a) Leading world technologies with respect to building, transportation, health, energy, education, organic non-genetically modified food supply, waste treatment and environmental purification (including but not limited to water and air);

b) Regeneration and decentralisation of industries including, but not limited to, energy, water, fuel, transport, education, public services and banking as well as incentives to regenerate small businesses and farming.

c) Removal of all foreign-owned and operated military facilities, bases and personnel;

d) Provision of water supply throughout the Australian continent to provide sufficient water to ‘green’ all areas, for example canals directing water from north Queensland to the rest of Australia

e) Removal of current taxation infrastructure and replacing it with a 1% debits tax collected by the Australian Federal Government and applied in management of local infrastructure and the gross domestic product. NO borrowings from IMF

f) Removal of unnecessary Government regulation and streamlining, replaced ultimately with a Ten Point Moral Code.

g) Streamline government to establish smallest per capita government in the world.

h) Dismantle government privatisation and corporatization programs, reinstate key essential services as government functions, such as police, defence, corporate policing, etc thus removing the profit motive to raise revenue.

i) Remove all multinational, transnational corporations, foreign banks, bank, oil and drug cartels and foreign control from Australia and foreign ownership of vital strategic important and essential Australian industries, assets and services.

j) Quarterly held, people’s initiated referendum to express the will of the people and keep government in check.

11. Protect the common people of Australia and their assets/interests against all threats from foreign multinational and transnational interests, organisations and governments, whether bona fide or corporate.

Take Notice we, the electors and people of the land commonly called Australia reserve our dominion granted by our Creator and that we do not consent to any variation from this Mandate, that we Command you obey OUR WILL and instructions, disclosed within this Mandate, as well as through formal elections and quarterly referendums so our WILL is immediately performed.

By you instituting the above 11 directives we anticipate to dramatically raise the level of prosperity for all Australians It is our WILL and COMMAND that you perform your fiduciary duties and serve us as per this Mandate Should any Australian parliamentary representative repent, apologise and sign an Oath of Allegiance to Australia and the common people of Australia, a reprieve against prosecution for crimes committed against the Commonwealth and common people of Australia will be granted.