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- Number plate scanners now being used in WA

- Further proof that it’s all about the money

- How much clearer does it need to be before you’ll take action?

- More misleading propaganda

- The lowest of the low

- But wait, there’s more – tolls soon be charged on ALL roads!

- Latest Testimonials and Feedback

- Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards


It’s been a very busy couple of weeks since we last wrote to you and we would like to begin by thanking you for taking notice of our recent request and reading our FAQ page first, before sending us your questions via e-mail. This has really helped to reduce our workload, which, in turn, has meant that we have been able to work on other important projects such as our upcoming seminar event with the Know Your Rights group.

Over the past 7 and a half years, we have had numerous requests from Members and Subscribers regarding us conducting another seminar. We have also had a number of requests for additional information, above and beyond what we cover in our e-book on just traffic fines. Accordingly, we’re sure that many of you will be pleased to hear about our segment at the upcoming Know Your Rights seminar, being held in Melbourne on the 15th of November.

You can find out more details about the topics that will be covered during the full day event and book your seat via this page - If you are unable to attend the Melbourne seminar, please be sure to register your interest in a similar life-changing seminar being held in your State via the Registration of Interest form on the bottom right hand side of the page.

We would urge you all to please pass the details of this seminar onto anyone who is interested in finding out more about successfully challenging unjust and unlawful traffic fines, as well as learning about their rights on a larger scale as well. There is a seminar flyer at the bottom of that page that you can download and send off via e-mail or upload to Facebook as well, to help spread the word.

In the meantime though, there are a number of new issues facing Aussie motorists and things are really starting to get serious now. If people don’t start collectively start taking action and fighting back, it will simply be “too late”. So, we would urge you all to read through the following articles to understand why you must fight back now!

Number plate scanners now being used in WA

We have been warning people for a few months now about the dramatic increase in revenue raising strategies and powers being given to various agencies around the country. And, whilst number plate scanners have been used in other States for quite some time now, WA motorists are now in for a rude awakening as they return to their vehicles to find them clamped because of failure to pay illegal, void and unjust fines.

You can read about the latest “war on fines” in WA here -  Please keep in mind that these new powers do absolutely nothing to stop drivers who are driving dangerously at a particular point in time and, therefore, have absolutely zero impact on road safety. Instead, they are there to collect revenue for the government as a result of unlawful and unjust fines that have, in most cases, never been proven and thus, according to law, are illegal and void.

Of greatest concern to us is the deceptive and misleading statements that are being made by the Attorney-General, such as; “Our overall aim is to reclaim millions of dollars from this small group of fine dodgers who repeatedly flout the law, yet expect hardworking WA taxpayers to foot the bill.” How exactly are “hard working WA taxpayers” footing any bill? And, what bill specifically are they footing?

Is he suggesting that taxpayers are paying people’s fines for them? No, of course not. So what on earth is he crapping on about? This is a war on motorists and the Attorney-General is deliberately trying to pit motorist against motorist and create general and civil unrest. This should be seen as an act of war and dealt with accordingly!

Now, we know we’ve said it a million times but we will continue saying it until the message gets through – Section 8, Sub-section 12 of the Imperial Acts Application Act clearly states that “All fines and forfeitures before conviction are illegal and void”. So, if a fine hasn’t gone before a court of competent jurisdiction, where your case has actually been heard and you have been convicted of a crime, then the fine is illegal and void and they have no lawful right to clamp your car or suspend your driver’s licence.

But, as you can see, that doesn’t stop them. What will stop them is if; A) people challenge their fines as soon as they get them, B) make applications for revocation/annulment of any old, outstanding fines that they received before they got our e-book and, C) if the clamps are cut off and never returned to them because they don’t have any wording such as, “These clamps remain the property of the Sheriff’s office at all times” and, because once they are fitted to your vehicle, they become a chattel to your vehicle and thus, your property.

So, fight back now and encourage others to do the same or face the fact that the chances of you returning from work one day or from your weekly shopping, to find your car has been clamped and immobilised, is higher then ever before.

Again, you have been warned!

- Further proof that it’s all about the money

And, motorists in QLD are also feeling the pain of new legislation brought in by the government, purely to raise revenue from unjust and unlawful fines. This article - - details how debt collectors have now been employed to chase up fines on behalf of the government.

This is a really important article and we would urge each and every one of you to read it, no matter what State you are in, because it reveals some very important information that will be of benefit to you all.

Firstly, there is no requirement for any government to use debt collectors because they already have their own army of debt collectors – they are called Sheriffs and, as the section above details, they are being given new powers all the time to collect on these so-called “debts”. What this categorically proves, however, is that these governments are now 100% corporatised and are operating as “de facto” governments, completely beyond their power to do so. Private companies and corporations use debt collectors, not true governments – this shows that our governments are now just corporations working against us.

Secondly, if they are claiming a debt against you – which is what this article suggests – then they need to verify and validate the debt itself. Accordingly, as private debt collectors are now being used, you can send them a formal Debt Disclosure Statement and they are required, by law, to answer it before pursuing the matter any further. If they fail to do so, then you can report them to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

This actually applies to any private debt and, if anyone is facing this kind of situation, we would urge them to contact our new friends at and say that you got their details from us and ask them to help you with writing off any outstanding private debts you may have. Please note that they can only help with private debts – such as to a bank – not outstanding fines – except in the scenario detailed above.

Thirdly, given the wording of section 115 of the Commonwealth Constitution and sections 9, 11, 16 & 22 of the Currency Act 1965, how exactly do these private governments and their private debt collectors expect you to “pay the debt”. Now, this may be a little complicated for some to get their head around but, as the Know Your Rights guys have explained on their weekly radio broadcasts a number of times - - every dollar in our wallets has an automatic debt associated with it and most people are aware of the fact that you cannot pay a debt with another debt – for example, you can’t pay a credit card with another credit card – so you cannot lawfully discharge these debts either.

Accordingly, the following statement is blatantly and factually incorrect - “These reforms will reduce the outstanding debt and will also send a clear message to the community that enough is enough when it comes to debtors who have the financial capacity to pay their fines but choose not to,” the spokeswoman said. The debt cannot be reduced under the current economic climate – given the complete lack of lawful and/or valuable consideration – and, the reality is that no-one has the financial capacity to “pay” the debts.

You will, of course, note that despite this lengthy article, there is not a single mention of “road safety” or “reducing the road toll” because this insidious practice is all plain and simply about raising revenue.

- How much clearer does it need to be before you’ll take action?

One of our Members sent us the following article from the ACT - - and we really don’t know how to make it any clearer than it is in this story.

The opening line boasts that; There were no serious or fatal crashes in the first week of the school holidays despite a boost in traffic across ACT roads.” However, the very next line details the fact that 214 fines and 98 cautions were handed out during that same period. Now, they claim that they were targeting dangerous drivers so, they either miraculously found every single one and stopped them in their track or, the things that they were targeting – like speed – actually have little or no impact on the road toll at all, as is confirmed by these figures.

And, to really hammer the point home, the closing line states that; “The ACT road toll for 2014 sits at nine, two more than last year’s total.” So, despite more fines being issued in the ACT than ever before, the road toll has, once again, increased!

Is there anyone out there that still doesn’t get the message loud and clear – this is all about revenue raising!!!

It seems as though the only people that truly understand what is going on are our “mates across the ditch” in New Zealand. This excellent article - - spells it out beautifully and explains why the current system of revenue raising cannot possibly ever lead to a reduction in the road toll.

This paragraph - “The police believe that if they can make ordinary drivers scared to speed anywhere, anytime, the road toll will drop. This is, sadly, nonsense, because the drivers who cause most speed-related accidents tend to ignore both road safety messages and speeding tickets. They are almost all either blotto, or motorcyclists or young working-class males who live on the edge of the law. The government’s own studies show this.” - relates to Australia just as it does to New Zealand and perfectly mirrors false and misleading propaganda that we are bombarded with here every day, as well as the same, ineffective results.

The remainder of the article is spot on and statements such as this - “In fact, most accidents don’t involve illegal speeds at all; about 80% of fatalities occur at speeds below the legal limit.” - and this - “In Australia’s Northern Territory, the police no longer enforce speed limits at all on one highway. Instead, they target reckless driving. During the years when the police blindly enforced speed limits, as they do in New Zealand, the Northern Territory road toll actually increased. - simply cannot be ignored.

The reason they keep getting away with this rubbish is because we let them! Every time you blindly hand over your hard earned cash and pay a fine rather than challenging it, you are sending them a message that they can keep getting away with it. By getting everyone to challenge every fine they receive, it sends a loud and clear message that Aussie motorists will simply not put up with this crap anymore.

The choice is yours and the power to make changes is squarely in your hands and that of your friends, family and fellow motorists – so please exercise it.

- More misleading propaganda

At least our next story seems to have a slightly positive spin on it - - the fact that 10 speed cameras are being removed appears, on the surface of it, to be great news. However, sadly, the reality of the situation – that can be seen if one looks between the lines – is simply more lies and deception.

The story opens with the line, “There’s proof this evening that not all speed cameras save lives” – that would have to be one of the understatements of the year. As we have explained many times, the way in which a speed camera operates – taking a photo and sending you a fine in the mail 3 to 4 weeks after the fact – is clear and obvious proof that a speed camera can never possibly “save someone’s life”.

The reporter then goes onto talk about “destroying a speed camera legally”, however, there is absolutely no suggestion that these cameras will ever be “destroyed”. They have made their money in that area and enough people are aware of them in that location so they are no longer generating revenue so they will just be removed and relocated to another area. And so the lies and deception of this article begin.

We challenge you to write to Mr Duncan Gray and ask him for his written confirmation that the 10 cameras he mentions will actually be destroyed. Is there anyone reading this who is willing to bet us that the cameras won’t simply be relocated???

The story then details the fact that revenue from these cameras is “soaring ahead …. up by 45%”. Again, do you really think that they would “destroy” cameras that were making them that much money! And, can someone please explain to us – or the moron at the NRMA – how an increasing road toll and a dramatically increasing revenue stream is in anyway proof that, “this sends a very clear message to the community that the cameras are about safety and not about revenue raising.” We cannot fathom why he would even make such a ridiculous statement.

And, if Mr Gray’s comment that “the best way to beat a speed camera is not to speed” were true, then; A) he wouldn’t have a job , because no-one would have complained about them to the extent that they had to create his position in the first place and, B) we wouldn’t have a website. Speed cameras are fundamentally flawed and faulty, which is why so many of them have been switched off and removed over the years. Cases are won against speed cameras every week by motorists who challenge them so, once again, that comment is blatantly false and misleading.

Seriously, the fact that this story even went to air, the fact that 34 cameras have been axed already and the fact that 10 are being removed, is absolute proof, in and of itself, that these cameras do not do what they claim they do – work to reduce the road toll.

About the only really truthful statement in the whole story is the closing remark, “Every single cent that is raised by these speed cameras is funnelled back into road safety programs”. What they don’t make clear though is that they still consider speed cameras to be part of those road safety programs and they are clearly telling you that every cent they make from these cameras is used to buy more cameras!!!!!

- The lowest of the low

And, if all of the above wasn’t bad enough, we just came across the following story on A Current Affair regarding council parking inspectors wandering around in the dead of the night issuing unjust and unlawful parking fines -

Now, not that we would ever condone such a thing but, if a few of these officers were jumped by people in the dark – the streets can be dangerous at night, after all – then we dare say that they would cease this kind of disgusting behavior pretty quickly. Sometimes, the best way to fight fire is with fire and, deceptive, subversive, underhanded tactics should be challenged in the same way.

Having said that, as always, there is a much better way of putting an end to these fines and that is by successfully challenging them. We remind our Members and Subscribers that we have an entire chapter – Chapter 9 of our e-book – dedicated to explaining why all council issued parking fines are illegal and how to successfully challenge them.

There is simply nothing else we can say about this abhorrent behavior by the councils – it should simply not be tolerated and if you were to ever pay one of these ridiculous fines, not only would you be breaking the law by doing so, you would also be encouraging them to keep issuing them and hurting your fellow motorists. So, please, if you haven’t already done so, grab a copy of our licence-saving e-book - – and start fighting back against this blatant attack on our rights as well as common decency.

- But wait, there’s more – tolls soon be charged on ALL roads!

Yes, you read that heading correctly, there has now been a proposal put forward for tolls to be charged on all roads in Australia. Don’t believe us? Then check this out -

This is just absolute madness and is the ultimate in revenue raising, as well as proving that Aussie motorists are the dumbest, most apathetic group in the word! Think that’s a harsh statement? Please tell us any other country in the world where they would even think of such an insane proposal. It wouldn’t happen because there would be absolute outrage! Has there been outrage here? Have there been mass demonstrations and revolts in the streets? No, most people don’t even know about it.

This is, quite simply, disgusting.

The fact that they treat us with such complete and utter contempt is disgraceful. The fact that the general motoring public allows them to get away with it is even worse!

As we explain in our e-book, our roads are created in fee simple – We, The People own them – we cannot be charged to use them, but how many people know that? Our taxes pay for the building of these roads and, as such, they belong to us – they are not “theirs” to tax (toll).

But, once again, this proposal will be pushed through and legislated if people don’t fight back. We can detail to you what’s going on, we can hopefully fire you up to take action and we can even explain what action to take but, ultimately, you are the one who actually needs to take action to stop this.

So, if this angers you – and it damn well should – and you want to tell these morons where to stick their “proposal”, then please take a moment to go to this link - - and make a submission and explain that you are expressing Your Will that our roads remain free from tolls – as section 92 of the Commonwealth Constitution dictates – and you do not authorise them to approve any such proposal.

You only have until the 17th of November to lodge your complaint though so please fill it out straight away and spread it around via e-mail and Facebook and ensure that everyonedoes the same because if you don’t take action then you only have yourselves to blame when this is made law sometime next year!

- Latest Testimonials and Feedback

As always, we have received a number of new Testimonials again this week from Members who have successfully used our information and strategies to defeat a number of unjust and unlawful fines. We know this e-mail is getting a bit long again so we have just included the one this week.

This is from a Member who used our information to defeat both a speeding fine and a parking fine.

Hi there

I really enjoy reading your regular letters and I was sad to read your frustration in the second last one so I thought to brighten your day with a couple of good news.

First I had a win against the City of Kingston for a Parking Fine at Southland shopping centre. I sent all the letters mentioned in your book, but they were totally ignored saying that there is no legal basis for them and no one has ever won the argument about  the validity of local councils. So I elected to go to court.

At the contest hearing, I again argued the validity of local councils, saying that the signs are very misleading with zones of 2 hours and zones of 4 hours and I thought some signs were added since the fine. I asked to show me a full brief of the alleged offence.

Kerry Piner showed me a photo of my car and on a separate photo, a white mark on a tyre.

I told her to prove that the mark on the tyre was actually on my car. She could not and was surprised about my question. I asked her to withdraw the fine and she refused. I told her that I will challenge the fine and left the room and the court, without going to the clerk to have a date for the hearing.

Two weeks later, I received the attached letter saying that the fine has been withdrawn because the issuing officer could not attend the court on the day. Strange, because it is not difficult to set another date.

Anyway, I won.

Secondly, I got a speeding fine in a 60 zone, allegedly travelling at 68 Km/h.

I wrote to the traffic camera office explaining why I was not speeding and giving many reasons. This was not accepted, so I elected to go to court. I did not use your letters because I thought that I had enough evidences to the contrary. ( See my partial attached submission. )

During the meeting with the police prosecutor, he told me that he never saw these arguments and it should be an interesting hearing. At the hearing, the magistrate listened to my arguments, the police prosecutor was very interested and did not really argue with them.

I crossed examined the camera operator and he also had no idea of what I was talking about, especially the rule 61% and 82% of the location of radar beam left hand setup. The main evidences came from the Victoria Police Training Manuals where all sorts of  possible interferences are listed and should be avoided. ( See my submission )

Here there were High power lines above the speed camera car, a Metal fence opposite the car and the camera probably badly setup. It lasted more than 2 hours. While we were waiting for the magistrate decision, I had a good and pleasant talk with the police prosecutor. She was not confident of winning .

At the end, the magistrate came back, was not too sure what to say, elaborated on the case and my evidences to the contrary and decided that the case was proven but dismissed.

I am still not sure what it really means, but I did not have to pay the fine and if I lost one point, I don’t care since I had 12 of them.

I would encourage anybody to challenge every speeding fines, especially if they think that they were not speeding.

Check for the possible interferences, challenge the operator and the photo.

Good luck.

Gerard – Vic.

Please also keep in mind that there are plenty more e-mails like that on our Testimonial’s pages - - and many of you will note that our old page has now grown to four full pages and continues to grow because we regularly receive stories of success, just like this, from our Members.

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Stay safe out there,

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