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Important ANZAC Day message for all Aussie motorists!

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- The blatant revenue raising in QLD

- The news is even worse in Victoria

- The truth about the police – Our friends at the Know Your Rights group

- Latest Testimonials and Feedback

- Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards

Dear Reader,


Today is ANZAC Day. It is a time for remembering those who have fallen, fighting for our freedom and liberties. So, why is it that so many people, despite all the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf in the past, are content to sit on their asses and allow all those freedoms and liberties, that have been fought for so valiantly, to be slowly but surely eroded away by the corrupt governments that now control us.

What would those diggers say from beyond the grave if they could see the disgraceful corruption that Australia has degenerated into? How disgusted would they be that their lives were given in vain? They fought so hard for us to be free and yet we give our freedoms away every day by refusing to fight back against the injustices that are forced upon us by the very people that we elected into power to do our bidding!

Yes, of course, traffic fines are just a very small part of those but they’re a great start and they are something that everyone can relate to and they are a way that everyone can fight back collectively and send a united message to the powers-that-be, that we are “Aussies”, we are fighters and we will not be controlled or dominated anymore!

Our diggers had to fight for their lives in horrendous conditions to protect our freedoms – all you have to do is pick up a pen.

You will not find a single link to our e-book in this e-mail because we don’t care what information you use – what we care about is that Aussie motorists stand up and fight back. We’re not asking you to pick up rifles and huddle in cold, damp, muddy trenches – we’re asking you to get your asses off the couch, turn off the football and pick up a pen and write a letter to your local MP, write a letter to your State Police force or write a letter to some agency that has issued you with an unjust and unlawful fine and challenge it!

Quite frankly, if you’re not prepared to make just a small sacrifice like that, when thousands gave their lives for you then you are a disgrace, you disrespect their memory and you don’t deserve the few freedoms that you have left. No-one made it easier for our diggers to fight so forget about our e-book for today and just stand up, for one day, on your own two feet and fight back.

After all, those who don’t fight for something will fall for anything!

Let us truly honour the memory of those who have fallen by choosing to fight back, in much simpler ways, under much easier conditions, but to achieve the same end result – true freedom for all Aussies.

And, should you need any more reason than the words above to inspire you to fight back then we challenge you to read the sections, articles and stories below because, if they don’t empower you to take action then, sadly, there is clearly no hope for this fine country (pun intended) any longer.

We urge you to read on and prove us wrong …

The blatant revenue raising in QLD

Our first story is from QLD and it clearly shows the lengths that the government is going to – or, perhaps, that should be depths they are lowering themselves to – to raise revenue from entirely innocent, law abiding motorists.

The politicians reduced the tolerance levels for speeding fines a year ago in QLD and, as this story explains - - they have reaped some incredible financial rewards as a result – an extra $5 million to be exact. But, has the road toll go gone down as a result? No, of course it hasn’t, in fact, it has actually increased!

They say that speed tolerances are never published or known by the public but that is a blatant lie – people were well aware, for decades, that there used to be a 10% leeway in the issuing of fines, now A) that doesn’t exist and B) no-one has any idea what the tolerances are. The people that we elected into power to do our bidding are now keeping us in the dark in regard to how they go about raising revenue from us – that’s insane!

The police claim, that this new “enforcement action” is saving lives yet, the video at the top of the article above details that it has been the worst Easter road toll on record so clearly the current system is simply not working!

The Police are “urging motorists not to take risks” but what do you call constantly staring down at your speedo so that you don’t cop a ridiculous, unjust fine! Logic dictates that the more time your eyes are on your speedo and, therefore, not on the road, the more of a danger you are going to be – it’s not rocket science people, it is very simple, straight forward and logical.

Should there be anyone reading this who struggles with this concept in any way, please read this very short article - - which explains it in very simple to understand terminology – “Speedo gazing is a ‘fatal hazzard’”.

Further to the article at the start of this section, there was this follow up article the following day - - where the Assistant Commissioner admitted that he couldn’t point to any specific proof that all these ridiculous cameras and/or the lowering of tolerances, had reduced the road toll in any way, shape or form, despite the fact that this “crackdown” has been going for almost two years.

He goes onto suggest that it could take up to ten years for the data to become available. So, what are we, the general Aussie motoring public, supposed to do until then, just keep bending over and handing them our hard earned cash!!!

And, what happens in 10 years when it’s proven to be a load of crap – will they come back and repay all those fines with interest??? Let’s get real, this is the most obvious scam ever and yet people are still buying into it- literally “buying into it” buy handing over their money every time one of these agencies sends them a piece of paper in the mail.

At least someone has had to guts to stand up and post a sensible reply to this rubbish -

So, if you are sick of this blatant revenue raising then, as we said in our opening section, please take action and do something about it.

The news is even worse in Victoria

Yes, as the title of this section correctly states, things are even more out of control in Victoria. The Victorian government is so completely and utterly incompetent when it comes to handling finances that they need to constantly create new ways of stealing from their constituents and they have now employed a whole host of people and new ways to do that.

First off, one of our Members sent us this article – - that details the extraordinary lengths they are now going to in Victoria to try and raise every dollar worth of unjust and unlawful revenue that they can.

The article starts by explaining that police vehicles have been fitted with new technology that cost $85 million! Please, stop reading right now and think or just one minute where that $85 million comes from. Then, understand that this is an “investment” for them, they’re not doing it for nothing, they are doing to it make money. So, just to “break even” they need to steal another $85 million from completely innocent Victorian motorists and, because they need their “investment” to pay off, they actually need to raise considerably more than that.

If they’re not getting this money from you then they’re getting it from someone you know. Read the last article in the section above – most motorists are not criminals, they are genuine, law abiding people who are being preyed upon by a money-hungry government that has employed “policy officers: (police) to do their dirty work for them. Is this the kind of thing that you voted the government into power to really do?

Remember, the road toll is increasing so they can’t claim that these are “road safety” initiatives – they are not, they are blatant revenue raising initiatives – and, if you read the rest of the article, they all but admit that.

They “claim” that this new ANPR system will “save lives by reducing numbers of dangerous drivers” yet, they go on to say that the system will simply scan numberplates to “check them against vehicle, criminal and sheriff’s office records, could gather intelligence on “persons of interest” and identify patterns of behaviour and relationships.” – absolutely nothing to do with identifying or stopping “dangerous drivers”.

Maybe it’s just us but we thought that most people had read George Orwell’s “1984” at school and could clearly see that “Big Brother” is well and truly upon us and is growing at an exponential rate with the introduction of these kind of insidious systems that steal the freedoms and liberties that our diggers worked so hard to protect!

This system exists purely to help identify un-registered vehicles and suspended drivers, most of whom are in that situation because these government agencies have failed to comply with Section 8, Sub-section 12 of the Imperial Acts Application Act in the first place. Remember, that law clearly dictates that “All fines and forfeitures before conviction are illegal and void.”

These agencies are now taking on the role of Judge, Jury and Executioner, all in one! Instead of the police “policing” us, we should be policing them!

And, if that’s not enough, as this article shows - - they have just employed an additional 10 sheriff’s officers to help them in their quest to force people to “pay up” before anyone has even seen the inside of a court room, let alone been “convicted” of anything.

Mr Brendan Facey needs to understand the ramifications of the Imperial Acts Application Act – specifically the section noted above – and accept that people are not trying to “cheat” the system at all. Most people are genuine, law abiding motorists who have been targeted by a corrupt, revenue focused system, despite doing nothing “wrong”.

If anyone is trying to “cheat the system”, it is the Sheriff’s officers themselves who are trying to enforce fines that have not yet gone through proper due process!

- The truth about the police

Most of the people that we speak to have a strong dislike, and sometimes even fear of the police, yet we believe that this is unfounded. Most police entered the force with a true desire to “do good” and to help their fellow man. Unfortunately, however, this desire was corrupted from way back in the beginning, during their training. The powers-that-be forced these young people, often fresh out of high school, to sit through graphic videos of crushed cars and mangled bodies and they reinforced the lie that these things occur as a result of “speeding motorists”.

Now, as we have detailed on our Vision for the Future page - - for over 8 years now – click the “Crash Statistics” link – “speed” is only “a” factor (not “the” factor) in just 5% of accidents, yet that is what young recruits are brainwashed into believing.

So, with their genuine desire to help save lives, they go out in force to clamp down on speeding motorists with the misplaced belief that they are really “making a difference” when, the reality is, that they are simply glorified revenue raisers for the government.

There is a concept that many of us are aware of, that is, “you can’t fix a problem that you don’t know that you have”, so rather than “hating” the police or abusing them during their course of duty, instead, we would like to see Aussie motorists helping to educate the police about the truth about fines. Direct them to our website, urge them to read our e-book and, if you really want to challenge them, send them a copy of this video -

Please feel free to pass that video around far and wide, post it on Facebook and the like and let’s inform and educate not only the motoring public in Australia but also the policy enforcers as well.

Last month, we reported on this great article from the Sydney Morning herald - - where the author detailed the fact that Aussie motorists were simply being used as “cash cows” for the government. Well, that same author followed up that article with another great article that followed the journey of the woman who was issued with that ticket, as she took it to court.

You can read that follow up article here - In this latest article, he details how just 21% of police time is actually used on true criminal investigation, which we believe is outrageous – after all, that’s what we pay them for via our taxes.

He goes onto detail how police in NSW alone stop around 6 million people a year and issue them with fines, despite those motorists doing absolutely nothing “wrong”. As he says, “Most people just pay the fine, which is what the police and court system count on. It’s a growing revenue stream for the government.”

Thankfully, as we encourage our Members to do, the lady in question from his original article chose not to just blindly “pay up” and, instead, she challenged the fine in court and beat it! In this ANZAC Day email update, we want to urge all motorists to stand up and fight back against every unjust and unlawful fine that they receive – just like our diggers stood up and fought for our freedoms and liberties to be protected.

And, it’s not just us urging people to fight back either, it is retired police officers too. We urge you all to read the comments from Stan (not his real name) on our Advanced Membership Home page - – and see why he also recommends a systematic approach to challenging your fines.

Finally, we would ask you all to read this short post from a retired police chief in the US, who explains why we have cameras, what the true purpose of police is and what the biggest obstacle is to bringing about some real change when it comes to true “road safety” initiatives -

- Our friends at the Know Your Rights group

As many of you know, we have been working very hard with one of our founding members who has gone onto start the Know your Rights group –  – around the middle of last year.

We know that a number of our Members are interested in finding out more than just how to defeat unjust and unlawful fines and the Know Your Rights group cover a wide range of different topics from eliminating personal tax obligations through to challenging the banks and even expanding on the “Strawman” concept that we touch on very briefly in our e-book.

As we detailed at the beginning of this e-mail update, fines are just one very small part of understanding and fighting for our rights overall but they are a great place to start. If, however, you want to find out more, we urge you to check out their website -

Their website is completely free to access and there is a ton of great information on it. They also have a huge Facebook following, which you can also join for free – just search for Know Your Rights under Facebook or click this link -  Please be sure to read the Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards section at the end of this e-mail to find out how to join our Facebook group and support us too.

We were part of their Melbourne seminar last week in Deer Park which was incredible opportunity to learn a whole range of interesting and powerful topics and they are running another seminar in Adelaide in May and we would certainly encourage anyone who is in the Adelaide area to get along to that seminar if they can. You can find out more about the exact topics that are actually covered at those seminars, as well as reading and viewing testimonials from previous attendees via their Seminar page -

They also run a weekly internet radio broadcast and they have covered some incredible topics over the last 9 months or so. They have done a number of eye-opening interviews with various people, including: Darryl O’Brien (who used to run all the CLRG meetings), David Woods (an ex-police officer who now teaches people about their rights), John Vico (the law student who took on CarePark and beat them), Owen Godfrey (the ex-police officer who now heads up the No Speed Cameras party) and, Larry Hannigan (who wrote, amongst other things, “The Voice of the Constitution”)

You can listen in to their broadcasts live each Tuesday night between 8pm and 10pm, you can e-mail, text or phone them with questions live on the air and you can also download any of their past podcasts as well via their Radio Show page -

The guys are huge supporters of the work that we do here at Aussie Speeding Fines and we encourage you to support them in return by joining up as a Member - - or simply making a small donation to help keep them and their radio show going each week.

As many of you know, we almost never endorse other people or products so you know that on the very rare occasion that we do, that we have absolute faith and belief in what we are recommending.

Again, keeping in line with this week’s ANZAC Day edition of our e-mail update, it’s all about learning about your rights, taking action and fighting back for our freedom and liberties, just as our fallen heroes did for us 100 years ago.

  - Latest Testimonials and feedback

Speaking of the know Your Rights group, we received a very powerful e-mail from one of their listeners, who also happens to be an ASF Member, and this is what he had to say about a recent matter that he took to the courts that has been dragging on for some time now:

An incredibly big thank you and congratulations to you Mike, Brenton and the rest of the team at KYR and ASF.

As a follow up to the email below which you addressed on RATFM on 21/4, I went to court for the appeal today.


After shitting myself for the last 2 weeks, I listened to what you had to say about my email on Tue night and took it all on board. Mike, you simplified my case but more than anything, gave me the confidence to walk into the court reasonably confident and well prepared. I must have done a 100hrs preparation for a 10min hearing.

But what actually happened is what really gobsmacked me.

I didn’t have to say a thing!!!!!!!!

The SDRO didn’t turn up. They just provided a submission which the magistrate read through after which he said he upheld my appeal.

He explained that I didn’t know about the penalties (because I had returned them to sender unopened) and that the final penalty notice by email was not served properly.

The matter didn’t even go back to SDRO. He booked another court hearing after asking me how I pleaded, and after pleading not guilty we are going to court in June, which is what I have been after all along.

My take on this-

All the blustering and bullying in the correspondence with the SDRO and refusing to annul the enforcement order was just bluff. They were on thin ice and when it came to the crunch in the appeal, they caved in.

Mike, this is testament to what you keep saying about challenging everything because it’s only when we all do that, the system will finally take notice. A lot of their armoury is the intimidation by the system, the court rooms and the government agencies. It is based on fear, bullying and bluff but if you persist, you’ll come through.

Again, a huge thank you.



This e-mail highlights a fact that we have been saying for many years now – the minute you blindly “pay up”, that’s it, it’s all over, there is simply nothing more that you can do. But, the longer you keep fighting, the more opportunities that there are for things to “just happen” – like the agency representatives not turning up – that can ultimately mean that you win!

Please remember that there are plenty more e-mails like that on our Testimonial’s pages - - and many of you will note that our old page has now grown to four full pages and continues to grow because we regularly receive stories of success, just like this, from our Members.

- Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards

So, now you can see how powerful the Aussie Speeding Fines information is, what can you do to help us get our invaluable, licence saving information into the hands of every motorist before they get a fine?

First and foremost, if you’re not yet a Member or you know someone who isn’t then please go to our Memberships page - - and join up now.

Please note that E-book Membership - – is what you will need to access the step-by-step strategies for defeating your fines and Advanced Membership - – is what will allow you to access the most important sections of these regular e-mail updates, all in the one easy-to-read website, as well as breakthrough techniques and strategies that have not yet been incorporated into the e-book.

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As always, we thank you all for your continued support and we appreciate all the Members who have taken the time to e-mail us with the latest media article they come across as well as their stories of their success so please, keep them coming!

Stay safe out there,

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