Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s

Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, and Phone Numbers! US Congress Next!

VeteransToday just released a story they got from Anonymous that will literally rock the planet.  For the first time in history Anonymous has thrown down the gauntlet and released names, places and phone numbers of those involved in child prostitution, rape, torture and satanic sacrifices of children and babies in the UK!  

In some cases they are killing babies and kids, cooking them and eating them!  In the following article on VeteransToday, now the #1 alternative site on the Internet with over 50 Million monthly readers, they name the people involved in all of this!  Please SHARE this article worldwide so they can begin real trials for those involved immediately.  Do not go to the following link if you have a weak stomach because it is truly shocking what these animals have done!  Begin carpet bombing of Facebook Groups to light up this issue immediately!  


Posted by VeteransToday on February 22, 2015

Full Article:

Gordon Duff will be discussing this issue on Monday’s episode of VeteransToday Radio!  I’m including one of his SHOCKING broadcasts from last week at the end of the article so you know that Veterans Today and Gordon Duff are the REAL DEAL and our only hope of prosecuting the corruption inside the United States!  Oh, and I just heard from Stew Webb that Anonymous will be soon releasing details on certain members of Congress soon!  So I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sudden retirements!   This is good news that VT and Anonymous are naming the names!  Now it’s up to ALL of you to stop supporting ANYBODY in alternative media that is not publishing their material.  If they are censoring VT material then you are supporting the controlled opposition traitors!

Anonymous warned they would be releasing more in this video from November 27, 2014 and they have done it!

Shocking VeteransToday Radio broadcast from last week!  This needs to be shared worldwide also!