Affidavit of Peter Gargan

This is a good description of the current state of play in this country and has come about as a result of Peter witnessing a Supreme court judge break most of the rules of court. The rule that these people in the court system continually breach is what is known as STARE DECISIS Latin for “to stand by things decided” The doctrine of precedent, under which it is necessary for a court to follow earlier judicial decisions when the same points again arise in litigation.

“The rule of adherence to judicial precedents finds its expression in the doctrine of stare decisis. This doctrine is simply that, when a point or principle of law has been once and officially decided or settled by the ruling of a competent court in a case in which it is directly and necessarily involved, it will no longer be considered as open to examination…”  William H Lile et al. ,. Brief making and the use of law books 321 (3d edition 1914). Black’s Law dictionary 8th edition pages 4403-4.



IN Victoria

Between Brian Shaw Applicant


The State of Victoria and ors: Respondents


I, Peter Alexander Gargan of 7 Scott Crescent Wallan, 3756 in the State of Victoria and elsewhere in Australia, make oath and say as follows:

  1. On Monday the 10th November 2014 I attended at the Practice Court 10 of the Supreme Court in Melbourne to be a witness to an Application by Brian Shaw to commence a Proceeding against 101 alleged Gangsters responsible for the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in Australia in direct contradiction of the Statutory Command in s 116 Constitution and installing a Species of Islamic Priest as a Judge in direct contradiction of the Biblical prohibition upon one Protestant Christian passing judgment upon another, which has been the cornerstone of the Rule of Law in English speaking countries who were part of the Commonwealth since at least 1297.

  2. The Presiding Officer was a Judge McDonald, who is part of the Protection Racket run by lawyers for lawyers established to establish a Lawyers Republic in the Commonwealth and instal Islamic Values instead of the Christian ones to which most Australians subscribe, where Freemen are entitled to a fair independent and impartial hearing by a Tribunal of Fact, drawn not from professional lawyers, but from the people who elect a member of Parliament and expect those members to act honestly and with integrity.

  3. To protect their dishonest extortion rackets, and benefit the wealthy clients willing and able to pay for protection like Banks and Insurance companies, this Cartel of Lawyers, the Cartel in Parliament has vested so called Judicial Power in an Individual, to “arbitrarily “ on his or her personal fear of retribution from the State, inflict his or her will upon an unwilling victim, and prevent that victim from living in the Freedom of Jesus Christ but forcing him or her to submit as a Slave to the Will of a State Appointed Master. This breaches S 268:10 Criminal Code Act 1995 ( Cth) and the Statute of Rome which is Schedule 2 to the International Criminal Court Act 2002 (Cth) and continues a Reign of Terror against Protestant Christians and others resident in the Commonwealth.

  4. This should have ended with the establishment of the “Kable Principle” in 1996, but the High Court is impotent and part of the Problem, and among the alleged offenders that Brian Shaw has alleged are continuing the Islamic Caliphate are a number of serving and past High Court Judges, as well as the Attorney General of Victoria and a past Attorney General. All of these alleged Offenders have defiled the Name of Almighty God his Son Jesus Christ and deny the presence of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit in a ‘court” with “judges” as mandated by S 5 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, and S 79 Constitution.

Deponent A Justice of the Peace

  1. I am a Vexatious litigant in four jurisdictions, the State of Queensland, The State of New South Wales, The Commonwealth and the State of Victoria because I have strenuously objected to the establishment of a State Religion akin to Islam and the Roman Catholic Religion against which the English fought for six hundred and thirty two years, until an Atheist Labour Government in the United Kingdom subscribed to the Unidroit treaty in 1949 to reinstal Roman Catholic Continental values, by Rules of Court made by Judges universally, and as their first act made Australians aliens under English law, in abrogation of their Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, and require us to pay for a Passport and Visa to visit the United Kingdom.

  2. In 1973 the Australian Government without a Referendum in breach of their Trust took the Australian Legal System into the UNIDROIT TREATY based in Rome, and established government by lawyers for lawyers with an Armed Force established in each of the Nine States of Australia to inflict the Domestic Violence ordered by Judges and Magistrates and act as Scouts to bring the people into their Courts to be fined, enslaved, imprisoned, and otherwise caused discomfort by establishing a reign of terror using physical violence, and only the sometimes Common Sense of decent Australians serving as Police Officers softens this Strict Sharia Law type of Government.

  3. To be a Judge in Australia it is necessary to be capable of hearing but not understanding, to despise the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Laws of the Commonwealth which include the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, S 268:10, 268:11, 268:12, 268:20 and 268:23 Criminal Code Act 1995, the “Kable Principle” : a Principle with which lawyers are uncomfortable and ignore: and S 109 Constitution which should see freedom and Integrity restored to all Australians, in equality, instead of a Roman Catholic Aristocracy, completely at odds and blasphemously denying Religious Freedom to Protestant Christian Australians, to choose Mode of Trial, by a Caliph called a Judge or by a jury of two or more gathered together in the name of Jesus Christ as required by the 1297 Magna Carta.

  4. Jesus Christ established the most successful democracy the world has ever seen, by His teachings as Law, and that lesson is lost upon all lawyers trained in every Law School in Australia as de-facto State Priests, extorting money on behalf of the States for personal gain. In the Gospel of Luke verses 46 and 52 Jesus Christ made a prophesy that Lawyers would destroy democracy, and today infidels such as the Judge follow a Satanic agenda, and act as the representative of Satan instead of Almighty God who sent His only Son to teach us democracy, equality for women, and to honor our Fathers and Mothers in equal measure.

Taken and sworn in Melbourne this 11th Day of November 2014


Justice of the Peace 


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