About PN

The One Peoples’ Public Notices site is a community and therefore public, online notice board for all people who wish to give ‘public notice’ To Who It May Concern.

This site acts as an international ‘public notice board’, a conduit of awareness and transparency for people who have sent courtesy notices, requests for information, or offers of new terms and conditions for engagement to various individuals who may have previously represented various corporate entities in the past.

UCC 1- 103 -  The Uniform Commercial Code is a set of regulations ALL corporations and business of the world MUST adhere to.  This section outlines the doctrine of ‘Notice to the Principal is Notice to the Agent and Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal’ and of Estoppel.  This information is important to understand in light of the new global legal landscape that came into being in late December 2012 and the fact that if you ‘notice’ anyone within a corporation, they are responsible for notification up and down the chain of ‘command’.  You notice one, you notice all.

Corporations as Government – We have lived in a very corporate and contractual world for many decades without realising it, in fact most people aren’t even aware that most countries in the world are registered on the American stock exchange and have to lodge Annual Reports and contractual documentation like any normal process for registered business entities (Check it yourself here).

Investigation After two years of investigation and testing for solutions to the global financial situation (world-wide debt slavery), a series of documents were lodged accordingly and remain unrebutted to this day.  Those UCC filings became UCC rulings and on 25 Demember 2012 this resulted in the official legal and lawful foreclosure of all global banks and corporate governments.

Courtesy Notices – When you give any individual a ‘notice’ of any sort, whether it be delivered by post, email or courier, it is important for that Notice to become public knowledge as well.  The I-UV ‘Public Notice’ service puts your notices out there into the wider public domain.  Your notices then become evidential fact through dates and reference numbers. Links to your lodgements can easily be forwarded to relevant respondents and interested parties.

Proof of Claim –  When you formally ask any individual for documented evidence for proof of any alleged claim they may be making against you, it is important for those requests to become public knowledge as well. The I-UV ‘Public Notice’ makes sure your requests for information are part of the wider public domain and therefore evidential fact, through dates and reference numbers. Links to your requests can easily be forwarded to relevant respondents and interested parties.

What is I-UV.com – You can discover the history of the new legal landscape and the focus of transparency in all dealings and how you can awake up to the opportunity of having freedom and being free from debt slavery.