VIP Child Sexual Abuse Ring: 51 Deaths

51 homicides and suspcious deaths with links to the VIP Child Sexual Abuse network

Published by JustitiaEtLux
The Westminster/VIP Paedophile Network — with links to the security services, Buckingham Palace and child-procurer Jimmy Savile — appears to be connected to multiple homicides and suspicious deaths.The deaths date from the 1970s to the recent past.Many of the prematurely-deceased victims were residents, or past residents, of children’s homes in :North Wales (Bryn Alyn, Bryn Estyn);
Northern Ireland (Kincora);
Richmond and Islington (Grafton Close and Elm Guest House); and
The Channel Islands (Haut de la Garenne).

Dolphin Square in Pimlico also features as a sexual abuse and murder site.

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