50 Sex Victims Abused At School’s Dungeon

Almost 50 ‘sex victims’ say they were abused at school’s notorious dungeon

The notorious dungeon from Parramatta Girls School.

The notorious dungeon from Parramatta Girls School. Source: News Corp Australia

DOZENS of women have told police they were sexually assaulted or raped, many of them in a dungeon in a former Sydney girls school.

The Daily Telegraph reports nearly 50 women have approached detectives from Strike Force Bilvo, the unit formed to investigate claims of abuse at Parramatta Girls Training School, from the 1960s and 1970s.

Their inquiries have focused on two of the three officials who were at the school and are still alive.

Two men have been referred to police as part of the largest investigation to come out of the child sex abuse royal commission, which last year examined the experience of women who were sexually abused as children at the school.

Many of the sexual assaults are alleged to have taken place in the dungeon, which was built by convicts and has walls half-a-metre thick.

Police want to speak to former staff of the school who worked there between 1960-1973, the Telegraph reported.

The royal commission triggered the complainants to come forward, Acting Superintendent Robert Toynton.

He said the two living former staff members — Frank Valentine, 75, who lives in Queensland and Sydney-based Noel Greenaway — were at the “centre” of their investigations.

Both men have vigorously denied any wrongdoing. Neither gave evidence at the royal commission.

In March, the Telegraph reported there were still rings on the walls where handcuffs were shackled to.

The dungeon itself was described as a dark and dusty room, that was just six paces long and about four paces wide.

One woman told the commission that she was raped in the dungeon a number of times by three men, a superintendent, deputy superintendent and a relieving deputy superintendent.

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